1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  C       Cab    
      Cab 4
  Cab 4       2003King  
          CF75y CB65 B74 C69fd CB><CF69y CF69y CB71 BF><CB69f BC65 BC74  
          Cabo Frio     
  Late Return     2003Kezia  
          BC77fdY BR80w CB69 BR85 B80Ww B80m BC74 BC67/ BC65fdy BC71  
          RK77N/ CB74 BR80Mm BC77              
  Island Dance     2004Kezia  
          B80 BC75 BC75m BC75y CB75fy FC74mby BR75wN BR85 BC75f CB71  
          CB71y CB71f CR51                
          Caia Group . Genre: House, Downtempo  
  The Magic Dragon     2002Guidance  
          DC74vh DCR80w DCB75^ DBC74m DBC80f DC><BC77m DBC77w DCB77vf DBC75w DCR71N  
          Caio Mesquita [Brasil] . Sax  
      Jovem Brazilidade
  Jovem Brazilidade     2006EMI MusicBrasil  
          BR85s BR85s BR95bs CB77s BR85Nhs BF80bs BF85s KR85Ns CB77fdys KR80hs  
          KR>B80s in>KB>B75s KB><KR77s                
  Jovem Brazilidade II     2007SonyBMG  
          BK85hbs BF90bs KR80s BK>CK75s BF85s B85fs B80s CK77ds BC74fbs BF80bs  
          KR77s in>CF80dYs BK80s CB77dys              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cal Harris Jr Keyboard  
  Shelter Island (Deluxe Edition)   2013ChiInternational  
        KC75d CK77fd BR>RF80 KC77 BK80w BC80fd BR74/ KR80 BK75 KB74  
          CK74d BR77 2rCK77fd                
  Inside Out     2014CalHarrisJr  
          CK75 B>BC77 BF77f BK71/ CK75m KC75Ww in BK><CK75 KR75N BR77N  
      Moonage Electric Ensemble
  Moonage Electric Ensemble   1999LastrumCorporation[Japan]  
          in(RK~) DB77m in>DBF80 DCB69f I >DBR75d in~ DBR><CB75><M in>DB77m      
    Blue Planet     2007MusicConception[Japan]  
          IRB77 DRF75Mvvj RB85 DCB75 DBC69m^ j DB74Wvj DB>RC74> IBF74 IBR>BF74Wj RF75Wj  
          BC74d       .            
          Calvin Edwards Guitar  
  So What 1997Venus[Japan]  
          FB85 CK75v CF75 CB85d BF80fd BC77vd KC75vd KC71 CK74dS BF75Mfd  
  Let It Flow 2000Calvinedwards/Simplysmokin  
          CB59m CK63 CB63ms BF65 CB65d CF65myL CF71fdSL KB67MsL      
          Camiel Group . Genre: Downtempo, House   
  Sunset       2002/2005Rendezvous  
          DBC80 DCB80wf in>DBC80^ '# in>DBC77 DKR80W CB77Mvfd ^ DBC80w^ in>DKC77w in  
          DCB80Mwf DKR80 DKC77 DBC77~ in in>DBF85b          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Candy Dulfer Sax [Netherlands](オランダ) . SaxPlayerの[Dulfer]の娘  
  Saxuality       1991Arista  
          CK71 CF71fd CF74vd CB71vfdS CF65dy>end CB74Wwmd BC><B71 CB65d KC><CR63 CB63mufd  
          BK74v 1rCK74d                  
  Sax-A-Go-Go     1993BMG/Ariola . Jacket Design <US>2001≠<US>2005  
          FC75vdy CF71vmudY BC74fd CB69vd CF75vfd CF65vfd BK74s CF74vdys CB>CF71Wwd B74>end  
      Big Girl [from US] [Import]
  Big Girl       1995BMG/Ariola . 15,16-JapanBonusTrack . 04と05が逆のアルバムもある  
          CF74vufd CB74wfd CF75dY CF74vfd BC74mu CF75VwdY BC75d CF><FB74vfd CF74dy BC74  
          CF74dy BR75Vwfs CF74wudY 1rBC74vud CF77vdy'# CB77d          
          For The Love Of You 1997BMG . 03-Isley Brothers [For The Love Of You]Cover  
          フォー・ザ・ラヴ・オブ・ユー     [[ type 1]]            
          in CB69Wwfd KR75ws BC67Wwfd KC74 CB>C67vdy BF67Ww B75 CB63wfd FC67wfd  
          CF69d CK74wd 3rCB74ws                
  For The Love Of You 1997N-Coded . 04-Isley Brothers [For The Love Of You]Cover  
                  [[ type 2 ]]            
          in CB69Wwfd CB>C67vdy KR75ws KC74 FC67wfd BC67Wwfd CK74wd B75 CB63wfd  
          CF69d BF67Ww                  
      The Best of Candy Dulfer [Best of] [from US] [Import]
  The Best of Candy Dulfer   1998N-Coded  
          KR75ws CB74wfd CK71 CF74vdys BC74mu KC74 BC74fd CB71vfdS CF65vfd CK74wd  
      ベスト・オブ・キャンディ・ダルファー 〜キャンデイ・ファンキー・セレクション 〜
  ベスト・オブ・キャンディ・ダルファー 1998BMG Japan . 輸入版のBest Of Candy Dulferとは異なる . 01-NewSong  
                                         [キャンディ・ファンキー・セレクション] Amazon.comにある同じジャケットのfrom JapanのAlbumとも異なる(Tower Recordのものは同じ)  
          CF74wfd CK71 CF71vmudY CF75vfd CF65vfd KC74 CF71dYYL CF74vdys KR>B74VfLs FC75vdy  
          CF74wudY KR75ws CF75VwdY BC><B71              
      ガールズ・ナイト・アウト [EXTRA TRACKS]
  Girls Night Out     1998BMG[Japan]  
          CF67Wwmufd CF61wdy CK69dy CK65m FC59S BK74 KC75f CF63dY CB65S CB63Mwdys  
          CF55 CF65Mfs CB65 CF61wdY              
  Right in My Soul  <US> 2003Eagle . R&B Vocal Album  
          BC77Wwmd BC75Wwd BC74wd CB71Wwd KR74Ww KR74Ww CB71Wwd BC69fd CB67Wwd BK74  
          CB75vfds CF74Wds CF71WwdY in>BK71              
  Right in My Soul  <Japan> 2003Victor[Japan] . 12-JapanBonusTrack[Boogie]  
          BC77Wwmd BC75Wwd BC74wd CB71Wwd KR74Ww KR74Ww CB71Wwd BC69fd CB67Wwd BK74  
          CB75vfds DCF80Wwy CF74Wds CF71WwdY in>BK71            
  Funked Up!     2009HeadsUp  
          CB71vd CB63MUd BK71 CB59WUdy BC75 BC80fd~ RC75MUm CF77fdy CB74fdy CB80fd  
          BC74w><Ww CB74d                  
  Crazy       2011Listen2Entertainment . 16-JapanBonusTrack  
          in DCB77wf KC65Mq FB77md CK65md CB77Vfd in BC59mfq in>BF77Wd CB74Wfdy  
          CK67mfd B80 in CK75v>,Wfd BK75g DCB80m          
  Together   2017CTM . Guest Vocal Album  
          CB77Wwdy CB75Mvd CB77Wwfd CB74Wfdy KR77Ww BC77Wwfd CB77Mwd CB71Mwfdy BC75Wfd KR75V  
          CB74VvdY BC80Wd DCF80Wwf in CB77Wwfd CK75Md          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Carl Craig Genre: House  
          DCB75f DC75f DCF77f DCB69M DC65 DCC71y!^ DCC65^ DBF61mf DCB63 DC61  
          DCC74><59 DCR61W DC67f                
          Cecil Ramirez Keyboard  
  Talk To the Hand   2012CdBaby  
          BC75fd KR75 KR80Ns CK74fds BR80bs CB77fdys KC75 BK75N BR77s BF75s  
  Party in The Back   2015CdBaby  
          CB71fdy BC69fdy B77s CK75fds BC77 BK75 CB74fd BK75 BC75s CB71fd  
          Charles Fambrough Bass  
    The Proper Angle     1991CTI/Polydor  
          KB>B77 BC74y JFC55 FC75f JCF61YY KR80 JFB85y RF85 JB80f JFC85  
  The Charmer     1992CTI/Polydor . Guest: GroverWashingtonJr, RoyHargrove  
          JBC75 KR80N JKR95 JCB80f JRF85 JCF75y JCF74Y        
      Blues at Bradleys [from US] [Import]
  Blues At Bradley's 1993CTI  
          CB55yL JBC65L JRB77wL#' JBC65L JFC69YL            
  Keeper Of The Spirit 1995AudioQuest  
          CB63 KB>CK69 BC74 CF61y C55 KR75 FB74 BF74y BF74f CF65y  
  City Tribes       1996Evidence . Keyboard-Bill O'connell  
          BC45Mma CB63! B75 CF75S BF80 JBR95f KR80 BF80 CF74    
    Upright Citizen     1997UnGrove . 05-[Dina]  
            [[ Type 1 ]]            
          CB85 KC75d KC95d CK85d KB95 CB77dy CB80dy CK77d BR85MN    
          Upright Citizen 1997UnGrove/2002Random Chance . 07-[Dina]  
            [[ Type 2 ]]            
          CB80dy BR85MN KC95d CK85d KC75d CB77dy KB95 CK77d CB85    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Charles Matthews    
  Feels Right 2002Quietbreeze  
          CK71 KC69 KR74 CK65w CK69 KC69 CK71 BK74 CB71 KC67  
          Charles Michael Brotman Guitar . Leader of [Kohala](Instrumental Group)  
  Mango Cooler     1990GlobalPacific . Jacket Design 2type  
          RF80 BF><BC77 CB><FB71 B77f B77 RF77 BF><BK75 CB><B65 IB75 IKR75  
  Pacific Rendezvous     1993/1998Palm . Jacket Design 2type        
          パシフィック・ランデブー       Guest: Kilauea, Greg Vail, etc  
          BF85 RF77 CB74 BR80 B75 KR77 BC74 B77 B77 B><BC75  
          Charles Z. Williams    
    Harmony 2004FidelityMusic  
          BF77 CK><BR67 B67 IRF75 CK><BC65 IB74 B71 BC63 IB74 IBR74  
          Charley Langer Sax  
  Never The Same     2009UdoiRecords  
          KC77 BC77 BC57fy BK><B80 B80 BC77d KR77N JFC77y BK80 RK75  
          Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny << Please Look "Pat Metheny" >>  
          Charlie Sepulveda << Please Look [ Jazz ] >>  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Chieli Minucci Guitar / Composer / Producer  . Member of Group[ Special EFX ]  
  Jewels       1995JML/JVC . 02Original-Christoph Spendel  
          C69dy F100Y K>B61 BF65Mmfb FB74md CF><FC61y RB75 BF75mf KR74WN RB74m/  
          >CF69Y/ >BK65/ >RF69/                
  Renaissance     1996Victor  
          BF74v FC85y K63 BC85 BK85 CB77f KB65MN RB65/ B65mf KR65N/  
          CK67 B65/ FB74 B65              
  It's Gonna Be Good     1998JVC  
          CB65d BC65mfd BF85d B77 CF80d FB85vfds BR65mN CB69d BC65mfd B65  
          C65 CF69 KC65M                
  Sweet On You     2000Shanachie  
          BF74m BF77v CB69fd BF74 KB74t BF75 C67fd BF80 KC71 BK>CF69  
  Night Grooves 2003Shanachie  
          CB77fdy KC74 BC74fd BF77fd KB75vt CB69fdy KB>KF74v CR75 CK65 CR67vdy  
  Got It Goin' On     2005Shanachie  
          FB80m KC69 FC74m>end BR>KB75 CB74y in>CF71fdY RB><RK><BF65 BF63y BC>CB55m CF><BK61mdya  
          Chieli Minucci & Special EFX    
      Sweet Surrender
  Sweet Surrender     2007Shanachie  
          CB77y FB77 CB69y BR80m CF77f RCNm>BK71M BC75 BF77 RB75N/ CB67fy  
          in>FC77m C67y RC>CK67                
  Genesis     2013Shanachie  
          FC63dy BC69fd KB74W BC65f BK><B74Mm BK75 FC>CB69d RF>KR69 RKN>CK69y KB74q  
          KC69fdy KBW>B74                  
          Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion    
    Groove Jazz N Chill #1     2011KvkMusic  
  Only       KC85 KB85 KC85 KC80fd KB80 KC80 B80 KC77 B80 BC77d  
    Groove Jazz N Chill #2     2012KvkMusic  
          RF85 B80 BR80 KC80 KB80 KB80 KC80 KB85 BF80 BC85  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          The Choppers Revolution [Japan] . BassGuitar Group  
  3B   2016Tokuma[Japan]  
          CB74><61d CF65dY CB69dY KB67 in>CF65YY BK67 CB75dY C61MUdj CB67fdy CB69mfd  
          Chris Bangs Keyboard/Producer . Member of [ SoundscapeUK ] . AcidJazz  
    Takin' Care of Business [FROM UK] [IMPORT],Dazzle [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Takin' Care Of Business   1999Onion  
          FB85d CF80dY CF77dy BC85Wwd CF75dY FC85Wwds CB80dy CF80wd BC80wfd FB80d  
          Dazzle       1999Instinct  
          CF80dy BF77md CK77dy BF77Wd CB85mfdy DCF75vy CB74Mds CF75dY CB74dY C75mfds  
          Chris Botti Trumpet  
  First Wish 1995Polygram/Verve  
          CK74dy BR67N BK77f B69WN BF63y KB65 CK63d C67dy CR65 BR67/  
    Caught  [ Movie Soundtrack ] 1996Polygram  
          B75Wf RB77h RK75 RB77hN/ BF69/ in in FC65b/ HRK71N HCR65h/  
          IBF65/ HRK69N/ HRB><CC77y HRK74h/ CR><CC77y in HRK67hN/ in      
  Midnight Without You     1997Polygram/Verve  
          K69 RF74M FB75fd KR75 FB75fd BR80 RF75 CK74fd BR75Wwf B75  
  Slowing Down The World     1999GRP . Guest: Jeff Lorber . Sting .etc  
          KB85N K74wh CB75d BR71Mhs KC61d BK75 C65fd KR75N K69MhNs KC65N  
  Night Sessions     2001Sony  
          K>KC75 KR77 CB77y in KC80Ww CR77 CK77d RB77w C77dy B80  
          CB75d RK77N                  
  December  [ X'mas Album ]   2002Sony . Guest: Billy Childs, etc . 05,11Vocal-Chris Botti   
          JBR85Nhxs JBR77Nhxs RF80xs KR77Nxs BR85Mhx JBF85bxs JBR80Nhxs JRF75xs BF71fdxs KR77Nxs/  
          BR77Mxs JKR77Nxs BF77xs                
          The Christmas Song First Noel  Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Hallelujah Perfect Day Santa Claus Is Coming to Town  O Little Town of Bethlehem Winter Wonderland  The Little Drummer Boy Hark! The Herald Angels Sing  
          Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Silent Night I'll Be Home for Christmas                 
  December  [ X'mas Album ]   2006Sony . Album [ December ](2002) + 3 New Song(Blue) . 02 = Album [ Italia ] Track10  
          JBR85Nhxs IBR80wNS JRF75xs JBR77Nhxs RF80xs KR77Nxs JBR80Mxs JBR80xs JBF85bxs JBR85Nhxs  
          BF71fdxs JBR80Nhxs BF77xs                
          The Christmas Song Ave Maria Winter Wonderland First Noel Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!  Hallelujah I Really Don't Want Much For Christmas Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Silent Night  
          Little Drummer Boy  O Little Town Of Bethlehem  I'll Be Home For Christmas                 
    A Thousand Kisses Deep 2003Sony  
          CK77f BC71 KB75ws K74s KR><BR77w BC74f JKB74NS BK71s KB74 KB75N  
    When I Fall In Love     2004Sony  
          JBR80Ncs JBR>85WNS KB77Ns JKR80NhS JBF80S JBK77Nhcs JBR80Nhcs KB>74Mbs JBR85NhS JBR80WS  
          JB77hS JKR77S IBR80hS                
    To Love Again: The Duets
    To Love Again: The Duets [DualDisc]   2005Sony  
          JBF80WS JKR80>WNS JKR80MS                
  Italia       2007Sony BMG . Guest: Andrea Bocelli(2), Paula Cole(4), Dean Martin(6)  
          IKR85hcs AKR85Mh K80 JRK85WS IKR80Ncs JB85MS IKB77hS JBF80hS JBR85hNS IBR80wNS  
          K77s IBR85hS                  
      Chris Botti in Boston [CD+DVD]
  Chris Botti in Boston [CD+DVD] [Live]  2010UniversalMusic  
          JKR80hLS BR><BC><CF77YLcs BF>FC77MyL IK80NLs JRF80WLS JKB80NLcs JBK80MLS JBR><BF><BC80LS JKR><B77MhLS IKR77NLs  
          JBR77MNLcs BC77MfYL IBR80hLs                
  Impressions     2012Sony . Vocal-Andrea Bocelli(2), Vince Gill(5), Mark Knopfler(13)  
            Piano-Billy Childs(1,7), Herbie Hancock(6), David Foster(10), Violin-Caroline Campbell(8), etc  
          JK80hls ARK85>M JK80hls JKR80s KR77Ms JK>KC77h JKR85hbs JK85hls JK85whs JK80S  
          JKR85hbs JKR80hcs JKR75MS                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Chris Camozzi Guitar  
  Suede       1997Discovery . Guest: Richard Elliot, Rick Braun, Dave Koz  
          CB80 CB80 C69d CK67y B75 BK75M BF80 FC80y B75 CB74  
  Windows Of My Soul     1997HigherOctave/Virgin  
          BC75d BF74f BF75 RF74 BK69s FB85 KR75 KR75 KR75 KR75  
    Slow Burn [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Slow Burn       2001Samson/GoldCircle . Producer: Jeff Lober  
          RF85  CB77y  BC85  CK77dy  B77Ww CF80fd  CB80dy  RF85  BK80  BC80   
          CB69f BF85f                   
          Chris Geith Keyboard  
  Prime Time       2006CdBaby  
          CB80fy KB><CK80 FB85m B80Mf BC80 BF80 BC77fd KR77m CF77 CB74dY  
  Timeless World     2007NuanceMusicGroup  
          CK><BC85fd CB75dy BC74 BF80fd BC80fd BR85 CB77d BC><BF80 IKR80 CB77dy  
          BC80fdy CF><FC77fd B77 KB77              
  Island Of A Thousand Dreams   2010TimelessWorldProductions  
          BC80fd FB85d BC80 BF85 B85 CK80 KB80 FB85 FB85 FB85b  
          BK80 CK85dy RF85 BC85fd K77            
          Chris Godber Sax  
  Chris Godber   2008ChrisGodber  
        BR77N BC74 B74 CK69 KR75N BC71 KR74N RF71 BR69S KR69N  
  My Offering   2011CdBaby  
          BC75 BK74 FB75ds BC74 FC75dys B75 KR>B74s RF74 B75 BC74ds  
  Starting Over   2015ChrisGodber  
        BC77fd BC75 KC74 CB74d BC71fd B74m B75 BR74 B75q BC74fdy  
          B74 BC74                  
          Chris Smith       Harmonica  
    Jamocha 1990PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          BF69 BF55f CF55d B69 KB55 CB74f CB65fd BF61/ CF55d B>BF74  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Chris Standring Guitar . http://www.chrisstandring.com/discography.html  
  Velvet       1998 Instinct  
          CB85fd CK74d BF85f CK77d CF74d BF80 CK75 RF85 BF85d BF85f  
  Hip Sway       2000 Instinct . 03-Bee Gees[How Deep Is Your Love]Cover, 08-10cc[I'm not in love]Cover  
                               Guest: Richard Elliot, Tony Guererro, Derrick Edmondson  
          BF74f CB69 RF77s BC><BF65 C75d CB69 CB74d KR><B75ws BC><BF67v BC80  
          CF75fd BF75 KR75N                
    Groovalicious     2003 ARK 21 . Guest: Chris Botti(9)  
          CB75fd CB74mfd CK>CB71fd BC74fd CB74vfd KC77wd in>BF77Wwd FB74d FB74d CB63fd  
          BC74fhd CB><BF75fd BR75N                
      Soul Express
  Soul Express     2006V2  
          CK77 BF77 CB75f BC75mf BF75 RF75 CB75f CK74m BF><CB74m FC74  
      Love & Paragraphs
  Love & Paragraphs     2008UltimateVibe  
          BC59fd BF77w BC80f BC77fd BF75 BC71mf BF74m BC74b BC74vf KR77N  
    Blue Bolero     2006UltimateVibeRecords  
          BR><BC>CB77 KC74 CB>BC80dy KR85N CK80fd KR80N/ BF80fd~ in RF85 CKdy><BK77  
          IKF><BK75 in>CK77mdy KB80 BC77h              
  Electric Wonderland     2012UltimateVibe  
          BC80fd BF85fd RF>BC>BF77 CK75mfd CK74md RF77 BC77mfd BR>RF77 BF><BC80 RK77N  
  Don't Talk Dance     2014UltimateVibe  
          DCB80 DCB77f DBC75w DCK77wf DC77wf CB75fd DC71y BC77Wwfd DC77f KC80d  
          DCK77 CB77dy BK80                
  Ten       2016UltimateVibe  
          CK65mfd BC65fd KC74 RK80N CB74fdy CK74 BC65q KC65q BF71 IRK77N  
          Christophe Goze Keyboard . Genre: House, Tecno  
  Show Me The Way     2002BarDeLune  
          DCR80v DBC77v KB80vd DCK77v DCF74t CK75vd DRB85v BF80vdy KB75N KC74v  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Christoph Spendel Keyboard  
    Flight 408
    Flight 405 1998BlueFlame  
          CK85d CK77Wwds RF80 BF77f BF80d CK74 BF74wfds B85 CB80fd CK71  
    City Kids 1996Tcb . 04-[Phat City]  
          BF69 CB61fd BC65fd FB69d RB><B77 C65dy CK61vfd CF69vfd BF74 CB61  
          RK69/ BF74                  
          Chuck Loeb Guitar . Genre: Smooth Jazz, Jazz . Leader of Group[ Metro ]    
          チャック・ローブ       ( Chuck Loeb . Error: Chuck Lobe )  
    My Shining Hour 1989/2002PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          JCB75 CR74W JCF75YS JBR><BF74S JBK75Ns BF74f RK74WNS BC>CB74s RB>BR77  KB74NS  
  Life Colors     1991DMP  
          BC71 BC69 B><BC74W B74><CB67y B80 K77N BR><CF><FC75y RKN>RF77 RF>BF77w RK69N/  
  Simple Things 1994DMP  
          BK71v KC74 RF>BF>CF61 B75 KR>BC75 BF74f C53dy K74 CF74y KR74N  
  Music Inside     1996Shanachie . Guest: Nelson Rangell, Andy Snitzer, Bob Mintzer, Eddie Daniels  
                       Mitchell Forman, Jim Beard, Carmen Cuesta  
          CK><B80w BC77w B77 KC><CB74 BR80wNs CB74fy in>BC74d KR75N CF><FB71v K><KB67b  
  The Moon,The Stars and The Setting Sun 1998Shanachie . Jacket Design & Album Title <US>≠<Japan>  
          CB74wfd CK80d KC74 KC><CB71md BK85 K74Ww CB74m BK85f KC77 B85  
  Listen       1999Shanachie  
          CK77d CK77wfd KC><RF85 CF77dY K74wN/ RF80Ww B77fs KC85fs KC77 KB75  
          K74 IBF65VV/                  
  In A Heartbest     2001Shanachie  
          CK69 in FC69y K75 rCB74 KR77 KR74Wos CK>CB74 RF77s JBR85  
          KC67 CK67 BR71Mv KR77w              
  All There Is     2002Shanachie  
          CB77f KC74w CB74y BK74 CK71wd KC71 KC80 BK80 BC80 KR77Ww  
  eBop     2005Shanachie . Guest: Chris Potter, Randy Brecker, etc  
          CB74d CK71d CB74fd JKB65N CB74fd CF69d CB75d CK74d CB74fd CB74dy  
          eBop Brainstorm Back at the Bistro Back Then Bring It Fool Proof New Wheels Stained Glass Smash Parallax  
  When I'm With You     2005Shanachie . Guest: Carmen Cuesta(08W), David Mann, Ralph MacDonald, etc  
                  16-Secret Track         
          CK><BC74 BC77d CB77d RF80bs JBC75fq CK74 BF><BC><CB75 KB80W KB75 CK><BC75  
          BK75 none none none none CF71dy          
  Presence     2007HeadsUp  
          CB77 BC75 KC74 B77 KC74Wfb KB77 in>KC74 in>KC>BC74 BF75 CK69f  
  Unspoken 2016Shana  
          CB74fd BC74fd KR80N CB69fd KC69q BC69fd BC75 RF77W CB67f KC><RF74wf  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Chuck Mangione Flugelhorn / Trumpet / ElePiano  
    Feels So Good [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Feels So Good     1977/1990A&M . 01-[ Feels So Good ] is Big Hit Song !  
          B85f RF80 CB65y CF61dY BR75N KB>CB55dy          
    Greatest Hits     1987/1996A&M . 01-[ Feels So Good ]  
          B85f CB71 RF><BF75y FC65d CK74t FB><BF74L BC75f BR74 FB71 KR77  
  The Feeling's Back     1999Chesky  
          RF85s KR>K77v K69 JKR85wbs JBF80fbs K65 BK80b JK>CK75bS JBF80wfbs JKR85NS  
          Cindy Bradley Trumpet  
  Bloom     2009Trippin N' Rhythm  
          BC90fd BC85fd CB80fd KC80 BC77fd CB80fdy BK77 KC77 BF85 KR77N  
  Unscripted       2011Trippin N' Rhythm  
          in C80fd in CK80fdS in>KC80S KC90fd BC85 in CK80fdy BC80fdyq  
          KB80 in RK80s                
  Natural   2017Trippin&Rhythm  
          CB75d BC74fd KB75t CK75fd BC77d CB75dy CB77fd KC75 CB71fdt BC80  
          The City Beat    
  After Dark       1998PermanentPress  
          CK65 CB74 KC71t CK74 RK74/ CK74 CB67d CK67/ RK69 BK74  
          CK65 CR67                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Clifford Carter Vocal / Keyboard  
  Walkin' Into The Sun 1992Polystar[Japan]  
          RF74wy BC65Mwfs RF>BF67v FB65M BF65vfby RB71v BF63mf CK63Mws CB59m BC><B65Mv  
          RK74 CB67wms/                  
          Club 1600  (Produced by Rex Rideout) Rex RideoutというKeyboard Player & Composerのプロデュースで多数ゲストが参加。  
  Club 1600       2000N-Coded . Guest: Maysa, Rohn Lawrence, David Mann, Chieli Minucci, Vinx, etc  
          BF80 BC90Wwfd KC77m BR90Mms KR80 BF77s KC80Vw CK77 CK75    
  Ridin' High       2002N-Coded . Guest: Maysa, Gerald Albright, Marc Antoine. etc  
          CK77y BF80s B80 KR80Mm BF77vf KR80N B80Vms CB75y KR80 CB71y  
          Color Club Group . >> Soul Woman Groupも参照 <<  
    Freedom Words 1994Victor  
          C69vfd in C77Wwfd CF74vfd C75Mmfd CK74d in KB74Mm CF71vdY/ BK74Mm  
          C69mfd in C65MUfd in FB75Mmfd BR75Mv C69vfd        
          Colby / Caruso Sax-Mark Colby, Keyboard-Frank Caruso  
  Heart Of The City     1994RiverNorth . Vocal-Pam Bradley(5)  
          KB80s FC77dYs K77W CF77fdYs JKR85Ws BF77fds KR80Ns JBC75s RB80Ns    
          Count Basic Group  
  Movin' In The Right Direction   1996Instinct . Vocal-Kellie Sae  
          CF80fd CB80Wwdy KC77w CF95WwdY CF77Wwdy CK80fd CK75Wwf CB69Wwy KB65W CB71dy  
          Moving In The Right Direction 1996Spray/Mercury/Polygram[Japan] . InstinctレーベルのCDと曲順、曲の長さが違う。  
          CF95WwdY CK75Wwf CF77Wwdy KC77w CB80Wwdy CK80fd BK77Wf CB69Wwy CF80fd KB65W  
          CB71dy C69vd C67wd                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Courtney Pine Sax  
    Journey To The Urge Within   1986Island  
          FC55vf JBF75 JKR80 JCF75Y JCF65y BC74W CF55y BF45v JFC65y KR74N/  
    Underground     1997Polygram . HipHop的要素を盛り込んだ前衛的なアルバム。  
          in CB65fd B74W CB67vfd KR74#" CB><CF55y CB74fd C40><JBC69 JCB65 CF74vfd  
          CF45v/ RF85Ww FC55v                
    Back In The Day 2000Verve  
          in CB61vfds KC65Wd FC67fd CB65 BC59vf/ CF71Mvfds CB61vfd CF69vfd in  
          CB69Wwmud CF61vfd B74Wvs CF61fd BC59f CK67Wmd          
  Black Notes from the Deep 2017VirtualLabel  
          CK69Mmfd JKB77N KC74Mq JBK75N BC75Mfd JKR77N JKR77 JKN><KF77 CB77Mfds end  
          Craig Chaquico Guitar  
      Acoustic Planet [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Acoustic Planet 1994HigherOctave . Producer: Craig Chaquico, Ozzie Ahlers  
          CB71f KB71 BF74f BC69 CB65 B69 BF>FB>CF69 IKB><CK65t FB><CB71    
  A Thousand Pictures 1996HigherOctave . Producer: Craig Chaquico, Ozzie Ahlers . Guest: Richard Elliot, 3rd Force  
          CB71 FB75 BC71 KB71 BF71 FB74 BF75 CB69 FB75 6rFB75wd  
    Acoustic Highway [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Acoustic Highway 1997HigherOctave . Producer: Craig Chaquico, Ozzie Ahlers  
          KB><BF69 BF74 BK><BR69 FB74 FB74 CB65 BK69 BC69 BR71    
    Once In A Blue Universe   1997HigherOctave . Producer: Craig Chaquico, Ozzie Ahlers  
          ワンス・イン・ア・ブルー・ユニバース        Guest: Richard Elliot, Gregg Karukas, Peter White, Dave Koz, etc  
          CB69 BK74s CF65 BK67 CK74 B74 FB80 BC><B74 CF74fys KB69  
          KC65 BC69 CF67y                
    Four Corners     1999HigherOctave .Producer: Paul Brown, Russ Freeman, William Aura, Ozzie Ahlers  
                  Guest: Rick Braun, 3rd Force, Everette Harp  
          CK75 CK71 CK><BF74 RF80 FB77 CK71 BR74N BC77f CK65f KB65  
    Panorama : The Best Of Craig Chaquico 2000HigherOctave . 5,9-NewSong  
          CB71f CB65 CK71 BC69 CK67t BF74 BK><BR69 B74 BF>BC69 BK67  
          CB71 KB71 BF74f FB74              
    Shadow and Light [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Shadow And Light 2002HigherOctave .Producer: Craig Chaquico, Ozzie Ahlers, William Aura, etc  
                  Guest: Warren Hill, Jeff Kashiwa, etc  
          KB>CK69 BF75f BC69 FC75d BF74 BF80 BC69 BF74 CB69Mf rBC67t  
  Midnight Noon     2004HigherOctave  
          CB><BC80dy KC75fd CB74d FC75d CK><BF74w in>KB>KC71L KF><KB75 CB74d HBR74/ FB75d  
    Follow the Sun
    Follow the Sun     2009Shanachie  
          BK75t BC77f RF>FB80 BC67f BF75 B77Ww BK77s BK75 BF77 BF77  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Craig Sharmat Guitar  
  So Cal Drivin     2009CdBaby  
          CK75fd KB75 CB71fdy BF75wb CK><BF74d KB74q CK71fdy BR><BF80 RF80 B>BC>RF80  
  Outside in     2010Innervision  
          in>KC><CB77 BC71 BC61q BC69fdq BC>BF74 BR77 CF69f KC75q BF>FB74S BF80mf  
  Bleu Horizons     2013Innervision  
          in BC77fd in KC74t KC71fd RF77m in CK71fdp CK74d in  
          KB74 KC80mfdb BC71q in KR80            
          Cro-Magnon [Japan] . Genre: Tecno  
  III     2008LastrumMusic[Japan]  
          DC65 C65d C75fd DCK>CF65y DC67f >y KR74Wwj DC>RK65 DBC74Wwfy DC67wfy BC74Md  
          Curtis Haywood Sax  
      Curtis Haywood
  Curtis Haywood     2004SmoothSounds  
          B77ws B77f BK80 BK75 KC><BC74fd B75vs BC77fd BC74 B74m BF80vv  
          BC74wd in>2rBF77d                  
          Smooth Ingredients   2015Megawave  
          CK67t BC65fy BC65q BR65w KC63q CK69w KC65fq BC65 B74 BC65s  
          チキンシャック Group  
    チキン・シャック W 1988Meldac[Japan]  
          CB65Mv BC61Mv B69Wv BC63Mv B69Wvf CF59vd BR69Vv BF65w BR71    
    Stay Up 1988Meldac[Japan]  
          KR74 BR75v B>BC74v B77 KR74Mv KB69 KB67N        
          ラヴィング・パワー・コレクション 1992Meldac[Japan]  
          BR74vfs KR71vs CB74vds KR74vs RF75vs BR75wfs KR74vs KR75vNs KR74vNs B71vfs  
      Silent Night Collection
  サイレントナイト・コレクション 1996Meldac[Japan]  
          BR85xs BR77vs KC75s CB77vfs B77vfs BF80vs BR75vs BR><BC75s BR77Mfs KC75s  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          カシオペア Group [Japan]  
        Casiopea     1979/2002Sony[Japan] . 1st Album  
          CF69fdy KR75 FC71d>y CB><FB74d BC71 FC><CF74dy B74m><Mj CB69d      
    Mint Jams     1982/2002Sony[Japan]  
          BC77 FB><FC80 CB><BC74 CF67dy CB><CF71f RK><KR74 RF><BF77> C>FC74L        
          Halle       1985/2002Sony[Japan]  
          FB80d BK74 CF><B><FC71fd FC69d RK74N CF71dY FC77vdy CF75fdy RB71f FB75d  
    The Party     1990Geneon Entertainment[Japan]  
          FC71Y CF69dY FC67Y KR74 FC71dy CF><CB65 FC><CF67dy BK71 FC69 FB69  
          CF67fdy FC74                  
    Made In Melbourne     (1992Recording)/1994Geneon Entertainment[Japan]  
          CF71fyL CF71YL CF74yL CB71yL IBR>BC>CF75L BK75L in>CF67yL >CF67yL CF65dy>endL FB75L  
          FC75dL CF67dyL                  
    work out
    Work Out 1995Alfa[Japan]  
          CF>FC67eL CF63yeL C59L BC69 BF><CB67 CF55ye FB67 CB57fye FB74L FC69L  
          CF><FC65L RF75 CB65Y FB67f              
  Freshness 1995PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          FC71dy CF69fd CF61Y CF59Y CF61Ye BR74 BF69fy BC61t CB61 CF65fy  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Flowers 1996PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          CF69dy CF65Y RF75 CF69fdy CF63fd BC77y FC69fd CF65dy BC69 CB61y  
      Light and Shadows
  Light And Shadows     1997PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          FB95 CB69 CF67Y BK71 CF71fY C65fdy CB65 CB67vdy KR85v CB65y  
  Be 1998PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          CF71fd CB65dy CF63d BF74 RF69 B71 CF74vfdy CF61y BK74m CB65  
          FC71y BF74v                  
    Material 1999PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          CF65Y CF71f FB77 B75vf CB69y BC74v CB61f FC71 CK75y CB71vd  
  Main Gate       2001PioneerLDC[Japan]  
          FB75 CF75fy FB77 CF69fy BF75 CF74fy BF75 FB74 CB74yt B75  
          Inspire 2002Pioneer[Japan]  
          BF>FB77 FC75y FB><RF74 CF69 B71 CB69y BK74 CB><BC65 BK><RF>BC71 CF67y  
          BK75 FB75                  
  Places     2003Geneon Entertainment[Japan]  
          BF80 CB74d CF74dY BK>RF69w BF><FB75 CF74vfby CF63dYe BC74 RF80 CB59f  
          CF><BF74e KR74                  
  Marble       2004Geneon Entertainment[Japan] . 01-25:08  
          CF><CR><BC75 BC75f CB74f BF77 RF75 in>FB><BR75 BC71 FC74d      
          Casiopea 3rd    
  TA・MA・TE・BOX   2013Hats[Japan]