1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Da       Dancing Fantasy Group  
      Day Dream
  Day Dream       1995TheOrchard  
          K71 BK74 CB75mfd B75 KB71m K67 BR74 BF69 RB74 KC69  
          in>BC69 CK69m                  
  Dancing Fantasy     1999HigherOctave . "Paul Hardcastle" Style Music  
          KC77S KR75N KC69N BC75md KC77Ns KC80Ws KC74d KC74d KB77 KC77m  
          CK77 BF75 RK77N/                
  Soundscapes     2001/2005 1201Music  
          KC77g KC74N BC71d HRF77 KC71 KC74w HBR80 in>KC77 CK71 HBR80  
          CK75d IBR77 HRC74N^                
          Daniel Chia Sax  
  In The Moment     2017Soundgrove  
        BC69 FB65d BF65 BR75 CK65 CK69 BR69W RF65 B67m KR69  
          Dan Moretti Sax  
  That's Right 1999IWS .Guest: Bill Cunliffe(01-03Composed)  
          KB69 BR77 KC75 CK71d CB74fd KC69 BF74fd B65 BF74fd KC74  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Dan Siegel Keyboard  
    Reflections 1983Sony/Epic  
          BF75f BC75 B75 FC71 FB77 K65 FC75y KB75      
    Another Time Another Place 1984EpicSony  
          RB69f KC61d BC61 K63y BF61 CK55a RK65 IRF75      
    Short Stories     1986Sony  
          B80 B80 HRF77 HKB>HKC69 HK65 BF75 HBF77 HBK65 HBK69    
    Northern Nights     1987CBS  
          BF80 BF80 KB74 KC74 KB75 KB71f B75 B85 K71 KB71  
    Late One Night     1989CBS  
          FC80 BF77f KB65 BF74f KB74 BF75 B69M RF77 BF71Mvf KB65  
    Going Home 1991Sony/Polydor  
          BF65mf FB74 B65M KF65 CF65 FB69 BR67m/ BC74 BK65Mv FC74  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    The Getaway [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    The Gataway     1993SinDrome/Polydor  
          CF74 BF75 BF80 BC71 RF75M CB69 CB63 BF74 B75 B71  
  Hemispheres 1995Playfull  
          BC65N BR65N KR71 RF74v BK63 BC63 K65 KC63 B75Wvf KC65f  
    Clairvoyance [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Clairvoyance     1998Countdown  
          BF85fd BF><BK85 KB77w KC75 KC74 BF85 BC80 RF80v KC74 KB74N  
  Key Of Joy 2001M&I[Japan] . Album[Clairvoyance] + 3 New Vocal Song   
          in>BC80Wws BC80 BF85 BC75Ww KB77w BF><BK85 KC75 CK>BC74Wws RF80v KC74  
          BF85fd KC74 KB74N                
    The Other Side Of Town 2002M&I[Japan]  
          BF74f BF71 B75Ws KC><BF74 BF77 K>CK74f RF77Wws BC74 BC75fd BR><BK74  
    Inside Out       2004NativeLanguage  
          BF80 B75 B77 KR><B75 RK><CF71 BC77d KC74 KC><BF74 BF71 in>BR><BF75  
  Departure       2006NativeLanguage  
          in>BK77m BC75 RF77 B80 CK74d KR80 KB77 BR80 BC75 RF77  
    Sphere     2009DSM  
          BC>CB74f BF75 BC71 BC75 KB75 B><BF80 BC77 RF77 BK><BC75 BF75  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Darek Jackson Bass / Vocal . Member of [ チキン・シャック ](JapanFusionGroup)  
    Mother Land 1991Meldac[Japan]  
          RF77M BR77s C>CF63Y BR75M CB61Mmd CB35va BF74fd in>BR85f      
          Darren Motamedy Sax  
          It's All Good     1999DiskEyesProductions  
          B75 BC77 BC67q CK75g BR80 KC69 BF85ms BK80Mm BC77fd CK74  
    Don't Cha Know     2003DiskEyesProductions  
          in KC74m B>BC77w KC77S BC75 B75m BC74 BC71mf CB77d BC80  
          BR80m BC71 CB74vfq K77              
          Intimate       2005DiskEyesProductions  
          in>BF><BR80h BR85h KB77 IKR77 in>IKR>BR77 BK><BR>CB77mh IBR77 IRF77h ~ >BF77 w>B74w  
          Darren Rahn Sax  
    Soulful       2005Side2Music  
          KC67m BR77s KC74 BC75 KC75 KC74 CB74 BF77f CK74g CB75dy  
          B77 BF74wd FC75dy                
  Once in a Lifetime     2005Side2Music   
          BC77 BC75 KR75 CB74 BC77f B75v BC80f BC75 BR77s CB75  
          BC74 CB71 BK77N BR77              
    Talk of the Town
    Talk of the Town     2009NuGroove . Guest: Wayman Tisdale(2), Jeff Lorber(4), Tim Bowman(6), De'Nate'(7)  
                                          Bob James(9)  
          BC90 BC80mfs CB85d KC85 BC85f KC77 CB80vfds BC77v BC85 CB80d  
          BC><BF80vfs KR80m                  
  Speechless     2012Trippin&Rhythm . Vocal-Joshua(3), Maxine Hardcastle(8)  
          CK75d BC75vfdy CB77Mmfdy BR80 BC77mf CB75fdy CB74fdy KR80Ww CK80dy CB77dY  
          CB77dy B80                  
  Sonic Boom     2016WoodwardAvenue  
          CK77d CB77 CB75d KB74 RF74M CB67fdq BF75f BC75wfs BK75wq KR77  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Daryle Chinn Keyboard  
      From the Heart [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  From The Heart     1996Motown . Guest: Sax-Gerald Albright  
          BC77d BC77d CB80d in BR75w BF80vds KC75fd RF80 KR74vs CB80fds  
          BR85cs FB74f                  
    Passion [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Passion       1998Chartmaker . Guest: Sax-Gerald Albright  
          BC80 BK77s B80f CK80d CB77dy BR77vs BF77d BR77w BF75wf B74  
          Daryl Stuermer    
  Another Side Of Genesis 2000UrbanIslandMusic . Music of "Genesis"(Pops Group)  
          FB77s BK75ms BF><BC75s B>BF75vs BR75s CF><CB74ye BK><B74vs CF74fyes BR>B75s CK><CF74fs  
    Waiting In the Wings     2001UrbanIslandMusic  
          BR75/ FB>CF80f BK>BC75 BC74 BC>CF74f B75 FB75 CF74Ye B><BF75 FC75  
          Dave Bradshaw Jr Keyboard  
  Set Me Free     2016Moku  
        CK74fd KC74 BC74fd KR77 CK71t BC74vfd CK74d BC74 KC74 BC75  
          Dave Camp Sax  
  Torrid Rain 1996Blueorchid . Guest: Peter White  
          CF67y BK74 KF65 CF65fy CF69fy BK74w CB63y FC74y CB67y BK63  
    Night Fall [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Night Fall       1997BlueOrehid . Guest: Peter White  
          B80 K69 KC65 CK80 KC74 KB74 BK74 BF69 CB69 KC74  
          Dave Grusin Piano/Producer/Composer/Arrangement  
            << Please Look Other[ Jazz ]Album >>  
    Mountain Dance 1980/1990GRP .( 08-[Mountain Dance]が5曲目のアルバムも有る)  
          BC><BF61f BC67f#' CB><RF><BC65f B><BF61 RK74N BC67fy BK><RF74 BF77f      
          Dave Grusin / Lee Ritenour << Please Look "Lee Ritenour" >>  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Dave Koz Sax  
    Dave Koz [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Dave Koz       1990Manhattan/Capitol  
          B77 KR75N CB71mfdy BK69Mvfs BF77 BK>BF71my CF74Wwfds in CF65mdy B77Wfs  
  Lucky Man       1993Capitol  
          FB74dy BK69f KR74h in CK69vds KR75mN CB63mdy B63 KR74W CK69dy  
          KB71 BK69>B74Wfs                  
  Off The Beaten Path     1996Capitol  
          FB71y BR74 FC71 B69v B69f K65 FC65y B75 K65M BF65  
          B69v BF65 K63N                
  December Makes Me Feel This Way   1997Capitol . X'mas Album  
          BF80xs BK80 BF75xs BR85xs BF85xs BR80Nxs KR85xs BR80xs B74Mv B80  
          K65 BR85xs KR69S>CB61M                
      Dance [FROM UK] [IMPORT]
  The Dance       1999Capitol  
          BF85 BR80 FB85vd KB69Mvs KC75d KR80h CK74y B>BF75m BK>B71Mv BF65b  
          BF77 B80w B85f B75vs              
  Saxophonic       2003Capitol . Copy Controlled Disk . Guest: Jeff Lober, Brian Culbertson, etc  
          CK85 BC77m KC77 KR80 BC><BF77d BK75v CB74md BC77m DCB74m KB74md  
          K75 KC><BF75m KB75                
      At the Movies
  At the Movies     2007Capitol . Guest: Barry Manilow(2), Anita Baker(4), etc  
          w>BR80hcs BR>77Mhcs ~ >JBR80hcs BR80Whcs JKB77Mcs JKC74cs KR77w>Whcs KB><BK77hcs BR80Wcs JKR80hcs  
          BR80Whcs K75hcs BR80hcs JKB77cs              
      Hello Tomorrow
  Hello Tomorrow     2010Concord  
          CK77 KC74d B85 RF77><Mvb BR77Mws CK74 KC71m KB80W FB77 KR>B80  
          BC80fdy KR80m BR77/                
          Dave Koz & Friends    
    A Smooth Jazz Christmas [ X'mas Album ] 2001Capitol . Guest: David Benoit, Peter White, Rick Braun, Brenda Russell  
          BF><BC80>FC75Wvxs RF80Wxs BR>FC74vybxs KR75N>Wxs B75 B><FC74xs B>BC77fqxs BK>B69Mf JFC71WYxs B77xs  
          BR80Wxs BK67 B67Wfs BC65VUf              
  Summer Horns     2013Concord . Sax-Dave Koz , Sax-Gerald Albright , Sax-Mindi Abair , Sax-Richard Elliot  
          CB80fds BC>FC75ds KC75fs B>BC69Mqs BF75mfs KC75S CB75fds B75s BC74fqs BC74mfds  
          B71MqS BF75                  
  The 25th Of December [ X'mas Album ] 2014Concord  
          BR80wxs JBF77Mxs BR77Mxs B75Wwxs BR77Wxs BR77Mxs BF80fxs BR75Mxs JBF75Wxs BR74Mxs  
          BR>FC77Wvxs B77Mwxs                  
          Golden Slumbers > G参照 <  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Dave McMurray ( David McMurray ) Sax / Producer  
    Dave McMurray Show [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    The Dave Mcmurray Show 1996Warner  
          CF67dy CB65MUwd CF65mdy BC77fd C65mdy BC74mfd CF65vdY CF65MUmd CB65mdy CB65md  
      Peace of Mind [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Peace Of Mind     1999Silva . Cool & Sexy . セルフ・プロデュースなのにハイレベル  
          CB85fd CK85fd KC85Md BC77fd BF75ws BC75fd BC85fd BK85s CB75dY RF85v  
          B77 CB80wd BC75 CK80Mmd              
  Soul Searching     2001HipBop  
          CB71d BC74 BF74 CB74Wwfd CB74fd in>CB75d in>CB71fdy BC77 CB74Mmd BC71d  
          BC74 BC77f BC74d BF69              
  Nu Life Stories     2003HipBop  
          BC77 BC75Mg CB80fd BC80Ww BC77fd KC75fd CB75fd BC74 BC75Mm CB71d  
          BF77 CB77fd B77 CB77dy BK74Wvs            
    I Know About Love     2011CdBaby  
          in>CK77fd CK69mfd KC74 BK74 CB69fd BK71m BC63m CK80wfd BK67M BC74fd  
          CB67Mfds BC74m BC69m BK71Ww KB71/ 2rCK65MUfd          
          Dave Muse Flute  
  Firefall Revisited     2016DaveMuse  
        in>KC71my CK74fd KB>KC69 BC74mq BC>CK71 KC71mfy BR69 CB69mfd BK>CK71md CK69dy  
          Dave Samuels    
    Del Sol [FROM UK] [IMPORT]
    Del Sol 1993GRP  
          KB65 BC65t KR74 BF71b BK65t BC59 BC69ty KC65t KB67 KB65N  
    Ten Degrees North 1989Mca  
          in BC63 B>BF71 BF>FC65vb CB61b in BF69 BC63s KC>BC69f BC63  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Dave Sereny    
      Take This Ride
  Take This Ride     2007NuGroove  
          CB77mfdy CB80fd CK77vfd BC75Ww BC77w B77m CB75wdy RF75 KC74w BR77  
          BF75 BC75fd                  
          Dave Sims Keyboard  
  Back to the Bay     2013DaveSims  
          BF77d BC77f BC80 KC85 BC69f in KR75 KB75 BK75 KC75  
          Dave Valentin    
    Tropic Heat 1994GRP  
          CF65fYbS BF67yb CF65f! BK63b CB>CF61 BF74bs BF67yb FC71yb BF67b    
    Primitive Passions     1996RMM . Guest: Bill O'Connell, Hilton Ruiz, etc  
                       02Compose-Bill O'Connell, 07Compose-Hilton Ruiz    
          FC63Y FB85 JBK67N JBC74fb! JKR80NS FC67y FB95 JCK63 CF65Y FC69bY  
      Sunshower [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Sunshower       1999Concord . Guest: Bill O'Connell, Ed Calle, Steve Khan, Dave Samuels, etc  
          BC77 FB80 CK75 BF80 CF71fy JBR80NS FC74f JCB77f CB69yS JCF65Y!  
          Dave Weckl Band Drums  
  Synergy       1999Stretch . 04Compose-Buzz Feiten  
          CF55 CB61y CF59f RK85N C51f CB49fy CF61fd RK80N CB65 CF61  
          IBF>CF51a CF55f                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Benoit Keyboard/Piano  
    Heavier Than Yesterday 1977Avi/1990Mesa/Bluemoon  
          CF63Y B71W BK><CF69 KB65 CF><BK><BF65 CB71vfb IKB>BR67h        
    Summer 1986/1990/2002RovingSpirits/KingRecord[Japan]  
                    Selection Album from 1977-1983AVI Record  . Digtal Remastering  
          IKB><B71b IBR75 in>IBC75fy IRF><CF75h CB71fy IBR77h IBF77h CB71vfb IBR77     
  Freedom At Midnight 1987GRP . Guest: Russ Freeman, John Patitucci, etc  
          フリーダム・アット・ミッドナイト   (Limited)              
          BC><B75dy BR><BF74 BR75h BF71b><y IKR74h in>BF>FC75hy BF><CB75 BC><B>BK69 in>JFC75yS IKR>BR><B75  
  Every Step of the Way     1988/1990GRP  
          BF80 B><FC77 BR><B75Mm KRN>RF>BF77h HKR><BR77 CB><BC><CF71dy CF><CB67y BF75m IBR>RF77s IBR77  
      Urban Daydreams [from US] [Import]
  Urban Daydreams 1989GRP . Guest: Don Grusin, Eric Marienthal, etc  
          FB><CBy><BR74 BR><B74 in>B><FC74y KR71W FB>FC77y KB71 FC74y BR><BF74h B><FB69/ IBR77  
      Waiting for Spring [from US] [Import]
  Waiting For Spring 1989GRP . Guest: Drums-Peter Erskine, Guitar-Emily Remler, Bass-Luther Hughes  
          JRF><BF75 JKR75 JBF75fS JB77S JCF><BC74fY JBR75 BK><B71fb JKR>B75fS JCB><CF74yS JB74  
          JCB71y JBF74fS                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Inner Motion [from US] [Import]
  Inner Motion 1990GRP  
          CB75fdy B75 BF><FB74Mm KR77h FB><B><FC74h B><FB74Mv KR>B74 BC>CB74b CB71y IRF75h  
      Shadows [from US] [Import]
  Shadows       1991GRP  
          IBR80h/ CF74wdy IKB71mh/ CB><B71fd CB><BF74mb B77Ww BR77 CB75fdy BF74 BR74m  
  Letter To Evan 1992GRP . Guest: Larry Carlton, Dori Caymmi  
          JB><BF77S in>IBK74 IBR75 JKB><BK74bs IBR74 JKR75S JBR>RF75S JFB><FC75b JKR75NS JFB><BF77  
      Shaken Not Stirred [from US] [Import]
  Shaken, Not Stirred     1994GRP . Guest: Eric Marienthal  
          BC><FC77wy CB74fy B74Mmf IBR85h IBF75 CB><BR>CF71fy IB><FB71hy BR75Mh IB><BR75 KB74  
  The Best Of David Benoit 1987-1995 1995GRP . 01.04-New Song  
          CB><BF77fd BF80 JBF75fS CK><BK74 CB75fdy FB77s BR75h BR><B75Mm BC><B75dy CB75fdy  
          BC><FC77wy JB><BF77S in>B><FC74y BK71f              
    Remembering Christmas  [ X'mas Album ] 1996GRP . Guest: Dave Brubeck, Earl Klugh, Michael Franks  
          JBF77S JBF75yxs JBF><BR75xs BR75Mxs IBR75S IBR><JBC74xs IBF><FC74yxs FC75yxs JBR75xs IKR>BR74  
          JKR><B74xs JBR75xs                  
    American Landscape     1997GRP . Producer: Al Schmitt & David Benoit . Guest: Eric Marienthal, etc  
          B><BF77y FB>FC75 BC74y KR>B77f IKBN><JKC69h BR85 KR85 KC><CB75y B><FC74Y    
    Artist's Choice 1998Hip-O . Selection Album from 1977-1985AVI Record  
          CB71vfb IRF><CF75h CB71fy IKB><B71b CB><CF65 IBF77h IRF77h in>IBC75fy BR75M FB><CF74h  
          IKR69 CF><BK><BF65 IKB>BR67h IBR77h              
    Professional Dreamer     1999GRP . Producer: Rick Braun & David Benoit  
          CB><BC67f CK80d KR90 CK77d BR75 CK><CF67 CF75d BC75y CB74y IKR80hN  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Here's to You, Charlie Brown!: 50 Great Years! [from US] [Import]
  Here's To You Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years 2000GRP . Producer: Tommy LiPuma . Guest: Vince Guaraldi(1,2,3,5,8,9compose), Chris Botti,  
          ヒアズ・トゥ・ユー・チャーリー・ブラウン&スヌーピー: 50グレイト・イヤーズ                 Al Jarreau, Marc Antoine, Christian McBride, etc  
          JBF75S JB75S JBF80bS JBR77 JBF75S BR80VVxs JBF75 JBC74fqS RF75S BR74Ms  
      Fuzzy Logic [from US] [Import]
  Fuzzy Logic 2002GRP . Guest: Rick Braun, etc  
          CB74fdy CB71dy KB><BR74 CK><CF69s BR74 CF><BF69dy BC75 CF74fdy CB69y IBR74  
  Right Here, Right Now     2003GRP  
          CB75fdyS CB75dY KB75 BR80s CB74fdY KC69 JBC77b BR80s CB><BF65 JBK74N  
      20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of David Benoit [Original recording remastered] [Best of] [from US] [Import]
  20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection 2005Hip-O  
          BF80 BR><B75Mm BC><B75d BR75h FC74y JBF75fS CB75fdy CB><BF74mb BC><FC77wy B><BF77y  
          JBF75S CB75fdyS                  
    Full Circle [from US] [Import]
    Full Circle       2006Peak  
          CB74mfb RF77 BC74s CB75d BC71 BK75 CK75 IBR75N BF77f CB75dy  
  Heroes   2008Peak . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(12)  
          BF80s BF80s B80s BC77s BF77s KR80hs KC77S JBF80S JBF85S CB77fS  
  Earthglow       2010Peak  
          CK77wfd CB77fd CK77fd B80w KC80 CB85dy KB80 CK77f JRF80 BR80N  
  Conversation     2012HeadsUp  
          RF85 CB80 FC80dcs in>IRF90 IKR77 CB80Y! CB80dy JBC80fy IB><JCF77fy    
          David Benoit & Marc Antoine Keyboard-David Benoit , Guitar-Marc Antoine  
          デイヴィッド・ベノワ & マーク・アントワン    
  So Nice     2017Shanachie  
          CK74t BK><KC77t FB80bs CK77q BC80y KB77N BC77ft BC75 RF75bs in>RF75  
          The Benoit / Freeman Project David Benoit & Russ Freeman  
  The Benoit / Freeman Project 1994GRP  
          BF><FC75y B>BF65Mw BK71f CK65fy B75 BR77Vvs BC77fd B75mf BC74f KR>BR75f  
    The Benoit / Freeman Project 2   2004Peak . Guest: Chris Botti, David Pack, Vince Gill, etc  
          BF75 KR74h BF74m CK74t BR75Mh FB77mb KB75h CB77fd BK>CK75 IKR75hN  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Blamires Group    
  David Blamires Group     1992DavidBlamiresGroup  
          CB71fy in>BC77m KR80M BC74m in>BC80mfd BC><CF74fy KC><BC77m BR>RF80Mv      
          David Dyson Bass / Keyboard / Drum  
    Soulmates [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Soulmates 2000MarimeljEntertainment  
          CB74d CB71fd KR74 CK74m C69md B74 KC71Mmfd KC71 C74dy BC69  
          BC69m BK59                  
          David Fiuczynski / John Medeski Group  
  Lunar Crush 1994Gramavision  
          CF45Y CK40W C35W CF45Y B45 CF35v BF45 CF35W CF45 CB40  
          David Garfield Keyboard . Genre: Smooth Jazz, Pops  
  Giving Back       2003Creatchy  
          CK75 BK77 CB74y BF77Mm KC><B77vfb B75Mmf BK>BC74Mfs BC77f RF80 CB74Mms  
          CB><BC65 RF80 end                
          David Goldblatt  [Devid Goldblatt] Keyboard  
  Facing North 1996Pony  
          BF77f BF74 CB71fd BF75f BF74f BC74fd CB61f BR77N BF69fd KR75N  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Hughes    
  Swoosh       2003ABZ Music  
          in>CB75y in>BF77 in>BR75 B><BC74 BR77 B77 CB69 BR77 CB75f KR74N  
          David Lanz    
  The Good Life        
          KF74 KC74 KC77fg IBF69 BC77fd CK80dy KC74 CK75 B><BF74 IK>KR74  
          David Mann Sax  
    Insight 1989Island/Polystar  
          BC71 BC74d BK71 CB74 CB69y CR>BC69 KB65 CF67fy      
  Touch       2001N-Coded  
          B74 CB75fd BC77f B71s CK71 B77Wv B75 BC><BF77 KC74 KC77s  
          B77 CB74dy KB74                
          David Marq Sax  
      the Hit It Project
  The Hit It Project 2008Alexscar  
          BC80w BF80s BC77 BF77 B80w B85ws BR85w KR80 KR85 BC80  
          B80ws BC77Ww 8rBK77M 2rBF77fs~              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Matthews << Please Look Other[ Jazz ]Album >>  
          David Matthews & The Masters Group . Pops Cover  
    Without You     1994SweetBasil/Apollon[Japan] . Vocal Album ( Only 05,10 is SmoothJazz )  
                    Album [ With Out You ] 1994 ≠ Album [ With Out You ] 2003  
          FB77Wws KB74Ws FB74Ws RF80Ms BR77vs BC74Vvs BF74Ws B74Ws BF74Mfs RF77s  
          BR77Ws B75Ms                  
    Greatest Love Of All     1996BandaiMusic[Japan] . Music of PopsSinger"Whitney Houston" . Jacket Design 2 Type  
          グレイテスト・ラブ・オブ・オール                   Sax-Andy Snitzer(05), W-Kim Wertz(10)  
          BC74Ws BR75Ms B71Wws BC69Ws B80s BF65Ws B77Ms BF74Ws B74Ms B85Ws  
  Without You [Disc 1]   2003AbsordMusicJapan[Japan] . 2 Disc  
                       Disc 1 = Album[ Greatest Love Of All ]  
          BC74Ws BR75Ms B71Wws BC69Ws B80s BF65Ws B77Ms BF74Ws B74Ms B85Ws  
              [Disc 2]        Disc 2 = Album[ With Out You (1994)]  
          FB77Wws KB74Ws FB74Ws RF80Ms BR77vs BC74Vvs BF74Ws B74Ws BF74Mfs RF77s  
          BR77Ws B75Ms                  
          David Matthews & His Manhattan Symphony Orchestra    
    Symphonic Pops Standard 1993Sony[Japan]  
          IRF100hcs IKR100hcs IFB90hs IBR98hcs IBR95hcs IB77hs IKR85hcs IBR98hS IBF77hS IBR95hS  
    C:\Documents and Settings\谷村和弘\My Documents\My Pictures\画像\画像 688JAZZ STANDARD-S.jpg
    Symphonic Jazz Standard 1993Sony[Japan]  
          IK74hS JBR85hS IFB85hS JKB75hS IFB80hS IBK77hS IBF85hS IKR85hS JRF85hS IKB74hS  
          David Matthews Orchestra ( featuring Earl Klugh )    
          Delta Lady << Please Look "Earl Klugh" >>  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Matthews Orchestra    
  Grand Connection     1983King/2002RovingSpirits[Japan] . Guest: Earl Klugh, Grover Washington Jr  
          RF75s BC75f in>BF74y BR><BC74cs KC71 B77          
          David Matthews with Whirlwind    
  Shoogie Wanna Boogie   1976/1996KingRecord[Japan]  
          BF55vfd FB67WWds CB67WWfds CK67WWfds CB><FB67Wfd BF74WWfbs          
          David Matthews & The Electric Birds    
  Digital Love     1979/2006RovingSpirits/KingRecord[Japan]  
          B>FC75wd CB74wfy BF74vy B74Mw CB69 CB69fy CB69fy B><BC77 1rBC74/    
    Cosmic City     1980/2006RovingSpirits[Japan] . Guest: David Sanborn, etc  
          BC74! CB75Mm KR77 BF75M CB74Mdy B>BF75 BK75M CB71y      
          David Patterson Sax  
  A Reason 2 Blow     2003David Patterson . Guitar,etc-Graig T .Cooper      
          BC77 KR80 BC75 KR77ws BC75f BC74s BK80 BC80 B80 B80f  
          David Petrosyan Sax  
  Good Morning Love     2014DP  
        BR>BC77 BK77 B77 B75 KR75 BK75 CK74t BR77 KC75f BR>BK75  
          BK74m BC71Mq                  
          David P.Stevens Guitar  
  Timeless     2006SanctiflyMusic  
  Only       BC77 B77 B77 B75Ww BC74dy BC75 KR75 BF77 CB75Wwd BC><CB74  
  Epiphany     2013SanctiflyMusic  
          KC74Ww BFf><CB75 FB77 CB74Vmf BR77mN KR75Mm BC77 BC75Ww CB75mfdy BC75Mm  
  Mr. Guitar     2014SanctiflyMusic  
  Only       ^ >BC74md BC74vfd B75 RF75 B75w BC74mfd B77 KC71Mfs BR80Ww in  
          BC71mfdY B75w ~ ~ BC75Wwfd              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Sanborn Sax . 知名度の高い人気サックスプレーヤー  
    Hideaway [from US] [Import]
    Hideaway 1980/1990Warner . Producer: Michael Colina, Ray Bardani  
          BC><CB65f KR><B77 CF74d BK>B>CF69ws BK><CK75 B69f BC55 BC65      
  Voyeur 1981Warner . Guest: Marcus Miller  
          BC74f BK74 CB63 KB74 C67y BR74v BK67/         
  As We Speak 1982Warner . Guest: Marcus Miller  
          BF63f BF65 BC61f in>CF77fy B74Mf BR>CK74 KR>B74 BR77 KRN>KR71Mv    
      Backstreet [from US] [Import]
  Backstreet 1983/1990Warner . Producer: Marcus Miller, Ray Bardani, Michael Colina  
          BC><BF69 KR>B71 CF65mfy BC59 KR77 CF><BF65f BC63 BR77wfs      
      Straight to the Heart [from US] [Import]
  Straight To The Heart 1984/1990Warner . Live Album  . 5,8はFadeoutしていて拍手無し  
          FC>CF71L BR><B77yL in>CB><BC74L in>B75fLs BK><CK75 CB67MvLs KB><CK67L BF75ws      
      A Change of Heart [from US] [Import]
  Change Of Heart 1987Warner . Producer: Marcus Miller, Philippe Saisse, Ronnie Foster, Micheal Colina  
          CB75v BR71 CF65fy CF69dY CB67fy in>B74f FC74y BK75m      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Close-Up [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Close Up 1988Reprise  
          CB63vy B67 BC>FC77v BK67 K61N CK65y CF59v BF74 KR75s CB65  
  Another Hand 1991Elektra Musician . Producer: Marcus Miller, Hal Willner  
          K67 in>B><CB61'# KR71 FC65d KR><CB69 BR69Ns BRN><B69s FC67d/ C><K><KF><CR49cs B71  
  Upfront 1992Elektra . Producer: Marcus Miller  
          CB>CF65 B74f CF67y CB61 B69fs CF65y FC74vb KC><CB59 CB59fdS    
    Hearsay 1994Elektra  
          CF69d KR><KC71 CB65 BF69fds CB69fd CK65 CF71dy BC61 FB55m    
  The Best of David Sanborn 1994Warner . 曲の長さが過去のAlbumの原曲と異なったりしていることが多い  
          CB75v BK75m BC75f CB63vy BC>FC77v KR><B77 CF74d KR77 in>CF77fy BR77  
          BC><CB65f rB75v BR>CK74 BK><CK75 BR77wfs K><KF65          
      Pearls [from US] [Import]
  Pearls       1995Elektra . Guest: Jimmy Scott(05), Oleta Adams(10), Kenny Barron, Marcus Miller, etc  
          パールズ                         Producer: Tommy LiPuma, Johnny Mandel  
          BR><BK75fhS JBR80fhS JBR80fhS KB74fhs JBR77MhS JKR>B75fhS K><BK74hs KB80hs KB77hs B75Wfcs  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Love Songs [from US] [Import]
  Love Songs 1995Warner .   
                             12W-Linda Ronstadt, 07-from Bob James/David Sanborn[Double Vision]07  
          BR74vf KR>B74 KB74 rB75 BK>B>CF69ws BR71 KR77Ns KR75s RK75 KR>B71  
          BK><CK75 KR>B77WhS                  
  Songs From The Night Before 1996Elektra  
          C75d CK71 KC77N CB45fs CK65s BK75 CK65 KR77NS BC59    
      Inside [from US] [Import]
  Inside 1999Elektra . Producer: Marcus Miller(1,3,4,7,8compose), Guest: 09M-Sting, etc  
          BC67 in>BRN>B75ws BC59 BC61 BR>BC74 KC67v K67 in KB71Ms KB71  
      Timeagain [from US] [Import]
  Timeagain 2003Verve  
          タイムアゲイン     (Hybrid SACD)              
          CB69fS JBK69wS CK><CB67ys KC74s B74s CK74S FC69dyS JBR74 CK74 JKC74  
      Closer [from US] [Import]
  Closer 2005Verve  
          CB74ys C71yS in>BR75WNs JBR77S CK><CF69S JBR77S JB77 FB65bs JBF75S JKB74S  
          Bob James / David Sanborn << Please Look "Bob James" >>  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          David Torn Guitar  
    The David Torn Collection 1998CMP/Silva  
          CR49 BF65Mm CF45w CR35M BF><CF51 C40y C55Y C55mdY BC35M CB35yt  
          BC>C40 BC61M                  
          David T. Walker Guitar  
  From My Heart 1993Edoya/BMG Victor[Japan] . Guest: Winton Felder, Joe Sample, etc  
          CF63f BC75f BR75Ww CB65 KRN>B77 CB69 BC71Wy BC74f BR80N    
  Thoughts     2008DCT Record/UniversalMusic[Japan]  
          CB77 IBF85hs in>CB80fdys BR85cs BF77fys B80s CB75y BR80s BF80s BR80s  
          CK74fs BR77                  
          David Yamasaki    
    From Me to You     2003J-Town  
          B74 BC74 B74 BR77 B75 CB74 BR77 BF75b BR77 RB77N  
          Dee Brown Guitar  
  No Time To Waste 2007nuGROOVE Records  
          BC85d in B85m BF85dy BC80Ww><WU ~ >CB85 RK85/ BC85w BF85 CB90d  
          B85Mv BC80wfd BR85…> >11rB80Mv >12rBC80wfd            
    A Little Elbowroom
    A Little Elbowroom     2009NuGroove  
          CB85dy BC80m BF85 B80 B80 BF80fd B80v BC77 BC85 BC77d  
          BF77 BK77v                  
  Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love   2014Innervision  
          in^ KC77m BC77m CB77mf CB77fd BR75/ CB77 BC75mfdy B75vf FB75  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Dee Lucas Sax  
    Something To Ride 2     2007MoBetterRecordings  
          CB77dy BC71 KR80w KR77m CB75d B77 BK77 BF77d BC75fd B80  
          Derek K Short Sax  
    Sepia Tone 1995BlondRoach  
          CB59Mwd FB63d CF77fdY C59MUmdy B67 CB59Y CR61vd CK61Mmd CF61fd BF65  
          FC69d KR69                  
          Derrick James Sax / Keyboard  
    Think Positive 1996BlueFlame . Producer&Keyboard-Christoph Spendel  
          BF77vf B75wfs CF65y BF74y BR71 FB74 BF69Mv BC75 FB71y KB71vy  
          FC65y BF74 CF74