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  The Moment [from US] [Import]
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          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Norman Brown Guitar  
  Let It Go     2017Shanachie  
          in BC80 BR80 BF74MM B77v FB77vd BC75V CB77fd KC71m CB75vd  
          CK74d RF69ws                  
          Special EFX Group  
  Deep As the Night   2017Trippin&Rhythm  
          CK77fd BF77 KC74wt BC65fq RF><CB71m BC69fq KC67q BK69 KC69q RF74  
          BC71fd KR71N                  
          JB Project Drums-神保彰 , Bass-Brian Bromberg  
  Brombo III   2017King[Japan]  
          CB77fdy CB74 C65fdy C65 CF69dY B74s CB69d CB67d CB55 CB80d  
          Jeff Lorber Fusion Group  
  Prototype     2017Shanachie  
          CB71d CK71f BC71fd CB69fdy C61dy BC67fq BC65d CF67fd BC65fd B69  
          Herman Jackson Keyboard  
  The Cool Side     2016PermanentMusic  
        BC77fd CB77fd BC75fd BC74q RF80 BF75fd BK75 KB75 KC75m rRF85  
          Cindy Bradley Trumpet  
  Natural   2017Trippin&Rhythm  
          CB75d BC74fd KB75t CK75fd BC77d CB75dy CB77fd KC75 CB71fdt BC80  
          神保 彰 [Japan] . Drums  
          Akira Jimbo    
  21   2017King[Japan]  
          BF80fdy CB71y BF77fd CB69dy KC67q BF77fd BC74f BF75 CB69fy    
          Geoff Alpert Trombone  
  Open Your Heart   2017GeoffAlpertMusic  
          CB74wfdy CK74wfd BR74w CK74 BR74w BF77w BR>KC75 KB74 BR74 CK74  
          Al Gomez Guitar  
  Catchin' a Vibe [ EP ]   2016AlGomez  
          CK75 CK75d CK75fd BR75w FB75            
          Amsterdam Connection Group  
  Isn't She Lovely   2017HarmonyMusic  
          BC74s KC74fds B74s CK74fdys BR74s BF74s BR74s BF74s BC74s B71s  
          川口千里 Drums  
          Senri Kawaguchi     
  Cider : Hard & Sweet   2016King[Japan]  
          CB75fdY CF69dY B>BF74>Y CF74fdy CB><BF69mdy CK>CB67d BF>FB69fdy in CF65fdY BC>CB69fdy  
          in FB63dy                  
          Kirk Fischer Keyboard  
  Friends   2017KirkFischer  
        RF85 CK77d KR75s BC74 KB74 CB71dy B74 BF75f BF75q FC75  
          Brian Culbertson Keyboard  
  Funk   2017Agate  
          CB69MUmfd CB69Mfd C69mfdyq CB69MMfdyq CB67mfdy CB65Vfd C65mfd~// BK74 CB61mfd~// CB74Mfdy  
          CK65mfdq CB69mfdq KB69m BC61mfdq//              
          Rick Braun Trumpet  
  Around the Horn   2017Shanachie  
          BC75vfd CK69fd BK>KC75W BC75fds BC75mfd CK74fds KC71mq CK74fd KC69q BK71s  
          北川翔也 [Japan] . Guitar  
          Shoya Kitagawa    
  The New Day   2017What'sNew[Japan] . Keyboard-寺島怜志, ElectricBass-小栢伸五  
          RF80 CB>CF75fd CB77fd RB77 CF75fy B75 CF80y RK75NS      
          Nathan East Bass Guitar  
  Reverence   2017Yamaha  
          B74mfs BC75fmd B75m BC69Mvqs KR74Wws CB69fds JRF>FB77W ~>JBR77Nhcs BC77f RF75m  
          BC74Mwfq KR71N/ BC74q KC71mS              
          Lawson Rollins  Guitar  
  3 Minutes To Midnight   2017Infinita  
          BF74fyt BF74ft KB71t BC71t CK74dt CK71t KC69t CK74dyt KB><CK74t CB74dYt  
          BC75t BR74                  
          Brother 2 Brother Group  
  Can I Take You There   2016Grandiora . 80% R&B Album  
          in KC75m KC61m><MM KB67Mm BC74fd BC69Mm in BR69Mm B74Mm BF69Mm  
          BF69Mfd BC74fd                  
          D Mills Keyboard, etc  
  Mission Complete   2016D.M.Rrecords  
        BC63 CB69mfd KC69Mm CB69fd KC71wfd CK65Mm CB69wfd        
          安達久美 with 大久保初夏 [Japan] . Electric Guitar-安達久美 , Electric Guitar & Vocal-大久保初夏  
          Kumi Adachi with Shoka Okubo    
  Luck of Blue   2016King[Japan] . Organ-花田えみ, Bass-山田直子, Drums-GRACE  
          CF71ye CB69Wdys CB71WdYs B71Wfqs CF71yes CF71Wfdye CB69Wdqs BC><CB69Wdyj CF71dys BK71q  
          Al Degregoris  Keyboard  
  Time And A Half   2016SharkMusic  
        BF75 BC77fd BF77 BF75 BC74fd KC75q CB74fdy CK74fd CB71dy CB80  
          Lowell Hopper  Guitar  
  Between The Lines   2016LowellHopper   
        CK71q CK74 BF>BC74 BF74 CB74 KC74 CK74 CK74 BC74 BC71q  
        BC74 CK74 CK74g                
          Tyler Reese Guitar  
  Reminiscence   2016Remu  
        in>B>BF77 BC77yq CF71dy BC74q CF65y CF65y FC65 KB65q FC65o BK67  
          Vincent Ingala  Sax  
  Christmas   2016VincentIngala   
        FB80dxs RF85xs BF80Wxs BF80dxs BR85xs BF77Mfdx CK77xs K75Mxs BR80xs    
          Jessy J Sax ( & Flute )  
  California Christmas   2016Changi  
        BF77>VVxs BF80xs B75fqxs>M RF80xs RF77xs BF80xs RF74Wxs FB77dyxs B75fxs    
          Grady Nichols Sax  
  Falling in Love with Christmas   2016NewDay  
        BF77fyxs BF77xs BF77hyxs FC75Myxs BF><FC80fxs BF77xs RF77xs BR75xs RF77hxs BR80h  
        ~ KB>KR>B75hxs                  
          Will Sumner  Guitar  
  Endless Sumner 2016OceanStreet  
          BF65 BF65 B>BC65 BF69 BF69f BK>BC65 BF71 BC69 KR67N BC><CB69  
          B67 BF71                  
          The Smooth Jazz Alley Group  
  Been a Long Time Comin' 2016MarcoMontoya  
          BC74fd BC71 BF71 B67f BF71d KC65v KC74ft CB71 BC69q CK67  
          Steve Raybine Vibraphone  
  Cool Vibes 2016SteveRaybine  
          FB69 CK61 RF67 CK61Md FC71y KC65g CK57MU KC61q KC65Wq KB61q  
          BR67 FB69 CK61d 4rCK61wfd BF61            
          Blair Bryant Bass Guitar  
  Gold 2016Innervision  
          CB71d^ BC69q BC67Wg CK69 RF>BF71 BC71 CB69vfd CB69vfd FB69dy CK69fd  
          Patrick Yandall Guitar  
  Ethos 2016PatrickYandall  
          BF71f CB74 CB74 BK77 BF74 B74 BC74 BC61q BC71q RF74  
          CK71 BC65mf BK71 CK65 RB>RF67            
          Jay Nya Sol Flute , Guitar , Keyboard , Sax , Trumpet  
  Dancing in the Moonlight 2016Indie  
        BF65 CK67w KC71v KC69g CK67wd KB71 BC65w CB69mdy BC67fd ^BK67Mv  
          KC61d CK67fdy BC61vq KC61w BF75            
          The Choppers Revolution [Japan] . BassGuitar Group  
  3B   2016Tokuma[Japan]  
        CB74><61d CF65dY CB69dY KB67 in>CF65YY BK67 CB75dY C61MUdj CB67fdy CB69mfd  
          Brian Simpson Keyboard  
  Persuasion   2016Shanachie  
          CK77fd CB77fd KC77 B80 CK67 BC75fd CK85d BC80fd BC><KC77 KC80  
          小林香織 [Japan] . Sax  
          Kaori Kobayashi    
  Melody   2016Victor[Japan]  
          BC77fdys BF80s BR80s BC80fds B80s CB77mds B77s FB80wds BC77fds in>FC77dyls  
          ユッコ・ミラー [Japan] . Sax  .  ( 大西由希子 )  
  Yucco Miller   2016King[Japan] . Vocal-Camille Thurman(4)  
          CB74ds KC>CK75qs KB75s CB74wfdys>W CK74dy>Y KR75s CB71dYs KR74s in>KB77q    
          三角関係 feat. 三浦拓也 [Japan] . Group  
  交際宣言   2016King[Japan] . Piano-園田 涼, Guitar-三浦拓也, Trumpet-山崎千裕  
        CF80fdy B80 BF>FB80 CK77yt CB80fdy IKR80 CB80y B80 FB80    
          Peter White  Guitar  
  Groovin' 2016HeadsUp  
        BF75s FB77ds B75s CK74wds RF75ws KC74wds BF75wfs BR75Ns RF77wds BR77s  
          Paul Brown Guitar  
  One Way Back 2016WoodwardAvenue  
          CK69fqs BC69q CK69q BC74fdq BC77 CB63Mq KC69q BK71 KC74q KR67Mwq  
          Gerald Albright Sax  
  G 2016A-Train  
          FC85d KC77Mq CK><BC80 BF77mfdys CK80q CB77dY B80w CB67MUmfdy CB77y>Y BR80N  
          Chuck Loeb  Guitar  
  Unspoken 2016Shana  
          CB74fd BC74fd KR80N CB69fd KC69q BC69fd BC75 RF77W CB67f KC><RF74wf  
          Marc Antoine Guitar  
  Laguna Beach     2016WoodwardAvenue  
          BC74q RF77 BC71fq BC75b BC74 KC71t RF77 BF77 BR75    
          Kim Scott Flute  
  Southern Heat     2016Innervision  
          CK74fdys CB74Wvfd BC74y BC75Ww BR75 BC75y CB74fd KC71md BC67MUfd    
          Jazmin Ghent Sax  
  Chocolate Sunshine     2016JazminDeborahGhent  
        in>KC71w CK65q KC69s BF71fs CB69y KR69 in>FB74 BF74w>W CB74dy KC69wq  
          米澤美玖 [Japan] . Sax  
          Miku Yonezawa    
  Amusement     2016Trilogic[Japan]  
        CF75fdy BC71fyq CB71dyq KB74 CK71dq BC75 CF74dYY CK74fdq      
          寺地美穂 [Japan] . Sax  
  Beautiful Magic     2016Victor[Japan]  
          in>CB80fdY BF80 FB80 B80 in>CB80fYs RF80 BF85 CB75fdy BF80 B85  
          Paul Taylor  Sax  
  Countdown     2016Eone  
        BC74 BF77fd KB75 BK74w BC74fd BC74wfdy CK74fd KC69m KB75 KB75  
          Richard Elliot Sax  
  Summer Madness     2016Telarc  
        BC77fdy KC75fd K77s BC71fdq CK71f BC80fdy CK75md CB75fdy CR75s CB74dy  
          Jas Miller Guitar  
  Follow The Sun   2016Jashuong  
      BC69 BF69 CB69fd BC69d CB69d BC65q BC67mq CB65de B65m CB61fdy  
        BC67 BF74                  
          Greg Manning Keyboard  
  Sugar & Spice   2016Kalimba  
        BC69fyq CB74mfdy KC74 KC77d BC75fdy K77N BF74vfb RB74 CB75mfdys JBK71MN  
          坂東 慧  [Japan] . Drums & Keyboard  
          Satoshi Bandoh    
  Step By Step     2016OrangeLady[Japan]  
        BC>CB77 CB80fdy CB77fdy BR85 FB80y BF75 FC85dy BF>FB77fdy B77    
          Paul Jackson Jr  Guitar  
  Stories From Stompin' Willie   2016Branch  
      FC80vd BC75q CB80d FB75d CK74fdq BC65fq BC74wfdy CB69fdy CB69fdY BC57MUw  
          Oli Silk Keyboard  
  Where I Left Off     2016Trippin&Rhythm  
        BC74mfd BF75d FB80d CB74Wwfdys BK80 BC74f BC74fdy CK74q B74q BC74Wfdy  
        KC74 CB74fd                  
          Steve Oliver  Guitar  
  Pictures & Frames     2016SomEntertainment . Vocal Album  
        BK71Mm KC67Mmq CK67Mfd KR69M KC65Mmq BC65Mq KB67Mq KC65Mm B><BC65M KR><RF65Mm  
          Vann Burchfield Sax  
  Let's Get Started     2016VannBurchfield  
        BC74 CK71fd BK71 BR74ws BC74ds BC71s CK74ws KB71s B71 BR74  
          Dave Muse Flute  
  Firefall Revisited     2016DaveMuse  
      in>KC71my CK74fd KB>KC69 BC74mq BC>CK71 KC71mfy BR69 CB69mfd BK>CK71md CK69dy  
          Bobby Wells Keyboard  
  Back in the Day     2016BobbyWells  
      BC75d BF75 RF71m BF74f KC69md BF74b B75 BC74mfd BC71fdy in  
          Rock Hendricks Sax  
  Can't Let Go     2016Trippin'nRhythm  
      KC75 KB77 CB75d KC74 CK69 KB69 CK74fd B77 CB65fd KB74  
        CB80d CK77f                  
          Mitchell Coleman Jr Guitar  
  Perception     2016SoulRevelations  
        CK69fdy BC71f CK71w BC67fd BC69w CB67wfd CB69wfd BC69Wwfd KC75 BC74Wfds  
        KC71 CK71 BC65w><MUfd end              
          Steve Watson Guitar  
  Playtime     2016SteveWatson  
      CK77fy BC75f CK75y BR75 BF77f B77 BC74q 1rCK77f      
          Euge Groove Sax  
  Still Euge      2016Shanachie  
        BC77 BC69fq B75 KR80 BC71Mm BC74 RF77 BK74 B77f BR71W  
          Reza Khan Guitar  
  Wind Dance     2016PaintedMedia  
      KC>CB71 BF74f CK67d KC69q BC74t KC74 FB74y BK74 CK65q B75  
        BK69 B71 CK69 KB>B77              
          勝田一樹 [Japan] . Sax  
          kazuki katsuta    
  Visualize     2016Zain[Japan]  
        BF80f CB77dy BF80 BF77f KC77 CB75dy CB75y KB75 CK74 BC80f  
          The Rippingtons  Group  
  True Stories     2016EntOneMusic  
        CB74fdy BF75 KC71t B67M CK74fd KC74 KC>CK74 CB74Y BC74fd BC>BF77  
          Steve Cole  Sax  
  Turn It Up     2016ArtistryMusic  
        BF77f BC77 B80 BF77 RF77 BC74vf BC74f KC74 CB74fd CK77d  
          Dave Bradshaw Jr Keyboard  
  Set Me Free     2016Moku  
      CK74fd KC74 BC74fd KR77 CK71t BC74vfd CK74d BC74 KC74 BC75  
          Bob Baldwin Keyboard  
  The Brazilian-American Soundtrack [ Disc 1 ] 2016RedRiverEntertaint  
        BC71Mmfd CB77fdy BC75fd>M BC74fd BK75mbs B77Mm RK74/ BC77Wwd KR75bs>M KB71VNbs  
        BF74bs CK74Mmfd BR71MNbs                
              [ Disc 2 ]    
          KR71M BC74fd BC80>67M B77 KC69M BC75Mmfds in>BC74fds BF74fdy BC74d B74wq  
          KR75 KR77 BC65~m                
          Kim Waters Sax  
  Rhythm & Romance   2016Shanachie  
        BC69fd BC67ws KC67f BC75 BC74 BR75ws CK69 KC69d KB69 BK71s  
          神保 彰 Drums ( & Keyboard )  
          Akira Jimbo    
  Munity   2016King[Japan]  
        CB75fdy CB74 BF75fy B75f CB><BF74f BF74 B74 BF74f CB><FB69y    
          Adam Hawley Guitar  
  Just the Beginning   2016Kalimba  
        CK74mf BC74fd BC74 CK74 in>BC77 KC75Mmq BC77 CK75vdy CB74fdy KC75  
          BWB Group  
  BWB     2016Arti  
        BC77f BC67mfq BC69q CB67Mq B74v CB65Mm BC69q B71m CB74f CB67mdy  
          Nick Colionne Guitar  
  Journey     2016Trippin&Rhythm  
        CK71fd CB65q B74 BC71f CK71m B71m CB69 BC75fd BK71 KB69N  
          Phillip Martin ( Phillip Doc Martin ) Sax  
  Pocket Love     2016Innervision  
        BC75dy BC75 KC75ws BC74s CK71fd BC67q/ KB80w KB75 KC75 CK74q  
          Darren Rahn Sax  
  Sonic Boom     2016WoodwardAvenue  
        CK77d CB77 CB75d KB74 RF74M CB67fdq BF75f BC75wfs BK75wq KR77  
          Michael Lington Sax  
  Second Nature     2016CopenhagenMusic  
        BF74y BC71f CB71q BC71fq BR75W CK69q BC69vfyq BF77f BC74W B75q  
        CB71mfq KC>CK75                  
          Tony Saunders Bsss Guitar  
    Uptown Jazz     2016SanFrancisco  
          CB61d CB61fd BC><B74s CK63vs CK65 CB63dy CK65 BR69Ww CK63f BK63  
          KC61 KB65                  
          Joel Del Rosario Guitar  
  Past Present Future     2016CdBaby  
        BC75f KC74 BC74q BC75fd KC74q BK74 CK69 BC77q BR74 4rBC75fd^  
          Kool&Klean Group  
  Volume VI     2016CdBaby  
        KC77 BC75d KB75 BK74 BC75f BK77 BK85N KC85 KC77 CK75fd  
          The JT Project Group  
  Moments Of Change   2016Trippin&Rhythm  
        FB77dy KC69 CB74d BC65fq BF74w FB74d KB71 RF74 BC71fd RK69  
        in^ KB74 BF>FB71                
          渡辺 香津美 Guitar  
          Kazumi Watanabe    
  Guitar Is Beautiful  KW45   2016Warner[Japan] . Duo Album . Guitar-生形真一(1), 沖仁(2), 三浦拓也(3), 井上銘(4)  
        ギター・イズ・ビューティフル KW45 Guitar-SUGIZO(5), 伊藤ゴロー(6), 高田漣(7), 押尾コータロー(8), Char(9), Lee Ritenour(10), etc  
        CB77fy CK75>Yt KC><BF74fbs BC69f in>KB><CK67S JBR><B77bs BR74Mj IBC><CB71ls IKR75s IBK75  
        JKB><KC75 BF74><y                  
          Donald Hayes Sax  
  Front Ground     2016GrindhouseMusic  
      BC80y CK77d KC80 ~ B77mf KC74m BC77fdy BC80 B75Mm BC71fdq  
        BK75v KC69WUm B80mf                
          Rob Sabado Sax  
  Spice of Life 2016RobSabado  
      KC74 BC75f KC74 B74qL BF75 B74 KC74 RF74 B77 BC71  
          Chris Standring Guitar  
  Ten       2016UltimateVibe  
        CK65mfd BC65fd KC74 RK80N CB74fdy CK74 BC65q KC65q BF71 IRK77N  
          Jarez Sax  
  In Too Deep 2016TopJazz   
        FB80d CB74fd BC74fd BC80f BF80 BF80 RF77 KC74 CB71dy    
          John Novello Keyboard  
  Ivory Soul 2016 529Music  
      CK74d BC69f B>KC74 BC80 RF75s CK65 BR77 BC74fd KC71 BF74  
          Mikael Guitar  
  Grooveology 2016MikaelMusix  
        ^ >KC71 KC74 CK74 RF74v BC71wfd KC71 BK74w CB74wfds KC71w    
          Nils Guitar  
  Alley Cat 2016Baja/TSR  
        CB80fd CK75d CB74d CB80d B77f CK74 CK69q BF80 CB75 CK71  
        CB71 BC74w                  
          Bill Mcgee  Trumpet & Flugelhorn  
  Still Bill 2016 804Jazz  
        BC69fS RF77v BF75s BC74 BK74>Ww BC71vq BF69 BF74 BC69wfq B71Mfq  
          Jazz Funk Soul Group  
  More Serious Business  2016Shanachie  
          CB74fdy KC71 CB77fdy KC75 CB67fdy KC74t CF71fy B75 CB74 CB71y