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  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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  K       Kaito Genre: Tecno  
  Trust     2009Kompakt  
          DRB>B80 DRK>BC85f DBC85 DBC80fy DBC77 DC77 DC77fy DC77f DC77><Y    
          Karen Devroop Sax  
          Ancestral Home 2020KarenDevroop  
        RF75 KR77 CB74t BR77 RF77W BR77 BK75d KB75 BK75W BF77d  
          Karl Denson Sax / Flute / Percussion  
  Dance Lesson #2 2001Blue Note   
          in>CB67mfd'# CB>CF59mf CB61fq CB65 CB65 BC63/ CB>BC65 BF71y C69mfd    
          Kayla Waters Keyboard  
  Apogee     2017Trippin N Rhythm  
          in>CK75fd/ BC80d BC80fd KC>CK74d><W CB80wdy KR80w BC77 BC80 KR77W B77W  
          Keefe Marzell    
      Drawn Windows
  Drawn Windows     2006Vintage  
          in>CK77d CK74m B77m BC77 CB71 BC69 BC67MM CB75 CB74 CB67/  
          Keiko Matsui  ( 松居 慶子 ) << Please Look [ Instrumental - K ]  >>  
          Keith Andrew Guitar  
          Soul Expedition 2020Innervision  
          CB77d CB77 CK75 CF75dy CB75y BK75 FC74dy CB69Mmfd B65M BC74fd  
          Keith Jacobson Sax  
    I Wanna Be With You 2006EPJ Records  
          KR80w B75f BF74 KB77w FB85w B77m BK77ws CB74w CB71 FC74d  
    Turn On The Charm     2007EPJ Records  
          CB77dy BC>CB71fd BC75y BF77 BC77 BC75 KR77s RF77 BF77 BC69f~  
          Keith Mason Bass Guitar  
  I Surrender All 2020KeithMason  
        BF65fd CB65fd BC65fd BF65f CB65d CK65d RF65 BF67 CB71d CB65fd  
          Keith McKelley Sax  
  Liquid Smoke 2020KeithMcKelley  
        BC74 CB77 CK75wq CB77fd CK75fd ~>KB75S B71Mm CB75d CB74fd KC74  
          Keith Robinson Guitar  
          Perfect Love     1989Orpheus . Producer: Alex Bugnon . Guest: Najee  
          BR80ms BR77s in B77f BC75fd CB74Mmdy B74Vmf CB77dy CB69Mmdy    
  Peaceful Flight     1998Brajo  
          CB77mdys FB77mf B75Mmd K74 CB75dy CK80my BF74mdy BR85fd RF75Ms B75f  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenichiro Nishihara [Japan] . Genre: Club, House  
  Rugged Mystic Jazz for Talisker   2010Victor[Japan]  
          IBR85/ DBC85fyS DBC90fS DB80s in DBC85fy DB85s in DKR77m    
  Natural Relax presented by Folklove   2011Fil[Japan]  
          in DBF85w BC71MUmfd BC67WUvfdy RF77wd IRF85d BC67MUwfd IRF77d B80W IRF77ds  
          IBR77d IRF>BF80d RF80Ws end              
          Ken Navarro Guitar / Producer  
      After Dark [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  After Dark 1991Positive  
          BF75 RF77 BF74 KR71 FB74 B69M FC><B69my FB69 KR><BC71 FB71  
      The Labor of Love [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  The Labor Of Love     1992Positive  
          FC74y B74 BF74fy BF74 FB77y B80 FB77 KB71 BF80y B74  
  I Can't Complain 1993Positive  
          FB77 FC74 BK75 CF74fy KB67 BF75 BC69 CB71 FB77 B77  
      Pride & Joy [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Pride & Joy 1994Positive  
          BF><FC69mf BF69 BF74 BF75 BR74 FB75 BF74m B><BF71Mm BF75 KBN><B69  
      Brighter Days [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Brighter Days 1995Positive  
          FB69 BC71 CB71 KR74 BF69 BF><CF65y CF65f BC67f KB74f BK65Ns  
      When Night Calls [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  When Night Calls 1996Positive  
          CB71d B75 CB63y B74 BK74N CB67dY B74 CB69Y KB74 BC77f  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Christmas Cheer [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Christmas Cheer  [ X'mas Album ] 1996Positive  
          BF74x BR77x KR75s BF74s KR75x B75 BF74x KR74x KR75s BF74x  
      Smooth Sensation [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Smooth Sensation     1997 IdNet[Japan] . Guest: Eric Marienthal  
          BF75 BF80 BF75 B80 B75s BK75 BK85f BK74 B77 BR77  
      Ablaze in Orlando [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Ablaze In Orlando     1998Positive . Live Album  
          ~ FC77YL CB><BF69L ~ KR75L BF80L BC>CB63L ~ BF><FB74L CB><BR69  
          FB><B>CF75L BC>CF65qL                  
  In My Wildest Dreams     1999Positive . Sax-Eric Marienthal  
          CK75d BF77 B85 RF80 BC77fd BK74 KC77 KR75 BC69 CK75  
      Island Life [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Island Life       2000Positive . " 04 is Boney James Album[Body Language]02 - [ Into The Blue ] Style ? "  
          BF75 BK77 BF75vf CK77dy BK74 BF80f KR77 BC77 BKN>B75 B>FC75L  
    Slow Dance       2002Shanachie  
          BF><BC75 BC80y BF75y BF80 FC75 BF85 BR85 CK77y BK80 BR80N  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    All the Way       2003Shanachie  
          BF80 BF77 BC71 BK71 B74 BF><FB77 CB69 BF77 BR77 CF74fy  
  Love Coloured Soul     2005Positive  
          BF85 KC74 BR75s BF>CB77s BR75 CB77fy B77f BR75 BK74 RB75  
    The Meeting Place
    The Meeting Place     2007Positive  
          BF85f BF><BC80 BK80 KB77 FB80 KC74 BF85s BF>CB85f RF75 BC75  
    The Grace of Summer Light
    The Grace of Summer Light   2008Positive  
          in BF><B80 BF77f CB>B>BF77vy KR75 CB75y BC77f BF77 FB>FC80y KR75N/  
  Dreaming Of Trains     2010Positive  
          IBR80w FB85 CBdy><B><FB74 BC77fy BC80fd BR80#' CB>FC77 KR85 IKR80Nls    
  The Test of Time     2012PositiveMusic . Guitar Solo Album  
          IKR80s IRF77s IB80s IKC77s IBF77s IBR75cs IB75s IKR80Ns IBR77s IKB>KC77s  
          IKR77Nls IBR77NS                  
  Ruby Lane     2014PositiveMusic  
          B77s BC74f RF74 ICB><B69f IKR><BF74 IB>FB75 IBC69qs B80 IB75    
  Unbreakable Heart 2015PositiveMusic  
          B77 CB74fd CF74mfd B77 CK71 B74f BCy>BR67 CK74Yt KB71 BF74fd  
  Bonfire     2016PositiveMusic  
          CB74fd in>CK71ft CB69f CB71fd B75 BK74 CB67d BF74f B><BF74 IB71  
          B74 CB71f CB65ye                
  Into The Light 2020PositiveMusic  
          BC74 CK69 IRF67 BC75 IRK74 CB71f KC75 CK71t IRK69Nh BF75  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenney Polson Sax  
  Colors Of Brazil 2020Rosetta  
        BR>RF75bs FB77 CB77YS FB77bs FC75b BF74b KB75b CK71mft><M BC74fb BR77N  
          Kenny Blake Sax  
  Interior Design 1991HeadsUp  
          CF59d BC65fs B65M BF65 BR77f CK65fs CK74d CB65mfs BR75f FB65y  
          Kenny G Sax .  Superstar Artist  . SmoothJazz Artistの中では、最もHealing系寄り  
          ケニー G    
      Kenny G [from US] [Import]
  Kenny G 1982/1988Arista . Producer: Jeff Lorber, Meco Monardo  
          シティ・ライツ            Jacket Design 2 Type . Album Title <US>≠<Japan>    
          BF74fs B74Mm BF69f BK71s FB75 BF71 BR><BF74 in FB74s    
      G Force [from US] [Import]
  G Force 1984/1987Arista .Producer: Wayne Braithwaite, Kenny G  
          G・フォース          Jacket Design 2 Type        
          BF74Mmwf BF74 BC69v BC65 BC61Mmf BF65 RB74> >BC61 BF63m      
          Gravity 1985/1990Arista . 01-[Love On The Rise]  
          愛のめざめ       [[ Type 1 ]]            
          CB67Mm FC67Mvdy FC65Mwd BF67Mmy BR75 CF65d B74 BC67 KR71    
      Gravity [from US] [Import]
  Gravity 1985/1990Arista . 01-[One Man's Poison Is Another Man's Sweetness]  
              [[ Type 2 ]]            
          FC67Mvdy CB67Mm FC65Mwd CF65d BC67 BR75 BF67Mmy B74 KR71    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Duotones 1986/1990Arista . 09-[ Song Bird ] . 11 Track Album . 06-[And You Know That]  
                (UK) [[ Type 1 ]]            
          CB71Mwmf BC71f B77Mm BC74 CB74 CB69Mmy CB69vfd BR74M KR77 BR75  
    Duotones 1986/1990Arista . 01-[ Song Bird ] . 10 Track Album . [And You Know That]-Nothing  
              [[ Type 2 ]]            
          KR77 BC71f B77Mm BC74 CB74 CB71Mwmf CB69vfd BR75 in>KB71N BR74M  
  Duotones  <Japan> 1986/1990Arista . 08-[ Song Bird ] . 10 Track Album . [And You Know That]-Nothing  
          デュオトーンズ       [[ Type 3 ]]            
          CB71Mwmf BC71f B77Mm BC74 CB74 CB69vfd BR74M KR77 BR75 in>KB71N  
      Silhouette [from US] [Import]
  Silouhette 1988Arista  
          シルエット     (UK)              
          BR77 BR75 B74Mvf FC69dy B77 B74Mmf BF74y BF><B75 KB71 BR75  
      Kenny G Live [Live] [from US] [Import]
  Live  [ Live Album ] 1989Arista . " 01.11Studio Recording = Normal Good .  All Live Ballads = y .  other KB "  
          ケニー・G ライヴ       01,11-New Song(Studio Recording)        
          KR77 BC><CB74yL BR><B75yL BC><CB71fyL BR><B75yL B75MfL BF74yL in>KB71NL CB><B69yL KRN><B75yL  
  Montage 1990Arista . Selection Album  
          KR77 BK71s BC69v B74 BF74 BR75 CB71Mwmf BR77 BC71f FC69dy  
          BF74Mmwf BC74 KR77 B74Mmf              
    Breathless  <US>     1992Arista .Producer: Kenny G, Walter Afanasieff, David Foster, Dan Shea  
          BF77 KR85 BK80 BK85 BF80Mvf BK80f K69 KR80 B71Mvcs FB80d  
          K69 BK77 KR95 KR77N              
    Breathless  <Japan> 1992Arista/BMG Victor[Japan] . 14-JapanBonusTrack  
          BF77 KR85 BK80 BK85 BF80Mvf BK80f K69 KR80 B71Mvcs FB80d  
          K69 BK77 KR95 KR75S KR77N            
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          The Collection 1993Arista . . Selection Album  
          KR77 BR75 BR77 B77Mm BC71f FC69dy KR77 CB71Mwmf B77 BR75  
          B74Mmf KR71 BR74M KB71              
      Miracles: The Holiday Album [from US] [Import]
  Miracles : [ X'mas Album ] <US 輸入盤> 1994Arista . 大ヒットアルバム . 11 track Album  
          BR95xs KR95Nxs KR85xs KR85xs KB75xs K65 BR80xs K65 B77xs KR77  
          Winter Wonderland White Christmas Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Silent Night Greensleeves Miracles Little Drummer Boy Chanukah Song Silver Bells Away In A Manger  
          Brahms Lullaby                    
  Miracles : [ X'mas Album ] <Japan 国内盤> 1994Arista/BMG[Japan] . <US>と曲順が異なる . 13 track Album . 大ヒットアルバム  
          BR95xs KR95Nxs KR85xs RB90xs KR85xs KR85xs KB75xs K65 KR77 K65  
          BR80xs B77xs KR77                
          Winter Wonderland White Christmas Have Yourself A Christmas Song Silent Night Brahms Lullaby Greensleeves Miracles Away In A Manger Chanukah Song  
          Little Drummer Boy Silver Bells Spring Breeze                
      The Moment [from US] [Import]
  The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan] . 大ヒットアルバム .13-JapanBonasTrack  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)       05W-Toni Braxton, 10M-Babyface  
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
          Habana 1997Arista/BMG[Japan]  
          5rKB71wdt 5rKB71dt 5rKB71wdt 5rKB>DKC69 K>KB74            
      Kenny G - Greatest Hits [Best of] [from US] [Import]
  Kenny G - Greatest Hits   1997Arista . 08,13,16-NewSong . 09-from Michael Bolton Album  
                (+ Video)                  07-from Toni Braxton[Secrets] . 15-SoundTrack[Dying Young]  
          KR77 BR77 KR85 BR77Mms BK85 BK100 BK75W KR85 BR77Ms KR77  
          K>KB74 BF80Mvf BC74f B77Mm BK><B75 KRN>JKR77MhS KR77N        
      Classics in the Key of G [from US] [Import]
  Classics In The Key Of G   1999Arista. 3-Louis Armstrong with Kenny G (Mix Recording)  
          K75hS KB75hS BR80MhS RF80hbs JKR85hS RF80Wbs BR85hS KR80hS JK>KB75hS IBR80hcs  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Faith: A Holiday Album [from US] [Import]
  Faith : [ X'mas Album ] <US 輸入盤>      
          RF85hxs BR85hxs BR90hxs FC80xs K>KC74xs KR77xs JRF>BF85xs K65h KR75hNxs BK75hxs  
          RB90xs KR74xs^                  
          Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! The First Noel I'll Be Home For Christmas Sleigh Ride We Three Kings/Ca O Christmas Tree Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Eternal Light (A Chanukah Song) Ave Maria Auld Lang Syne  
          Christmas Song Auld Lang Syne: The Millenium Mix                  
      Faith: A Holiday Album [from US] [Import]
  Faith : [ X'mas Album ] <Japan 国内盤> 1999Arista/BMG Funhouse[Japan]  
          フェイス     (UK)              
          RF85hxs BR85hxs BR90hxs FC80xs RB90xs K>KC74xs KR77xs JRF>BF85xs K65h KR75hNxs  
          BK75hxs KR74xs^                  
          Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! The First Noel I'll Be Home For Christmas Sleigh Ride Christmas Song We Three Kings/Ca O Christmas Tree Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Eternal Light (A Chanukah Song) Ave Maria  
          Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne: The Millenium Mix                  
    Paradise       2002Arista/BMG . GuestProducer: Brian McKnight, etc . " 7/11 Songs = K, KB, BK "  
          パラダイス                          " ↑ Paradise?  "  
          BC75hyb KB75h BK74 KR75W K71 BK74f K74 K71hN KR74Mm FC75d  
    Wishes: a Holiday Album  [ X'mas Album ] 2002Arista .曲順,曲目が異るAlbumがある  
          ウイッシズ         05-Medley: Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer/Frosty The S  
          IBF77hfxs IBR80hxs IRF80hxs IKB74hxs IBF>FB85hyxs IK74h IBR77hxs IKR80hxs IBF77hfxs IB75xs~  
          Wishes: a Holiday Album 2002Arista . X'mas Album . 01-Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer  
      Ultimate Kenny G [Best of] [from US] [Import]
  Ultimate Kenny G     2003BMG . Selection Album . 01,18-NewSong  
          KR><BR80 K>KB74 BC75hyb BR80MhS KB75hS BR77 KR75W BK><B75 KR85 B74Mmf  
          KR77 KR75S RF80Wbs BF80Mvf BK77h B77Mm BK100 KR77cs KR77N    
      At Last...The Duets Album [from US] [Import]
  At Last...The Duets Album   2004Arista . Guest: Chaka Khan, Brian McKnight, Daryl Hall, Earth Wind & Fire, etc  
          デュエット     (UK)              
          B80Wcs JBR80S B77Wfs BK75Mmys B77Wfs CF74dys BC75Mms BR77WfhS RF80s CK71Mmdys  
          K74Ms BR85hS JBR85WhS                
      Artist Collection: Kenny G [Best of] [from US] [Import]
  Artist Collection: Kenny G   2004BMG . Selection Album  
          BF77 KR77 BC75hyb K>KB74 KR75W BF74fs BK85 BK75W RB74> >BC61 BF74y  
          BR77 KR85 KR77cs JRF>BF85xs              
      I'm in the Mood for Love: The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time
  I'm in the Mood for Love  2006Arista/BMG Japan[Japan] . The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time  
          ボイジャーズ:ムード・フォー・ラヴ       14,15-BonusTrack  
          B80s BR80s KR80s BR85hS KR80s BR80S B80s IBK80hcs RF80hS IBK80hcs  
          IBK><BF77SS IBR80hcs IB80s BR80s IBR80            
      Rhythm and Romance
  Rhythm & Romance [ US ]   2008Concord  
          BF75mb K74mb BR85S KB><KC74b KB>KC71Wt KB><KF74mt KB><KF75b FB77b K74bs KR80  
  Rhythm & Romance [ Japan ]   2008Concord/Universal[Japan] . 10-BonusTrack  
          BF75mb K74mb BR85S KB><KC74b KB>KC71Wt KB><KF74mt KB><KF75b K74bs FB77b K74V  
          KR80 BC74y>Yt                  
  Heart and Soul     2010Concord . Vocal-Robin Thicke(3), Babyface(6)(6Compose)  
          ハート・アンド・ソウル                        13-JapanBonusTrack  
          B80 KC74 KB80M BR85 BR80 BR80Mm BR80 BF80d BR80 BR80  
          FB77dy K><BR75g KC77d                
  Brazilian Nights   2015Concord  
          RF80bs KR85bs BK80b BR80b RF85b KF75bs BC77fyb BR85bs B80bs B80b  
  Brazilian Nights [ Deluxe Edition ]   2015Concord  
          RF80bs KR85bs BK80b BR80b RF85b KF75bs BC77fyb BR85bs B80bs B80b  
          BR85L BF77fdL BR85NL B77L              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny Polson Sax  
  For Lovers Only     2019Prodigee  
        BF71d BR>RF75vS CB74 B67Mw BF74vs KR75s BC75 KC69 BR74 BR77  
          Kenny Pore Guitar  
  A Place Across Town 2019KennyPoreSessions  
          BK74N BK71N KR74 KC71 KB75 BK74 KB74 K74N KC71 KB74N  
          Ken Powe Keyboard  
  Steppin' 2020KenPowe  
          CK77d CB75dy CB74dy BK>KC74 KC74 BC75 KC75fd RF77 CB74 CB74y  
          Kenyon Carter Sax  
  Right By My Side 2012CdBaby  
          BF75 KB67 CB67fd B77 CB71fy B77 KC67 B75 BC74 BF75  
          FC74b B77                  
  Songs for My Father 2014CdBaby  
          BF77 RF80 BR77 BF80f KR75 JFB77S BF77 B77 BC71fd JB77S  
  Game On 2015CurvePointMedia  
          JCB71fdy BF74 B75 B77 BC71 BC74fdy B77f BK74 BK71 CK71  
          Kevin Kooyumjian    
  Monterey Style!     2005KevinKooyumjian  
          BC80fd CB77dy CB77fdy BC77fdy BF67y CB77dy CK75fd BC75 BC74d BC75  
  Monterey Jazz!     2005KevinKooyumjian  
          BF80 BC75 CB77fd B77 CB77fd in>CB77dy BC75fdy in>CK77fd BF71d BF74f  
          KC75f RF80                  
  Monterey Breeze!     2006KevinKooyumjian  
          CB77dy BC75fdy BC74by BK75 CB75dy BF80 BC74b BF77 BC75 BC74fb  
    Monterey Cool!     2007KevinKooyumjian  
          BF85 BC75t CK75g CB77dy BR80b KB74b CK77d CB77fdy BC61d FC74d  
          Kevin Toney Keyboard  
  Lovescape 1994/1998 Ichiban  
          B74 BR74 KR74N in>KC69 BR74 BR75 CF65vfdy KC69 CF65Y CB61y  
          RB75 FC67 end                
    Pastel Mood     1995Ichiban  
          FB85 BK74 KR74 KB65 CK61Mm KC71 CK77 KC75 RF69M BF74f  
    Extra Sensual Perception 1999Shanachie  
          KC77d KC75 CK74d KR74wN RF74 BF69f CK75 KC75MwN K65 CB69f  
    Strut       2001Shanachie  
          KC80w FC74d KC75 BC69Wvds in>CK67d KR80N JBR65N/ CK67d CK77d BK71Mm  
          RF80 FB69fd end                
  Sweet Spot     2003Shanachie . Guest: Paul Jackson Jr, Pamela Williams  
          CB><BC80dy FC75dy CK74d BF75ws CB74wfd CB74d KR74Mw CB><B67 KC74d B71  
          KC69 HRB>IB74 BC80d                
      110 Degrees and Rising [from US] [Import]
  110 Degrees and Rising     2005Shanachie  
          BC74 BC74f FB>CB75d BC75 BC77f in>IB77 in>BF77 BF75 CK75fd BF77s  
  New American Suite     2015K-toneEnterprises . Bass-Michael Bradford, Drums-Chris Coleman  
          JBF80y JBF77fy FB><FC85y in>JCF80Y JBC80 JBF80fy JRF80S JCB80fY RF80    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kevin Eubanks Guitar  
    Spirit Talk 1993Capitol  
          IBR>IRf71 IBC>CB69Y IC65y CK65 CF65 JKR74 IRF74 IRF69 JCB75f    
          Kilauea ( Daniel Ho And Kilauea ) Group  
    Antigua Blue [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Antigua Blue 1991BrianChild . Composer: Russ Freeman  
          BF71 B71 BK69 BF71 RF71 CB67 CK71f KB><B67 BF74f    
    Midnight on the Boulevard [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Midnight On The Boulevard 1994BrianChild  
          RF>BF><CB69 BK>B69 B69f BF65f BR74 CB69d FB67Mv KR65 KC><BC69f BF>FB71y  
    Diamond Collection [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Diamond Collection 1995BrianChild  
          BC74f BK77 BF77f BK74 FB74 BK69 KC><BC69f BF74 KC67 CK71f  
          BK>B69 RF><BF77 CB74fy BF>FB71y              
    Full Circle [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Full Circle 1996BrianChild  
          BF71 BK69s BF71f B74s RK75 BF71fs BK71 FB74y BK67s KR71  
          Kicks Group . [Japan]  
  Kicks 1999P-Vine[Japan]  
          C67vdy C65dy CF75fd CB74d KC75d CF69dYL CK74d CBy><CK65d CF65dY    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kim Pensyl Keyboard / (Trumpet)  
    Pensyl Sketches, Vol. 1 [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Pensyl Sketches #1 1988Interpress  
          CF71dy KR71 KC71f KR74N CF69dy KR77 CB69 KR71N      
    Pensyl Sketches, Vol. 2 [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Pensyl Sketches #2     1989Optimion  
          CB75y FC85 B80 CF74 BR80 CF85fd CK74 FB75 BR75    
    3 Day Weekend 1992GRP  
          BF75f CB74f KB75 CB74fy BF74 CF71fb CB69fy RK77N CB65y RK75hN  
    Eyes of Wonder [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Eyes Of Wonder 1993GRP  
          BF75vy CB69 KB65v KC>CB74fy KR75vN CF67y CF65f RK71 KR74 BF71yb  
  A Kim Pensyl Christmas     1993GRP  
          IFC65yxs IKB65xs IKR65Nxs IBR65xs JKR75Nxs IFB74xs BKN>B65wxs RB80xs IBF74fxs IB><CK75vfxs  
    When You Were Mine [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    When You Were Mine 1994Shanachie  
          B75ms BC63 B77w CF75vfd BR75v CB74vf BR75 CF74Y CB75vs RB75  
    Under the Influence [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Under The Influence 1996Shanachie  
          BF74s .BC69s CK67s CB75fs B74s BC71s BF74s BF65s KC74s CF69fds  
    Quiet Cafe [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Quiet Café       1998Finer Arts .  今回はKeyboard,Piano,Trumpetとマルチ・プレーヤー  
          CK77 BC74 RF80 CB75 BK85 BC74 BF80 B77 CB74 KB85N  
    Places I've Been [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Places I've Been     1999KimPensyl&Fahrenheit  
          BF59f BC61f BC75f CB59f KR80 CB63f BK67 CK74fd K65N CK67  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kim Scott Flute  
  Rite of Passage     2013CdBaby  
          FB80d BF80fd BC75y B80 B77Ww BC77fdys CB77d BK74s B74s    
  Southern Heat     2016Innervision  
          CK74fdys CB74Wvfd BC74y BC75Ww BR75 BC75y CB74fd KC71md BC67MUfd    
  Free to Be 2019Innervision  
        CB74fd CB74d KC71w K71NS BC71Wwfd CB74fd BR74 BF75 BR74NS    
          Kim Waters Sax .  [ Streetwize ]というGroupでもAlbumあり  
  Sweet And Saxy 1989Warlock  
          KC67 BK74 BK75 BC63f KR74w BC65 BF65ws KR69W BK74 CB69wf  
  All Because Of You 1990Warlock  
          CB67vfd BK74 FC74 BF71s B65Mw KR69N/ BC65f BK75 B67fs CB67y  
  Sax Appeal       1991Warlock  
          BC74 B75f B74fs BF80 B77 B63Ww CK69y BK74s BK77f BF67s  
          BK74 BK74                  
      Tribute [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Tribute 1992Warlock  
          IBR69S IBR65MS IBR74S IBR75S IKR>B74wfS IBR75S IBR65MvS IKB><BR65'#S IBR74S IKR>B74vS  
  Peaceful Journey 1993Warlock  
          KR71v KC65 BR69Mw BC69d KB74 BC74f KB65v BF69 BK71s CB71mdy  
  It's Time For Love 1994Warlock  
          HRB74^ BR75m KC74 B65Mv CB69 B75s CB71d BK74 BC71md BK74  
          CK71d 1rHRB74/                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      You Are Not Alone [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  You Are Not Alone 1996Warlock  
          KR>BR74ws B71wfd BK75 CB74fd BR71Ww B75f B75vs KR71V CB71d KB69  
  Love's Melody     1998Shanachie  
          K77 CK75dYs CK74d KR75 CB80d KC77d BF80s CB75d KR85v CB75df  
  One Special Moment     1999Shanachie . Guest: Chuck Loeb, etc  
          CK77dy KB77 BF77 KR77s BK75d BK85f BF75Wwfs KB74N KB75 RF85  
  Someone To Love You     2002Shanachie  
          B75vs CB74dy KC67 BC71 BR85wfs BF80 K71m BC71y BK><CK67 CB71dy  
  In the Name of Love 2004Shanachie  
          BF77mds BF77 CB75dy BC75 RF77s KR77m CB74 CB74d BK75 rCK74dy  
      All for Love
  All For Love     2005Shanachie  
          BF77 BK74 BR77Wws BF85 KB75 CK77d BK75 BF80 BK77 BC77  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    You Are My Lady     2007Shanachie  
          KR80ms FB80ds BR85Ws BC80fd BR85 BC80fd KR85ws BC74d BR85s BK75m  
    I Want You: Love in the Spirit of Marvin 2008Shanachie  
          BC80fy KC80Wws BF85 BK80 BF80 KR80v BF85 KR77v BC77 KR77v  
    Love Stories     2010Shanachie . 04M-Kenny Lattimore  
          RF85 BK80 BF85 B85Mw CB80dy B80s CK85f KB80Ws KC77f KB75m  
  This Heart of Mine     2011Shanachie  
          BC77d BC><CB75fd KC69Mm B77Ws BC74fdY BC71VVfd KR75v RF75ms KC71 BC77dy  
  My Loves     2013RedRiver  
          BF85d B71Mmg BF><BC77fd KC71 KR85 KC71 B77ms BC77fd KR74Ws BC77d  
  Silver Soul   2014RedRiverEntertaint  
          BC80fd BC77 KB75m CK75d BK75Ww BF77 B77s BK77Ws BK77M BF77  
          BR80 B77Mmf                  
  Rhythm & Romance   2016Shanachie  
          BC69fd BC67ws KC67f BC75 BC74 BR75ws CK69 KC69d KB69 BK71s  
  What I Like 2018Shanachie  
        KC77d BC75mfs BC80fd CK75mds KC77 BC77fdy KR77vs CB77d BC80fdy BC75f  
  Shakedown  2020Shanachie  
          BF74 BF74d B74 RF75 CB74 BK75 RF77 CB75dy BC74vv BC75fd  
          Kirk Fischer Keyboard  
  Friends   2017KirkFischer  
        RF85 CK77d KR75s BC74 KB74 CB71dy B74 BF75f BF75q FC75  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kirk Whalum Sax  
      And You Know That! [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  And You Know That 1987,1988Sony  
          KR77w KC74 B75fs BK61y FB77 FB71vd BK65        
  The Promise 1989CBS  
          BC71vy BC71fd BR77 KC69fd CK><BF67 BC><BF77 CK65 BC74f BR80NS    
      Cache [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Cache       1993Sony . GuestProducer: Philippe Saisse, etc  
          CB>FC80fd BK77Wwfs CB69d K69Ws BK74wfs BK75Wwf CF69dy KR85vfs CK69w BR77Ncs  
  In This Life 1995Columbia . Guest: Mike Reid, Vaneese Thomas, Teresa James, etc  
          KR77M KR75Ws CB71Wvs B77 B75Mm BC74fs B75 B75Wws BR77Mh B77  
          B75M KR77>W                  
  Colors 1997Warner . Producer: Matt Pierson, Philippe Saisse, Paul Brown, etc  
          BF74 B>B71vf BC77 CB85wfy KR74Ns RF80f FC95dy B80vf B77 BR75w  
  For You       1998Warner  
          K75s KC75vfs B>BF75s K69s CB80fds KR85s CK77Wwdys BC77fs KC69ys K77s  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  The Gospel According To Jazz 1998WarnerGospel . Gospel Live Album  
          BC69vyL FCd><BK75VvL KR75LS BF77VvL ~>KB>KC69MLS ~>BF74fyL BK><BR><CF69vLS KR>RK69NhLS ending    
  Unconditional     2000Warner . Producer: Paul Brown  
              Extra Track Album +1(11)        
          KC85m CF77y BK77s CB80 KC80Mm BF80 BF75 CK77 CB77Ww KR80  
      The Christmas Message [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  The Christmas Message  [ X'mas Album ] 2001Warner  
          RF80xs B69xs BK74Mm KC71ms KR75xs C69mfds CB65Wqs KR77Ns BR77xs BK75xs  
          RB75 KR74xs RB75xs BK69WNs              
  Hymns In the Garden 2001Warner . 賛美歌曲集  
          B75S KR74hS BF75S'# BK74qS BF69yS KR74S BR>BF>FB75wS IBR75S IKRN>B74hS B74fS  
          B75S BC74S KR>BR75S                
  Into My Soul 2003Warner  
          BF71v B75 BC75 BF75 BC69 KR74Vv CB71Mmfds BK>B74 BF74 B74v  
          BC74w> 11>JBF75b                  
    Babyface Songbook     2005Rendezvous . Music of Soul Singer"Babyface". Guest: Norman Brown, Rick Braun, etc  
                    12-Chante Moore[Wey U](BabyfaceProduceSoundtrack)Cover  
          KR75vs BK75s BK77s BC75s B75ms BK75s KB77s K><BK75s KB>BK75ms B75s  
          KR75ms KC80ws                  
  Roundtrip       2007Rendezvous  
          BF77 CK75fd BR80s CB71 BC75fd BC74d B80Ww ~ (BR) BF77m BC77MUmfd  
    Romance Language     2012Rendezvous . Vocal-Kevin Whalum(1-6), Hugh "Peanuts" Whalum(7)  
          JBR85MS JBR85MS JB85MS JKR80MS BR80MS BR80MS BK80MS KR80S B80vqS B77S  
  Humanite     2019Artistry  
          BC67Mmdy BK71m>Wv CK>CB69Mf BK71Mf K71Ws CB75Wvd BK67Wwa CK71fd CB74Y BF69mfd  
          CK71y CK75Wd KC65WUw CK69M              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kiss The Sky >> Vocal CD - Soul Woman Group - Paul Hardcastle  を参照 <<  
          KIYO*SEN [Japan] . Organ-大高清美 , Drums-川口千里  
  Chocolate Booster     2014VegaMusic[Japan]  
          in>CB71dy>Y CK65dy CF69fdy BK><CB74 CF65dy CF65fdY IBR><CF69Y CF65Y BC74fd^    
  Duology     2015VegaMusic[Japan]  
          CF65d C69fdy CB65wfdY BC74fd BC67y CB67fdy CF63y BC74fdy CK69    
          KK JAM [Japan] . Sax: 勝田一樹, Keyboard: 窪田宏, Drums: 石川雅春  
      KK JAM
  KK JAM     2006TBS[Japan]  
          CF71Y CF67y CK80d BC><CB77 CB>CF63y CK63 BK74        
          The Klang Group . Thomas Wolter - Sax/Keyboard/Guitar/Drum  
    Coming Home  [ Disc1 ]   199?NightSky  
          BR75 RF77w CF77fd BK65v CF><B74 CK59m BF><FB71 CK61v BR75 C75dy  
          KB74 K69                  
               [ Disc2 ]      
          CK80d CK77dy BF77fd KC74 K65 IKR75 RF>BF77 IBR75 BC75 ICB74t  
          ICB74t IKC69t KC75 CB69Mwd              
          Kokubu [Japan] . Group  
  Creation From Consensus 2019ProgressiveForm  
          CB65d C65d DBC65 C59 DCK65 DKC65 DCB65 DC65 CK65 DKC65  
          DCR61w DBK65 DCK59 DR59              
  Smoothing     2009NuGroove  
          BC80 B80 BF80 BK77 B80 BC85fd BC80w BK80v BC80 BC80  
          Konstantin Klashtorni Sax  
    Downtown 2004Nightstage  
          FB77 BK77 CB><FB71d KB75 BF75d KB75 FB75 BR80 FB75 CB74d  
          Kool&Klean Produce & Sax - Konstantin Klashtorni  
  Volume II     2011KvkMusic  
  Only       KC80fd BC80fd KC77 KC80 KB85 CK80 BC74fd KC80 RF80 KB80  
    Volume III     2012KvkMusic  
  Only       KC85 KC80f B77 BC85f BF80 CK85fd KB85 BC77fd BC80fd KC80  
          B80 RF80 RF85                
  Volume IV     2012KvkMusic  
          KB85 KC80 KC80fd KB85 CK80 BC80 BC77fd KC80 KC85f BK80  
  Volume V     2014CdBaby  
          BC77 KC75 BC75 BK77 KC80 KC75 BF74 B75 BF74 BC75fd  
          KC75 KB80 BC77                
  Volume VI     2016CdBaby  
          KC77 BC75d KB75 BK74 BC75f BK77 BK85N KC85 KC77 CK75fd  
          Kris Brownlee Sax  
  Sincerely Yours     2013Megawave  
          BC75f KB85 CB77fd KC77 BC77d BK74 BC80fdy BC74 BC74 KC67  
          BK71w BC74Ww K74                
          Breathe : Night Sessions 2018Megawave  
          CK74w BC74 KC74 KB74 KC74w CB71 KB69 CK74 BC74 CB71fy  
          Kyoto Jazz Massive << Please Look " Vocal - Group " >>  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          勝田一樹 [Japan] . Sax  
          Kazuki Katsuta    
  Kazuki Katsuta     2014Being[Japan]  
          CB74d CB75fdy CB75dy B77f CF75fY BF75 BC>CF75>Y FC75y CF67fyS CF69Y  
  Visualize     2016Zain[Japan]  
          BF80f CB77dy BF80 BF77f KC77 CB75dy CB75y KB75 CK74 BC80f  
  Saxree     2018Zain[Japan]  
          in>FC77dy BF80d FC77dY CB75fdy CB75 CB74fd B77f CB74dy BF77f CF67dy/  
          角松 敏生 [Japan] . Main Genre: Pops  
          Kadomatu Toshiki    
    Sea Is A Lady     1987RVC Corporation[Japan]  
          in FB80 BF80 in B80 CF80fY BC77 in CB75 BR77m  
          RK75/ BR77m                  
      Legacy of You
  Legacy Of You     1990BMG Victor[Japan]  
          in>FB80 in>BF77 RF77m FB77y BR75 IBC74z>CF75y in>C><CF74mdy BC75w BR74/ BC75wf  
          FC77m KR77                  
          神山 純一  >> Instrumental CD を参照 <<  
          kamiyama jun-ichi    
          粥川なつ紀 [Japan] . Sax  
          Kayukawa Natsuki    
  Kosamota De Hanauta     2007Kosamota[Japan]  
          IBR74S// KC75fYxs BF80 IKB>CKY><CR71bS IKRN>B71 IBC45// IB75S B74dS FB75><CK61S IKB74  
  Kosamota De Anniversary   2012KosamotaProject[Japan]