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  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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  B       Bamm Davis    
          Short Stories     2003BammDavis  
          BC75w CB77d BC74Mmf BC74 RK77/ BR75Ww in>BF75 HRK75/ KR75N BR77N  
          BC75W BF80 B75 CB74ys              
          Barbara Dennerlein    
  Junkanoo 1997Motor/Verve  
          CB65dY FC65y FC65y CK55y FC61 FC55y CB75f IK71N>BR74 CF61y    
          Barry Aiken    
    Balboa Park     2004BMM  
          BC74 B75 CB74Ww RF75 CB75dy B77 BC74M in>BF77 BC75 B75W  
          BF><BC75 FC74                  
          Bass Talk [Japan] . Group . 鈴木良雄、野力奏一、井上信平、岡部洋一  
    Love Letter     2007フィフティ・ファイヴ・レコード[Japan]  
          in>BR85 IBK><BC80 IKR85N RF85 IKR85 IB80b IKR80 IBR80 IKR85N    
          鈴木良雄 Bass Talk [Japan] . Group  
  Beyond The Forest 2019FriendsMusic[Japan]  
          IBR80 KC74q IBR80 IBR75 BC75fd IBR77 IBR80 BF77b IBR75    
          Bass X    
  Vol. 2: Heir Wave     2003Liquid 8  
          B85 CB77d B80Ww KC77Mm BC80 B77Mm BC75Wwd CB77mfd BR77Vm CB77fd  
          The B. Christopher Band Group  
  Four From The Sun   2017BigBug  
          CK69q BF69q BF71q KC65q CK69q BF69q CB67q FB74 BC69q CK69q  
          KC65q BF69q                  
          Beady Belle << Please Look [ Vocal - Soul Woman Group ] >>  "Jazzmasters"Style Group  
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Beastie Boys Group  
  The Mix-Up     2007Capitol . Guitar-Adam Horovitz, Bass-Adam Yauch, Drums–Michael Diamond  
          The Mix-Up                   Organ&ElectricPiano–Mark Nishita, Percussion-Alfredo Ortiz  
          BC61fd CB61dy BC61fdy KC61 BC61d CK65fd BC>CB61yqL CK59fd BC61fd BC59q  
          CB57fd CB59d ~ >CB61dy                
          Beatclub 21    
      Mobile Wellness
  Mobile Wellness     2003Infracom  
          C69wdy C74WdY C65d >y in>BC74Wd CK71Ww CB><B74Wfdy C71dy CB74Wwfds C71Wwdy CF74d  
          Bela Fleck And The Flecktones Banjo-Bela Fleck  
          ベラ・フレック & ザ・フレックトーンズ    
    Outbound     2000Sony . Sax&Flute-Jeff Coffin, Drums&Percussion-Future Man, BassGuitar-Victor Wooten  
          アウトバウンド              Vocals-Jon Anderson(3,9), ElectricGuitar-Adrian Belew(5,7,9), Violin-David Angell, etc  
          in FC74Yls BC>CB71Wwufdy FB75y BC67 CB>CF65mfy B>BC71w in FC69Mmy in  
          IK67w FB69 CK63fd>Y B>BF71w BC69q end          
  The Hidden Land     2006Sony . Sax&Flute&Clarinet -Jeff Coffin, Percussion-Roy"Future Man"Wooten   
          ヒドゥン・ランド                    BassGuitar-Victor Wooten   
          IBK67ls/> >CB65fdy KC65 CB65md>Y in>FC><CF69y IBN><BF61 FC65y>Y BCq><CF59Y RC>CK61>Y KC><CK61d  
          in B61m><Y FB><BF67                
  Jingle All The Way     2008Rounder . Sax&Flute&Clarinet–Jeff Coffin, BassGuitar–Victor Wooten  
                               Drums-Future Man, etc  
          !>IBCf>FB59Mxs IBC59xs IFC71Yxs IKR69xs IBF><FB67mxs IKC65xs IRF>BF67xs/ IFB69xs ICR>B>BF55mxs IBK63xs  
          ICBY><KC61xs IKC59MMaxs IBR67Nxs/ IFB><CK74xs IBF69fxs IKR67s          
          Ben Tankard Piano . Genre: Smooth Jazz & Gospel  
    Instrumentally Yours [from US] [Import]
    Instrumentally Yours     1997Verity  
          KC77v CK67y KR77VV in>CK74d RK77N in(JFC74!>~ !/) BC74Wv BR75 BR75w RK75VN  
          KR77 KR80/                  
  Piano Prophet     2004Zomba . Guest: Guitar-Tim Bowman, Sax-Merlon Devine, etc  
          BF80Wwds BC75fd KR75N BR>BC75Wws in>BK75v BK75Ww KR75v KC75 IKB74N 4rBR80s  
  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy     2009Zomba  
          in KC69qLs KC77 KB74ws BR77s BR75W CK75fd KR75w BF69ws in  
          KB74v IK69N                  
          Full Tank       2012BenJamminUniversal   
          BC75fd B75Mvs BC74fdy BC77wdS KC74w BC74f KC71 KC69q KC74ws CK74wd  
          KR74s BR74                  
  Full Tank 2.0   2015BenJamminUniversal  
          KC74 BK74 BC69mfdy CK69Wwf BC71wd BC71 KC74 BF75 K71N BC74fd  
  Rise     2018BenTankard  
          KC75fds CK69d BR74wL KR74w BR74m CK74ft BC74fd RF71 BC71fdy! BK74  
  Shine 2021BenJammin Universal  
          KC74mfd B75ws BC74w KC71w KR74m CB74fd KC74 KC75 KR71 4rKC71  
          Ben Vinci    
    Paradiso       2004BenVinci  
          CB69 BR77ws BC74 B75Ww BK74s BF74 BR><B74 KB74 BC69 BF74f  
          Bernard Alcorn Guitar  
  A New Day     2008CdBaby  
          KC74qs BC74s CB74 B74 CB74s BF74s BC71 BF75 KC74 BC74  
          CB74 BF74s CB74f KC74 3rCB74d            
          Bernie Williams Guitar . Pro-Baseball Player  
    The Journey Within 2003GRP . Guest: David Benoit, Luis Conte, Bela Fleck  
                          7-Kansas [Dust In The Wind]Cover, 11-Billy Joel [And So It Goes]Cover  
          IFC77mby KC75mfs BK75 KC75f B77 IBF77bs/ IBR77s IFC>CF71y CB><BR74f CK74dy  
          IKB77Ns 5rB77 ~>IB74VV>~end                
          Bickley Rivera Steel Pan  
    Breaking The Mold   2015CdBaby  
          BC74wfd KC74 RF74s BF74 KC71W BC74f B71W FB74 FB75 KB69  
          Big Mike Guitar  
  Young Man Old Soul     2015BlackMarketBlue  
          in^ CB69y BC59m BC63fq BC61dy in^ BK63Vq FB75S BR74Mm CB65Mmd  
          B71Ww 10rCB61d                  
          Bill Bergman & the Metro Jets    
  Universe Soul     2007L'il G'rillaRecords  
          BF80w BF77s BC75 in>BC77f BR80w><W CB75fdy B77 BC77f KC75 CK74w  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bill Cunliffe Piano / Keyboard . Smooth Jazz & Jazz  
          ビル・カンリフ << Please Look Other[ Jazz ]Album >>  
    Bill in Brazil [FROM UK] [IMPORT]
    Bill In Brazil 1995Discovery  
          IKR74>FB95y RF75s B74v BC65 K69 BF><KC69 JCK69y BR85 FB74 CB69  
          Bill Evans  [Sax] Sax  
          ビル・エバンス Sax Player"Bill Evans"  ≠ Famous Jazz Piano Player "Bill Evans"  
    Push 1994Victor[Japan]  
          CK77vdY C74dy BC75 C69vdy C65 CF65MUmfd C67f C65MUwfd CF63MUvd KC67  
          KB65 C67d                  
    Touch 1999ESC/Zebra  
          CB77vf KC74v KC77v CF71Y K71v BC71v CB69f CR74 CK65 CB>CF61mY  
          Bill Frisell Guitar  
  Blues Dream     2001ElektraNonesuch . SteelGuitar&Mandolin-Greg Leisz, Trumpet-Ron Miles  
          ブルース・ドリーム Sax-Billy Drewes, Trombone-Curtis Fowlkes, Bass-David Piltch, Drums-Kenny Wollesen  
          KB69q CK65q KR67 BF74o/ KR><KC65q B61/ BK65 CK61q BN>BC65 in  
          CK65q CR61q FB74o/ IKR65/ IBR69o IBKN>BC61 IK61Nq 1rKB69q/      
  Unspeakable     2004Nonesuch . Turntables-Hal Willner, BassGuitar-Tony Scherr, DrumsKenny Wollesen  
          アンスピーカブル                Percussion-Don Alias, Trumpet-Steven Bernstein, BaritoneSax-Briggan Krauss, etc  
          KC71hd CK67d>y BR63! BC65m IBR63 CK63d IRB65 CB61fdY BF>BC67 HKB61N  
          in>CK59fda BC63h HCR>CB57>Y IBR>RC>C69h              
          Bill McGee Trumpet  
    This One's 4U     2002Funtown  
          KB69w>Ws BC69f BC71 BR75>Ww BK69cs BC67f BC74 K69 CB67 BC65mf  
  Still Bill 2016 804Jazz  
          BC69fS RF77v BF75s BC74 BK74>Ww BC71vq BF69 BF74 BC69wfq B71Mfq  
          Bill Moore Percussion/Keyboard  
    Mind Resort [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Mind Resort 1990Positive  
          BF71 BF69 BF69 BF61v B75 RF77 BF69 BF74 BF69v BF74  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bill O'connell Piano / Keyboard  
    画像 744-S
    Lost Voices 1993CTI/Polydor . Guest: Charles Fambrough, etc  
          RB85 JKC71t IBR80s ICK><B74bs CF71fy  CF71y CB75Y KB95 JBC77    
    Signature 1993Bluemoon . with Charles Fambrough  
                    Same Song: 01,03 = Charles Fambrough Album[Upright Citizen]01,04  
          CB85 JBF75f KB95 CF95f JCF85 CK77 KR85N FC61Y CF65YY KR85N  
          Bill Sharpe    
      State of the Heart
  State of the Heart     1999PassionJazz   
          CB75y BK74M BC74 BF74m KB71Ww CB75y B><BC74m KF74w BR75m CB74vy  
  Famous People Live 2018Secret  
          RF77L>W CB75dyL>W CF75wL KC74wqL KR75WwL K74NL KC74qL ~ KC71WwqL CK75WwL  
          CK74wdyL rCK74wfdL                  
          Billy Evans Piano & Vocal  
  Colorful Groove 2020JanishMusic  
        BC69fd RF74 KB67v CK65Mmq RF>BF65 CB65vfd BK65Mm BC61fd end    
          Billy Childs Piano  .  << Please Look Other[ Jazz ]Album >>  
  I've Known Rivers 1995Stretch/GRP . "Chick Corea" Style JazzFusin Music  
          in KC74 CFY><KR75 CR77 CFY><B75 KR95 CF71YY JKR85 RC><CF>RK69    
          Billy Cobham Drums  
  Spectrum 1973/2001Warner  
          CF61Y in>CB>CF63d in> >CF59Y CR>C53>CF65Y in>CB71 in> >CB65 in CB67 in>C><CF69fd'# BC><CB65  
          1 2 3 4 5 6  
  Picture This 1987GRP  
          CB59f BK74s CF53f KC63N BC65 CB59f BC55s CK63fd CB51f    
          Billy Eric Guitar  
          To Soothe The Savase Breast 1992MirrorWizard  
          BC75 BF77 BR77 BF77 BC>BF75 BF74 BF74 BF77 CR85 BC75  
      G'tar Island [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  G'ter Island 1997MirrorWizard  
          CB75 FB80 BR75 BF77f BF69v BF75 FB80v BC55 FC75 KR80N  
          FB74 CF74f                  
      Of Near and Distant Lands [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Of Near & Distant Lands   1999Mirror  
          B69 RF80 CB77f FB77 RF75 B61 FB75 B77 BF75 CB74b  
          BK75 BF75 FB75 FC77              
          Yes Indeed!    [Disc1] 2003Mirror . 2 Disc  
          KC>B74 B74 BF67f BR74 BF67f BF><BC63 FB77 BF77 BK69 B67  
          FB69v KR71N BC><BF67 BR71/ BF><RF71 BF71f          
          BF><BC75 BF77f CB><FC71 RF75 BC><BF65 BF67 B71 KR77 B>BF77 CB69y  
          KB71 B74 BF67vfb BF><CB74 KB67w BF>FC74y          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Billy Joe Walker Jr Guitar  
    Treehouse 1987MCA  
          BK74 B75 CKy><B61 BK74 CF55mo K><CK59 B71 B71mf K><BR63 BF74f  
    The Walk 1991Geffen  
          B74f K61 B74 KB><KC63 KB>KC63 BF74f KB65 CK65Mvo B65 KB63  
      Warm Front
  Warm Front 1993Liberty  
          B85mf RF77 BF80 BR80 B74M CK71 BR75W CF65y KR80N BF75f  
      Life is Good
  Life Is Good 1995Liberty  
          BF80 KB><CK65 CF65 RB74 RF74 BF77 B74 BF74 BR77N KC65  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          BillyRay Sheppard Sax  
  Silk 2017BigBibEntertainment  
          CK74d KC69g CB74fdy KB71 BC71d K69 CK69 KC69mfd CB69mfdy CK71mfby  
          Birds Of A Feather Group  
    Stand Together     1996Playful . Keyboard-Dan siegel . Guest : Sax-Bony James  
          BF69 BF80 CK65 BC74 BC75 BC74Mvf KR75 C69fd CB69d FB75  
  Best of Birds of a Feather   2004NativeLanguage  
          in>BF75f BF80 BC75 B>FB75 BC74Mvf BF75 BF74m B77 BC74 KB><KC75  
          BC74 B77                  
          Bireli Lagrene Guitar, Bass  
    Acoustic Moments 1991EMI France/BlueNote(Capitol)  
          CK61yt CB57t CF55Y B71fS BR69S CF59fY!S CF53y B69 BR69N CF59YYe/  
          Bk Jackson Sax  
  Life Of The Party 2019UnlimitedHeights  
        CB71vds CB65d BC69f BK69 BK65 BF74wfds CB65 BC71Mmd CB65d    
          Blair Bryant Bass Guitar  
  New Colours 2015BlairBryant  
          CK67g CB><BC67 BC61 BC77fY CK71d 1rCK67g          
  Gold 2016Innervision  
          CB71d^ BC69q BC67Wg CK69 RF>BF71 BC71 CB69vfd CB69vfd FB69dy CK69fd  
  Cerulean Blue     2018BlairBryant  
          CB71d RF71 BC71 CB71 RF69v CB69fd CK67 RF74W BF>FB69 in>CK65m  
          BF><CB65 KC69fd BC69f                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Blake Aaron Guitar  
    With Every Touch     2001InnervisionRecord&Entertainmentllc  
                      Guest: David Benoit, Eric Marienthal, etc  
          CK80dy BC77 B74Mm CK65dy CB74fdy BC65t K63 RF77s B75 FB77d  
  A Romantic Christmas     2002Innervision  
          RB77xs BR80xs BR77xs BR77Nxs! KR77Nxs KR77xs KR77Nxs KR77Nxs      
  Desire       2007Innervision  
          in>BC77f CB74wfd CB67 BF80w BF80 BR77 BK77 B77M B><BC75 in>CF74f  
          in>KF77mys BC80fy KC74 BC71 CB75fdy            
  Soul Stories   2015Innervision  
          FB74d CB71fdy CK69t K77s CB69M BC74q KB74qs KB75 BC74M CK75fd  
  Color And Passion 2020Innervision  
          CB80fd CB77d CB77d CB77dy CB77fd K75N BC74wfdt CB77dy CF77dy BF75fb  
          Blake Aaron  < Vocal >    
    Two 2006Blake Aaron  
          in CB69Mmy BC67M BC74M BC69M in>KC69M BC71Mf KR>BC71M>end      
          Blue Knight Group . "Shakatak" Style Music  
      Red Night [from US] [Import]
  Red Night       1993DaMusic  
          RF77 CB77fd RF80S CK74dy KC75d KC71d KC74dy CF75fd CK74fd B77  
          CB69fd KC>CK71                  
  Tropical Night 1996DaMusic  
          FB75 CF71fy BF74md CB71mfd KR71m FC71fd CK75fd FC74f BR77 KC75d  
          CK74d CK71dy CB69dy                
  Night Talk 2000 1201Music  
          RF77 CB77fd KC77fd KB75 CB71md CK71dy KB77N KC77f BK77 KC69d  
          KR77 CK74fd KB75N KR75N              
          Blue Smith    
    Organ Club     2008Blue un Red/CCRE[Japan]  
          DCB67fy DC63mfY DC63f DC61mf DC71f DCF71w DC61mys DC67MmfY HRC>DCK65w~ DCB65wf  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bob Baldwin Keyboard   ( Bob Baldwin . Error: Bob Boldwin )  
  Rejoice       1990CitySketches  
          FB95Y in>BF80y CB75dY/ KC74 BC77mfs in BR71M/ BC77Mvfys BC74mfy CB71vfdy  
          in BC74mfd                  
    Reflections Of Love 1992Atlantic  
          CB74vfy BF69m CF63y CB67md KC63ms BK67s BR69 B65Mwf CF74cy CF67md  
      Cool Breeze [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Cool Breeze 1997Shanachie  
          CB74 CK75ds CK77d KC74s KC77f CB77fds BC77f CB80fd B75 KR74N  
          CR69N CB74/                  
  BobBaldwin . Com 2000CitySketches . Guest: Chuck Loeb, Marion Meadows, Gerald Albright, Will Downing  
                               Dean James  
          FB85ds CK77mdy CB71Wdy KC77f BC80vf KC85fd KR80MmN BF77vs CK77fd BK75s  
          CK77f KC75vd CK77fd CK71f end            
  The American Spirit 2002Shanachie  
          BF80S RF80s RF77ms B75Mms KR77NS B75Wws BC77q BF80 BK69 BR80S  
    Standing Tall 2002Narada . Guest: Chieli Minucci, Marion Meadows, Kim Waters  
          CK77d CB80fd BC75Mmfd KC77d KC77d RB74a/ CB77fd BC74mfd KB77 CK80mfd  
          KC77fd 3rBC74mfd                  
  Brazil Chill 2004 A440Music Group . Guest: Jeff Kashiwa  
          in BC75mf BF75mb BC><BF77mfds BF75m CB71f/ CK75Mmd BF77m BF75 BC75fd  
          CB74mby 4rRB74^/                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      All in a Day's Work
  All in a Day's Work     2005 215Music  
          CB77mfd CB77md BR80ms CK75f BC77d CB74Wwd CB74d KR74Mm RB77/ in  
          CB77fdy KC74m BC74d/                2008NuGroove . Guest: Najee(03), Marion Meadows(07), etc  
          ^ >BC85Mmfd CK80fd RF85s in>BC80Wwfd KC77m CB75Mmd BC75fd BC80wfd B77Mm BC77>^  
          B77Mm CF80vd CB75md BC74MUm BC75MUvd ^ end          
  Never Can Say Goodbye [A Tribute to Michael Jackson] 2010Trippin&Rhythm . Cover Album Of "Michael Jackson" . 06,11 = Original  
                                               12 = Album[Bobbaldwin.Com] 01  
          CK77s BF80s BF80><Ms BF80fdys BF77s BC85fd BC80mfds KR80s BC77mfdys BR77s>q  
          RB77M/ FB85ds                  
      410NQ233DQL__SL500_AA300_ 2  Re-Vibe   2011Trippin N Rhythm  
          BC77g~ BC80fd CB95fd KC85d B80s BC80Mm BC77MUwfd^ BC85fd BC74fd BC85mfd  
          BC69M BC85fdy BF85 KR85              
  Betcha By Golly Wow : The Songs of Thom Bell 2012Peak  
          B80fs BF85mfdYs BR80Wwfs DBC85ms KR80Ms in>B80ws BC80mfds KR85 B77Wfs in>CK77mds  
  Twenty     2013CitySketches  
          BC80vfd BC80fd BC77mfdS CB80fdS in>BC69MUfd/ CB75m><Wfdy CB69mfdy BC80m BC75^ BC74M><MUmd  
          BC74fS KC><CK75mS KB77/ KB77 BC71fd^            
  Mellowonder / Songs in the Key of Stevie 2015RedRiverEntertaint  
          KC77fds BR77s BC75fdys BC74ds BR77s B85ds FB77Mvdys BC80 BK77 KR77Ns  
          BC77s BF74Mms BF75ds BR75mNs              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  The Brazilian-American Soundtrack [ Disc 1 ] 2016RedRiverEntertaint  
          BC71Mmfd CB77fdy BC75fd>M BC74fd BK75mbs B77Mm RK74/ BC77Wwd KR75bs>M KB71VNbs  
          BF74bs CK74Mmfd BR71MNbs                
              [ Disc 2 ]    
          KR71M BC74fd BC80>67M B77 KC69M BC75Mmfds in>BC74fds BF74fdy BC74d B74wq  
          KR75 KR77 BC65~m                
  Never Out Of Season 2018CitySketches  
        CB65Mfd RF65m BC65M BK65m CB65mfdy B>BC69m BR71N BR65W BR71 KR65M  
  Presents Abbey Road and The Beatles 2018CitySketches  
          CK67mgs in>BC74fds KB77s KR69Ms BC69fds KB>KC74s KR71s KR71Ws KR74Mm BC74fds  
          CK75fds BK65Ms                  
  Henna 2020CitySketches . Vocal-Lori Williams(7)  
        BC74mfd>M BK80 BF77mfd BC77md KC75 in>CB80wfds BR80Ww CB77fd CK75fd BC74mfd  
          CB77fd BC74mfd 10rBC74fd 8rCB77fd              
          NewUrbanJazz3 2020CitySketches  
        in~ BC69Wfd BC74Wfd CB74Wvfd KC74 BC71fd BC71Ww KC75W CK74Wfd BC77fd  
          BC74fdy CB74vfdy in 10rBC77mfd 11rBC74fdy            
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bob Belden Producer / Sax  
          ボブ・ベルデン Bob Belden と David Matthews は、Popsを素材にしたAlbumが多い  
    When Doves Cry : The Music Of Prince 1994Metroblue/Somethin'Else . Music of "Prince(Rock Singer)"  
          B65Mvfs BK65Wvs CK67Wwds CK69Wwfds B71s BK>BF65Wwys CF65Ys BC65Wvfds JBK69Wvs RF74bs  
    Tapestry 1997BlueNote(Capitol) .  Carole King Album[Tapestry]Cover  
          CB75dys B75s CK74ds BR75fs BF74s KR75N BK>CF61s BC75fds RF><BF75s FC77s  
          BR77/ CF65Ys                  
          Bob Berg Sax  
          Bob Berg Best 1993Denon(NipponColumbia)[Japan] . Selection of Denon Label 5 Album  
          B63fS CF63y CB65 KC71s BC74s KB71s KR75S BC74s BC>CF74fs KC59  
          BF75 BC74S                  
      Riddles [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Riddles       1994Stretch/GRP  
          BR69 B69m CB61m BC65 BF61m KR75N BF75 CF71d B61m/    
      Another Standard [FROM UK] [IMPORT]
  Another Standard 1997Stretch . Jazz Album  
          JCF65YS JBF80S JB77s JCB69yS JBC65S JBR85S JC63y JCF69yS JBF80yS    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bobby Lyle Piano / Keyboard  
    Ivory Dreams
    Ivory Dreams 1989Atlantic  
          B74f CF65Wwfys BC67vs CF61vy BC69 JB74S KR><CB85f JCF80fY BC67fq    
    The Journey 1990Atlantic  
          BC65y CB65Mw B77 BC67y B67 FC65vya BF69f CB63fy       
    Pianomagic 1991Atlantic  
          BC69 JBF75S IKR74 CB71S JBR75Nxs KC63 C55vf JBC65q JKR71NS JFB71yS  
  Secret Island     1992Atlantic  
          in>BC71y BF>FC65vfa CB69fdy KR74 RK80N BC61ws CF77Y B><BF71 F65byS 5rRK77N/  
    Rhythm Stories 1994Atlantic . Guest Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Everette Harp, etc  
          CF65fy CF63vds C67dy BC75 CF65md CB61wys BC65 CF61dy KR74 CB67y  
    The Power Of Touch 1997Atlantic  
          BC71y BK74 BF71fdy RK67/ RF75MwfS BF71 CR75MUvfd BF67Wf CF74wdy F95  
          CB63d RF71                  
  Joyful 2002ThreeKeys . GuestProducer-Marcus Johnson  
                     Guest-Norman Brown, Gerald Albright, Rick Brown    
          KC><BC80 KR80 CK77dys FB>FC77 RF77m CK74ds C74dy BK75Mmfds B80 C77dy  
          C85fd KB77 IKB80Ncs                
  Straight & Smooth 2004ThreeKeys  
          CB69dY FB74ms BF><CF69wfdy KR75 in>CB65Mmfds CF61dfy in>BF67 CB65fd BF69f CK74Wwd  
          JBR75S JFB74S JBC74S JCF65YS BR>BC67bsL in>JCB><CF69yLS in>JBC69LS JBF74S JFC><C71yLS JBF><FC69L  
          JBR71LS JFC69YLS                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bobby Ricketts Sax  
  Skin to Skin     2008ThirdWaveEntertainment  
          KR80NS KB80s KF80 KC>BC77MfY CK80mdys BF80dy CK77md KB77 BC80fd~ CB77dY  
          Bobby Wells Keyboard  
  It's About Time     1999PermanentWave . Guest: Kirk Whalum, Nelson Rangell  
          FB77 BC71fd RF74 BF75m BC77vf B77 FB77my CB67y B75w BR75m  
    Bayside     2005BobbyWells . Guest: Eric Marienthal, etc  
          KC71 B77 CB71 BC74Mvf BC71 B74 BC77fd KC75d KC71wfd CB65md/  
          BC65vfd BR74m                  
  Back in the Day     2016BobbyWells  
        BC75d BF75 RF71m BF74f KC69md BF74b B75 BC74mfd BC71fdy in  
          Bob James Piano / Keyboard  
  One       1974/1995Warner . Guest: Grover Washington Jr, Ralph MacDonald, Steve Gadd, etc  
          はげ山の一夜 +1           Album Title <US>≠<Japan> . 07-JapanBonusTrack[Solace]  
          CR><CF>BF61 BR71ls CR>C>CB67h CFls><CB74dy BR>RF77s CK69h IBR>BF75        
  Two     1975/1995Warner . 07-BonusTrack . Guest: Grover Washington Jr, Patti Austin, etc  
          夢のマルディ・グラ +1 (Limited)         Album Title <US>≠<Japan>  
          BF77hs KB><RF
CFY><C65h in>CB><RF
B75s B><BC69h IKB67        
  Heads        1977/1995Warner . Guest: Grover Washington Jr, David Sanborn, Patti Austin  
          ヘッズ+1            JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(7) . 02-Boz Scaggs[We're All Alone]Cover  
          BC><B67 in>FB>BC77s CB><BC67><B71s KC><B71 BK>KR71ws IK><KF65hs          
  Touchdown     1978/1995Warner . Guest: Dave Sanborn, Earl Klugh, etc  
          タッチダウン+1           06-JapanBonusTrack . 01-Angela (Theme From 'Taxi')  
          B77 BC><FB71h BC><BF><CB71 FC><BF75 B>BC71m B75          
      Lucky Seven
  Lucky Seven     1979/2006Koch  
          FB77d B69 BF67 BF69fd B69Mm BC67f          
  Sign of the Times     1981/2006Warner  
          CR>KC65w BC74vd BR75 RB>BC>BF69 CK><BF67v B71w          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Taxie/The Genie
  The Genie       1983/2006Koch  
          CB71d B75 BC67 BR74N BC67 BF77 BK74 KR75 CK><B69 KR77  
  Foxie       1983/2006TappanZee  
          in>ICF69fy BC63 BC><BF65 BC74f K69N BF77          
  Obsession 1986/1990Warner . Guest: Kirk Whalum(06)  
          CB><CF65 BC><B71Wwf BC65f BC63f BR63 BC69 CB67f        
  Ivory Coast 1988Warner  
          CK><BF74fd RF75s KC><CK65y CB63 K>KC61 BR77N          
  Grand Piano Canyon     1990Warner  
          CK71 BF85 KC63 CK59 BC71 C77y BR74 BK69N KR74N    
  Restless       1994Warner  
          KR>KC71 BF69vd KB75 K69N KR74Ww RF85#' KR75N BF>CK74 K69N RF><CK74  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Playin' Hooky     1997Warner . 02Produce-Paul Brown  
          BR80#' BC85f BK74wN K>KC71 CK71d K67 B80 KC74Ww CK74d KC65  
  Joy Ride       1999Warner . Producer: Paul Brown, Chuck Loeb, David McMurray, Harvey Mason Jr .etc  
          KC85f CK85fd KB77 CK77 FB80 BC80fd CB80 BC75f CK77f BC85Wwd  
          RF75m KR69Mm                  
  Morning Noon & Night     2002Warner . GuestProducer: Paul Brown, Chuck Loeb  
          モーニング、ヌーン&ナイト                   Guest: David Mann, David McMurray, Dave Koz, Paul Jackson Jr, Rick Braun, etc  
          CC65d KC77 CK85d C75d BK74s KC77 BR80Ws KC77f CB71 CR><KC77  
      Urban Flamingo
  Urban Flamingo     2006Koch  
          BF77#' KC74 BC71f in>BC75 B77W BC71f B75 BF><CB75m KR75Mw BF75f  
          Bob James Trio    
    Bold Conceptions 1962/1998Verve . Producer: Quincy Jones  
          JFC75YS JKB><C63S JFB75S CC59y JBC>CF>C>B74y! JB74S JKB74S JCF71YS JCB71yS JCB65yS  
  Explosions 1964/1992ESP . "気が狂ってきそうなAlbum" . 2曲目の[Untitled Mixes]が無いAlbum有り  
          CC><CR55>45y CC35! CR><CC40 CC35fy ^ ><JBC61f-^            
      B00019PDHA,Straight Up
  Straight Up     1996Warner . Bass-Christian McBride, Drums-Brian Blade  
                              03-Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays's[James]  
          JCK><BF75 JB>BF><BR77 JB77s JBC><CB74S JRK><BR80S JCR>BF><C69 JCB><B74f in>JBF77 JK><B75S    
          Take It from the Top     2004Koch . Bass-James Genus, Drums-Billy Kilson  
          JBF><FC80fS JBC74S JBC71fs JBR80S JKB><CB71yS JBC71S JCB69yS! JBK74S JKB74S    
  Espresso 2018Evosound .  Bass–Michael Palazzolo, Drums–Billy Kilson   
          in>JCB77fd JCK77y JBF75fq HRB77 JCB75 BC75mfd JKR75N CB74fdy JBR77 JCB77y  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bob James / David Sanborn Keyboard : Bob James , Sax : David Sanborn  
          Double Vision 1986Wea  
          KB74f KB74 KB71 BR75Mf B75 BR>CB75 KR77Ns        
          Bob James / Kirk Whalum Keyboard : Bob James , Sax : Kirk Whalum  
    Joined At The Hip     1996Warner  
          BK69m BC71f BF80 KC65 RF75VS KB69 BF69y CB65mS BR77    
          Bob James / Earl Klugh    
  One On One 1979/1993Warner . 07-BonusTrack  
          B75 KR>BR74h B><BC74 BC>CB59 B77 BC67 C61y        
  Two Of A Kind 1982/1994Manhattan(Capitol)  
          BC75 CB74mf K71 FB77 BR75 B75          
  Cool 1992Warner  
          B77 CB69 B75f CB74y B><CB71 BR74h BF74f in>CB69fdy KC><BF71 in>CB><BF65  
          CB65y RK74N                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bob Mamet Keyboard  
      Signs of Life [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Signs Of Life 1994Atlantic/WEA  
          BC69fy CK><CB65 KB74 CF74f BK69N BF><KR71 JCB74fs CK69d BF74f    
      Day Into Night [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Day Into Night     1995Atlantic . Guest: Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright, Art Porter  
          KC77 CK80 B74 BF75 KC80 CB74 B74 BF74 BF74 CK74m  
  Adventures In Jazz     1997Atlantic/WEA  
          BC75f KC69 B80 BF75 BF74 BF71 BC74 B75 CB71f B71  
          Bob Thompson Piano  
    Wilderness     1989Intima  
          BC75 B75 FB67 BC71f CB67 BF77 in>BF75s BR77      
  The Magic In Your Heart 1993Ichiban  
          KC65m KR><B75 JKC69 JFC74 JRK74S CF65mud KB>KC67 BC67 JKR74 CF75fd  
  Spirit  /  Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit 1996/2003IchibanInternational  
          KB67 CF63vf BK75 KC65 JKR69N BF74f CB75dY BK75 FC65y BC55a  
  Lady First 1997IchibanInternational  
          KC75 JBK85h KC69dS CF75dy KC><CK69S JBR85 CB74s JKB80N CB74dy K69h  
  Do You Know     1999SoundKnowledge  
          BF65 BK71 BF69 BF71 KR>BF71 BC65f in BC65 BF75 BC><BF65m  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bona Fide Group  
      Royal Function [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Royal Function     1999N-Coded  
          CK80 CK77d CB77d KC77 C74fd C74dy CB74d KC77 C74d DC75f  
          DC75y DCF77Y                  
      The Poe House [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  The Poe House     2001N-Coded  
          C77fdY C71dy C69d KB75N C71wdy CF65Mmds BC75y CF69fd C80fd KC75N  
          C67fd CK77fd CK67wfd                
    Soul Lounge     2005HeadsUp  
          CB74d KC77 CK74s BC74mfd BF80 KC75g CK74 RK><KC74g BF80 BC85fd  
          Boney James Sax  
  Trust       1992Warner . Producer: Paul Brown  
          CB80dY CB77dy BC75f KB77 CK74dy B74 BC77f BK77 BC75    
      Backbone [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Backbone       1994Warner . Producer: Paul Brown  
                    Vocal-Bridgette Bryant(7)  
          CF95d KC74 B80 CB74 KR74N CK74dys BR85Ws B77 CB71vdys    
  Seduction       1995Warner . Producer: Paul Brown . Guest: Bob James, etc  
          CK90d CB69mfd KB67 K77 BK75 CK71dy BK71vs BC77f KB65Ns    
  Boney's Funky Christmas  [ X'mas Album ] 1996/1999Warner . Producer: Paul Brown . Jacket Design 1996 ≠ 1999  
          BF65xs BF71Mfdxs BR75s BR85xs BF85xs K65 B77v B71M KB65    
  Sweet Thing     1997Warner . Producer: Paul Brown, Boney James . Guest: Al Jarreau  
          KB77 CK85d K71 RF>BF75v KC74m KC>CK77d BK><KC77 KR71MwN BF>BC74fd    
    Body Language     1999Warner . Producer: Paul Brown  
          K85w CK95dy KC80 BR75Mm KC77 KC85 K85 BK85 CK77m    
    Ride       2001Warner . Producer: Paul Brown, Russell "The Dragon" Elevado & Don Murray  
                                   Vocal-Trina Broussard(1), Dave Hollister(4), Jaheim(8)  
          KC80Ww CK85d CK85dy KR80Mm KB80 CB77mdy KC75w CB75Mmd BK77 CK80dy  
    Pure       2004Warner . Producer: Boney James . Guest: Joe Sample, Paul Jackson Jr, etc  
          KC75 BC75Mm KC77 CK80d CK75Wwd CB80fd BR75m BC80f CK74wd KB80N  
  Shine       2006Concord  
          BF80Wwf CB85d RF77ms B77 KR77m BC80Wwf KC77 B75Mm CK80 CK85f  
          KB77 RB77>W                  
  Christmas Present  [ X'mas Album ]   2007Concord  
          BF77xs B77Wwxs B><BF85xs BR77x BR77xs BC75Wfdxs BR77xs BR77xs B75m>Mxs KR75xs  
      Send One Your Love
  Send One Your Love     2009ConcordMusicGroup  
          BC80wf BR85s KR95s KR85s KR77Mms KR90 KC80s KB77 KR85N BC80vfds  
  Contact       2011VerveMusicGroup  
          CB85d B80Mm CK85 B80Ww BK90 CB85Mmfdy KR80 KF80Ww BK90 B85  
  The Beat       2013ConcordMusic  
          BK77s KC90d BK85w BC80fdys BK77Mm KR80 CK85d CK80Wfd KB85 KB85  
  Futuresoul   2015Concord  
          CK80fd B80 BC77fd KR80w B77Mm B80f BK77 KC80 BC77 KB80  
    Honestly     2017Concord  
          B85 BC80 K75 KC80q KB77Ww CK80mfd BR80N KR80NS KC80Mm BC80fd  
  Solid 2020Concord  
          BC85 BC80fd KB77 RF85m B80 B75Mm BF80 BF80 B80 BC77  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Boney James & Rick Braun    
          ボニー・ジェイムス & リック・ブラウン    
    Shake It Up       2000Warner . Producer: Paul Brown & Boney James