1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  N       Nagano Kitchen [Japan] . Genre: Tecno  
      Nagano Kitchen
  Nagano Kitchen     2007AptInternational[Japan]  
                  D = Dance, Tecno  
          DC77 DC75y DBC75 DC74 DC75! DC71! DC77y DC74y! DC74y DC74  
          Najee Sax  
  Najee's Theme 1986EMI/Toshiba-EMI[Japan] . Jacket Design 2 Type  
          BF65v BK65v BF67v BC71ms CF63Mvy BK65ws BC65w BK67v CK65w    
  Day By Day       1988/1996EMI   
          BF74wf KR80w B67Wm CB69vfd BR74m BR74ws BC69W CB63md CB65vdy CB63vdy  
  Tokyo Blue 1990/1996EMI   
          CB71dy><M B75w CB69wd BR>B71Ww BR71~/ BC74fy B74Mmf CB71 B>BC69Mw CB69  
  Just An Illusion 1992EMI  
          BC75wd BK><B69v BK><B74Wm FB67m B67Mw B77f BC>BF69Mv CB65mdy RF75 BC69Mm  
          CB63vd><y B77f KC69Ww                
  Share My World 1994EMI  
          in>BC71my C75mfd K69 BF69my B65Ms BC71f in>CF65my BC71wf BF67 BR67/  
          B74vf 5rKR74vs>end                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Plays Songs From the Key of Life   1995EMI . A Tribute to Stevie Wonder  
          B74s BC67s/ IBR74hs CF65ys FB71s BC67fs B75s BK67s B74fs BF>CB67s  
          B>BF65s in>BR67s CB69fys BR80bs KR75s/ B><BC74s CB74ys BF61>BR69s      
  The Best Of Najee     1998Capital/BlueNote  
          B77mf BK74wf BK74vs BC75 BC71ms BR80bs B75m KR80w BC74wf B71m><M  
  Love Songs 2000BlueNote  
          KR75s/ K69 BR74m KR74s B67Mw BK><B69v B74s B75w BR77f BR74ws  
  Morning Tenderness     1998Polygram/Verve  
          in>BR85mf B95w BC80mf BK85wfs B77vf CK80dy BR80 BR80Mvf B80 CB74y  
  Embrace       2003Warlock  
          BR85 CB71d KC69w CK71d KC77w KC74 BR80 BR75Mvfs in BF74y  
          BC77hy B75 BC67t                
  My Point of View     2005HeadsUp . Will Downing (02)   
          CK77dy B80m BK80Mm BC80 KC77 BR85 CB85 BC75W BR85 BC74  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Mind Over Matter
    Mind Over Matter     2009HeadsUp  
          BC80 BF85 CB80d B85m BF80Mm in>KR85 BC80fd BF90 CK80fdy BK80M  
    The Smooth Side Of Soul   2012Shanachie  
          CK77fd CF77Mmfd KC80f BC85fd KR85 BC85fdy KR80 in>CB77fd B85 JCF77fS  
  Morning After     2013Shanachie  
          ^ BC80 B85 BC77Ww RF85 BC77mfd KC61 BC><B77d KB71q BC71fdy  
  You Me & Forever   2015Shanachie  
          in>CB80dy BC77f RF77bs BF77Mmfys BC80mfdy RF80 BF77Ww B80f BC77fd BC69qS  
  Poetry in Motion   2017Shanachie . Vocal-Will Downing(5), Maysa(7)  
          BC80fd BC75Mm CB85fd BC80 KC80M KC80 BC80Ww BC77fd BC85 BC80fd  
          Nando Lauria Guitar  
    Points Of View 1994Narada . "( Pat Metheny + Toninho Horta ) / 2 "Style Music . Guest: Lyle Mays, etc  
          FB75mb BF75mf in>FC74mb RF74Ms B74mf BF74Mfb BF74m B74v FB74Mm FC><RF75m  
          NAOH [Japan] . Alto Sax  
  Smile       2005Neoplex[Japan]  
          KR77s KC77g BR80cs K77N BK74 BK75          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Nappo Berna    
  Love & Sax 1997Perleberg[Germany] . (Art Of Living) Series( = Genre: Healing & Instrumental )  
          KR85 BR85 KR80 KB74 KB74N KB74N KR75N B77 KB75 KR77  
          Nate Harasim Keyboard  
            Web Site    
  Next in Line: Smooth Jazz at Its Finest! 2007NuGroove  
          CB90dy KC80 CK85fd CK80f KC77 KC77 KC77 KC80 CK85dy CK80d  
  Love's Taken Over     2008NuGrooveMusic  
          CB><BC85 BC85fs CB85 KR80 KB80 K77s CB85wfdy CB85d BF85 CB80fdy  
  Rush       2010Trippin'n'Rhythm . Guest: Sax-Darren Rahn, Vocal-Maxine Hardcastle(7)  
          CK85mfd KC85d CB85d CK80d CB80fdy CB85wfd^ KC80Wwd KC77q CB75fdy KC80  
  #Shadesofnate   2015CdBaby  
          BC80fd KB74Ww><MU CB80vfd BC59MUmfd BC77fd BK77Wws ICK74fyls CB61MUdY BC77 CB74dy  
          BC74fdq in~ >CK74fd DCB74Wwf 8rCB61MUdY 6rCK75Wwys            
          Nate Wingfield    
  Rhythm Tree     2005NateWingfield  
          RF80b BC67 BC67f BR80 BF80 BC75f CB74 KC74 KB74 BC74f  
          Nathan East Bass Guitar  
  Reverence   2017Yamaha  
          B74mfs BC75fmd B75m BC69Mvqs KR74Wws CB69fds JRF>FB77W ~>JBR77Nhcs BC77f RF75m  
          BC74Mwfq KR71N/ BC74q KC71mS              
          Nathan Woodward Sax  
  Nathan Woodward     2014NathanWoodward  
  Only       BC74f BC77fd B80 KB75 BC74fyq BR>BF77 CB77fdy BR80 CK75 FB77d  
          BC>BF74q BC74fdy                  
          Natural High Group . Genre: Acid Jazz  
  Natural High Pacific     2001SoulstisLimited/HigherOctave . Acid Jazz  
          C85dy C80dy C85dy BC80fd C90dy C80fdy C77dy C80dy C85fdy C><CR90fd  
          Neamen Lyles ( Neamen ) Sax  
  So Free     . 2011CD Bbaby . Producer & Composer & Guitar & Keyboard-Jay Soto  
          CB80d BF85 BF80fdy BR85 CB77fdy CK77vdys KR80 B80f CB77dy CB75dy  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Nelson Rangell Sax / Flutes / Piccolo . Genre: Smooth Jazz  
  Playing For Keeps     1989GRP . Guest: Chuck Loeb (06Compose), Jay Rowe (08Compose)  
          FB75y BK69s BC71 B75 CB74 BF95f RF75v FB95 BK71    
  Nelson Rangell     1990GRP  
          FB69a FB75s BC75 BR75S BC74f FB74y FC71vdY BF71f CF71fy BC74  
  In Every Moment     1992GRP . Guest: Chuck Loeb, Russ Freeman, Mark Portmann, Steve Reid, etc  
          FB74y CB69y B75Wvf BR80N CF69y FC71Y BF77f BC74fy CF><BK63y BF71y  
  Truest Heart 1993GRP . Guest: Chuck Loeb, Mark Portmann, Steve Reid, Omar Hakim, etc  
          CF74fy CB75fy KB74ws FB75y FC75Y BC74y BK77 FB71y CB71y KR75N  
  Yes, Then Yes 1994GRP . Guest: Chuck Loeb, etc  
          CB65y FB71 CB69y B67s CB65 CK69dY KB65 CF71f BF74 RF75  
  Destiny       1995GRP . Guest: Chuck Loeb, etc  
          CK67Y KR75v CB>CF74fy KR75s BC69fy BC67 B75mf CB67w K67Ns FB85  
  Turning Night Into Day 1997GRP . Guest: Chuck Loeb, David Mann, Wolfgang Haffner, etc  
          BC77 BC77fd B74 BF74w BR74 BK75 CB69 RB>BC75 KR75N BF74  
          CB71 BK>RF><KC67t                  
      The Very Best of Nelson Rangell [Best of] [from US] [Import]
  The Best Of Nelson Rangell   1998GRP . Selection Album  
          BC77fd BR80 KR75v FB85 B75mf BF77f BR80N BK>RF><KC67t K71 BC74fy  
  Always       1999Shanachie  
          CF75d CK74 KR75 CB75y RF80 BF85 KB77 FC77dy FB80wd BF75f  
          BR75 BR75                  
    Far Away Day     2000Shanachie . Guest: David Mann(01Compose), etc  
          B85f CF80f BF75vs RF80 CB77s BR77 BF80f KC77 BF77 RF77vf  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Look Again       2003 A440 Music . Guest: Will Downing(3), David Mann  
          BF><B80d BF80f B77mfs CB74wd BC><KC77fd BC69s BC><B77fd KB75v CK><KC75fd KB75  
  My American Songbook     2005Koch  
          in RF75s BR75fs FB75ys JFC74yS in B77fs IK74s in>IFC71hys BR75fhs  
          B74fS in>B74f                  
      Soul to Souls [from US] [Import]
  Soul to Souls     2006Koch  
          CB75wf B77f RF77v in>CB75y B75 CB77 BC>CB75S CB77fdy RF75s FB75w  
  All I Hope For Christmas   2007Jazzizit  
          BF77xs BF80fxs BR75Mxs RF75xs FB75xs BR77mxs KC>BC75xs IKR75xs BF80xs BR80  
  Blue   2015CdBaby . Flute Album  
          BF77 BC74 RF80 RF77S BF80 BC75fd BK77 K75ls in>JCF77y B77  
  Red   2015CdBaby  
          BC80fd BC77fy B80 in>CB75 BC75fy BF77 KR80 KC74d BC80d RF80  
          Nestor Torres Flute  
    Dance of the Phoenix [from US] [Import]
    Dance Of The Phoenix 1991Polygram/Verve . Guest: Harvey Mason, Abraham Laboriel  
          CB61y B65 CK55 IKR65N IBC61t JFC69S FC59y BR75S CB65y IK63  
          CF63Y ICB59                  
          New American Orchestra SF 映画 "ブレード・ランナー" サウンドトラック 映画のままの音源は1994年のサントラ  
            SF Movie "Blade Runner" Soundtrack Original Sound Track (1994)  
  Blade Runner : Orchestral Adaptation  [ Soundtrack ] 1982/1990Warner . Music Composed for The Motion Picture by Vangelis  
               Sax-Tom Scott, Piano-Michael Lang, Richard Tee, Vocal-Johh Bahler, etc  
          KR85h CR>RC><HRB77h BR77M~ IRK>KB80h CK75dyh KB80N HRB80hN 05rCK75dyh      
          New Cool Collective    
      Trippin' Feat. Tony Allen
  Trippin'     2005DoxRecords/P-VineRecords[Japan]  
          CB80Y CR><CK65 in>CB74mfdy BF74fy CB71MmdY in>CB67dy in>FC74mYY CB69>…. CB74YY    
          New Latitude  Group  
  Vantage Point     2017NewLatitude   
        BC71f BC75 BC77fb BC74 BF75 CK71t B74m BC74 BK69 KC74t  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          The New Mastersounds Genre: Jazz Funk  
  Keb Darge Presents     2001CookerRecords/2008BluesInteractions/P-Vine[Japan]  
          CB75dY CB65 CB74MY BC74Wdy BC71fdy CB71Mdy CF74dy CB74MdY BC74dy CB74dY  
          CB71Mdy CB71fdYcs CB74dy CB74MdY CB71MdY            
  Be Yourself     2003OneNoteRecords/2008BluesInteractions/P-Vine[Japan]  
        BC65d BF80W CB71d CB74fdy BC67fdy BC71dy/ CB75fdy BC71fd CB71dY BC65/  
        CB69dY CB71fdy KC69M CB71fdy 2rBF77Wd BC77q CB74dy        
  Re::Mixed     2007BluesInteractions/P-Vine[Japan]  
          rBC71M rC71dy rBC77Wwd rBC77wfd rCF69y rC75mfdy rC77mdy rBF80W rCF71dy rCB75fdy  
          rBC71fdy rCB69fd                  
  Plug & Play     2008CookerRecords/BluesInteractions/P-Vine[Japan]  
          BC67fdy BC67Wdy CF74fd CF71Wmdy BC>CF71f CB71Mdy C71fdy CB71fdy BC69Wfd CF74fdy  
          CB71Wdy C69dy CB67dy!                
          NexLevel Group  
  Level One     2004NexLevel  
          KC74 KC71q BK74 BC71 KB65N BC74 BC74f KR74 FB><CB75d KB65  
  Midnight Blue     2012Nexlevel  
        CB>CF71dy CK69 BK71 KB74 in BC74 KC74 CB71fdy end    
          Niacin Group  
  Niacin       1997Stretch  
          CF69Y CF65 CB61 B65 KR>CF65Y CB>CF61Y CF61Y CB55Y B74f CF>BC59  
          CF59y CK40 CF55 CF67 CB51/            
    High Bias [from US] [Import]
    High Bias       1998Stretch . Guest: Chick Corea  
          CF71y FC69ys CF71y CB65y CF65 BC65 CB63 B77 CF69y FC65y  
          CF71 BC69                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Nick Colionne Guitar / Programming / Vocal / etc  
  Just Come On In 2003ThreeKeys . Guest: Paul Jackson Jr, Ricky Peterson, Marcus Johnson, etc  
          BF77 CB74 CB71 CB69d CB69d B75Wv BC75 CB><B74 CB71f CB71  
          CB69 CK><B71S BC69w                
  Keepin' It Cool     2006Narada  
          CB75 KC75 CK77 BF80 KB75 BF75 BC74 B77 BF77 CB75  
          BC75 B74M CB80f                
  No Limits     2008Koch  
          CB77dy CB74 CK71 KC63Mwq KC69 KC63Mq KC74q CB74 KC71q BC71q  
          CB74dy KC61Mmq 12rKC65mq                
  Feel The Heat     2011Trippin&Rhythm  
          CK67fd KC65q BK65Mq BC65fq CB74dy KB65MN FB74d CK69fd KC61Mq CB65Mmfd  
  Influences     2014Trippin&Rhythm  
          CB77dy KC75d KC74dq BC71fd KB75Vs BK77 BC80 KC77 CB75fdy CK71  
          2rKC75d 2rKC75d                  
  Journey     2016Trippin&Rhythm  
          CK71fd CB65q B74 BC71f CK71m B71m CB69 BC75fd BK71 KB69N  
          Nick Plytas Keyboard  
  Rare       1989Sony  
          CK74d DB74 DCK74 CF74dy RKN>CB71d CF69dy CF67dy CK61dys      
          Nicholas Cole Keyboard  
  A Journey of One     2010NicholasCole  
          BC77fd KC80fd in>BC80d BC77fd KC77 BC80mf BC71fd BC85fdY BC80 BC74fd  
          KC74 IRB77N                  
  Endless Possibilties     2012Cutmore  
          KC74 KC75f BC71 KR74m CK74fd KR77N BC75 KB71W KC74 CK74d  
          KC74 BC74 BC74fd RK74N              
  Night Sessions     2015Trippin&Rhythm  
          CB69dy CK67d BC67fdy CK61m RF67Mm BK65 BC69 CB63dy BC63 KB63N  
          Nicola Conte    
  Jet Sounds     2000Edizioni  
          CK74b BC75wfb in>DCB74wY BF77wfb BC75 FB77vb BC71f CB71d BC74wfb BC69wfb  
          BC74fby CB75wfb JCB75                
          Niels Lan Doky  << Please Look [ Jazz ] Album  >>  
          Doky Brothers  << Please Look "D"  >>  
    Moonlight Serenade
    Moonlight Serenade     2004Dreamwhisper  
          KC69t KF74 K71 KF74t KB74 KF74 KF74 BC74><Myt BK74 CK74yt  
  Nightbyrd       2007GeminiSun  
          KB>KF71t BC71 KB><KF75 KF74t KB74t KC74t KB74 K69t BC71f BK71  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Nils Keyboard    
    Blue Planet       1998 Ichiban International/Brajo  
          KC74 RF95 CF69v in BC71vs BF80vy KR80N B75W BC75vN B85f  
          KC>BC65M BK77>end                  
  Pacific Coast Highway     2005Baja . Guest: Abraham Laboriel, Steve Reid  
          CK85d BC77vg KC77wd BR80 B77vs BC75w KC75w CK80d BC77wf in>CB><BC75mfd  
          IBR80 BK><BC77                  
Ready to Play
  Ready to Play     2007Baja  
        CB77y BC75mf BC75 CB80 CK77 BF75s BC75 BF74ws CB75d KC75  
        CK77 KB77                  
      Up Close and Personal
  Up Close and Personal     2009Baja  
          RF77v CK75d CB77mfdy KB77s B><BC77v CB74v B77 BF80 BF77 CB77m  
          RF80v RC77                  
          City Groove     2012Baja  
          CB77fdy CB80fdy CK77 CK80dy CB77fdY BC77vfdy BC85 BC77fdy CB77fdy KR77  
          CB80dy B80                  
  Alley Cat 2016Baja/TSR  
          CB80fd CK75d CB74d CB80d B77f CK74 CK69q BF80 CB75 CK71  
          CB71 BC74w                  
          Nils Gessinger Keyboard / Organ  
  Ducks 'N' Cookies     1995GRP  
          FC65Y CK65Mw B80 CF61MwY KB59 CK55fyt BK75 CF59MvY CK65 B65Wv  
          CK65 CF61Mvfy BK><BC63q JBF65m              
          Nils Petter Molvaer Trumpet / Keyboard / etc  
          ニルス・ペッター・モルヴェル 前衛芸術的. 音楽性が電化Miles Davis, 近藤等則に近い  
  Khmer [ Disc 1 ]     1997ECM . 2 Disc  
          CR>C69 CR>CC74dY CC65y K69 KB>CK67 K69N CC><CK65dY HCR61N      
            [ Disc 2  Remix ]      
          CR>C65Y CR>CC67d CRN>CC65dy KC69Nd              
  Solid Ether       2000ECM . 世紀末音楽といった感じ  
          CR>CC85Y CR><CC75 RK77N in K>CK74y KC>CC75y 2rCR><CC75y BK74 KC>CC74y end  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Nite Flyte Group  
    30,000 ft
    30,000 ft       1997PassionJazz  
          CB75fd CB77d BC71fd CB80fd CK><RF77fd KC75fd CB77dy CB75fd CB74d CB77fdy  
          Ascension       1999Instinct . Jacket Design 2 Type( Instinct ≠ Passion Jazz )  
          C74d RF77 CB75fd CK80fd B75 CB75dy KC74d CK74d BC74 BF80  
          Noel Pointer Violin  
  Phantazia 1977BlueNote(Capitol) . Producer: Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen  
                         Guest: Earl Klugh, Ralph MacDonald, etc  
          CB63y KB65 CB55fs BF>CF65y IKR75 BC>CB65y BF59s        
  Never Lose Your Heart     1993Shanachie  
          CK80vfd KC77Wwds KF75 KC71w B74Mw CK75dy B75s BF71Mv      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Norman Brown Guitar  
  Just Between Us     1992Motown . Guest: Stevie Wonder(6)(6Compose)  
          CF77y KF85 CB71dy BF74wfs FC80y CF65vdy B80 CB69mdy BR74w BF74wf  
  After The Storm     1994Motown . Jacket Design <US> ≠ <Japan> . 03-Janet Jackson Cover  
          アフター・ザ・ストーム +1                         13-JapanBonusTrack[Man In The Mirror]( Micheal Jackson Cover )  
          CK74w B90 KC77s BK>BF71ws BC69y BK69vfs CF63 KB>B63Mw B75f RB75a  
          >CF75mdy CB65 B>BC77s                
  Better Days Ahead  <US>   1996Motown  
          CK71y BC77y B75vs KB69 KF65 B74wf CF61y BK74 BC74ms KC74m  
  Better Days Ahead  < JP > 1996Motown/Universal . 03-JapanBonusTrack[The Closer I Get To You]  
          ベター・デイズ・アヘッド             03Duet-Regine Velazquez & Norman Brown    
          CK71y BC77y BR85Vs KB69 KF65 B74wf B75vs CF61y BK74 BC74ms  
          KC74m BF74                  
  Celebration       1999Warner . Producer: Paul Brown, Matt Pierson  
          KC77m RF85 KB80 BR85Vws FB85 B80v RB85ws RF85Mw BC80mfd BR85w  
    Just Chillin'   [ type 1 ]   2002Warner . Producer: Paul Brown, Norman Brown  
                    1-[ Night Drive ], 5-[ The Feeling I Get ]  
          KC85fd KC74v KR80s BR80Mm BC90vf KB75Ww KR80m BR80Ww BR80Ww CK69myt  
          Night Drive       The Feeling I Get            
          Just Chillin' [ type 2 ]   2002Warner . Producer: Paul Brown, Norman Brown  
          ジャスト・チリン         1-[ The Feeling I Get ], 4-[ Night Drive ]  
          BC90vf KC74v BR80Ww KC85fd BR80Mm CK69myt KR80s BR80Ww KR80m KB75Ww  
          The Feeling I Get     Night Drive              
  West Coast Coolin'      2004Warner . Producer: James Poyser, Vikter Duplaix, Paul Brown  
          BC74Vvfd BC85mfd KC77 B85m B74mf BF75Mms BC74md FB77v BC69Mv BK77  
  The Very Best of Norman Brown   2005GRP . Selection Album from Motown Label(1992-1996)  
          KC77s BC77y KF85 BK>BF71ws CF65vdy BC69y BR74w B90 B75vs BC74ms  
  Stay With Me      2007Peak  
          BF80m BC77w KC75 CB75 KB77m B77Mm CK80fd KC75m KC77 BC74Mm>end  
    Sending My Love
    Sending My Love     2010Concord  
          BC85fd B80m B85m B77Vws CB80mdy BK80 BC80Mv BC85d BC85fd B80Mm  
  Let It Go     2017Shanachie  
          in BC80 BR80 BF74MM B77v FB77vd BC75V CB77fd KC71m CB75vd  
          CK74d RF69ws                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Norman Connors Percussion / Vocal  
  Remember Who You Are 1993Motown  
          BR75Wv CB67Wwy KC74 BR74Wws BF74WwfS B><BK67Ms JJFC67bS JBR65MS CB69Wwfd CB74dy  
  Easy Living       1996Motown . Guest : Bobby Lyle .Gerald Albright . Doc Powell  
          BF85 KC75v BC85f KB69 CB65W BC74M RF75W KC74 KC74W BK65Wf  
          BC65 BK71 BC75Wf                
  Eternity       2000TheRightStuff . Guest: Gerald Albright, Bobby Lyle, Norman Brown, Paul Jackson Jr  
                            Marion Meadows, Peabo Bryson, Lisa Fisher  
          RF85v B85Wvf CK77dy B80Mwf BC77 B80f RF80 KB74W KC71w K77MmS  
          KC67s CB75y BR80Mmf RF80Wwf              
      Star Power
  Star Power     2009Shanachie  
          in>KC75Mwd KR80Vw CK77Wds KC75Wws BC77wfs BR80Mm RF85 B80M KR80 BK75Ww  
          BF80 BK77Mm CB75WwdY JB77W              
          長岡成貢 [Seikou Nagaoka] << Please Look "Vocal-Pops-Woman  Seikou Nagaoka " >>  
          Nagaoka Seikou    
          中島 岳 [Japan] . Guitar  
          Gaku Nakajima    
  アイアムギタリスト   2015Gaku[Japan]  
          CB69y CB74 B80 K71 B>BC77>Y BF>FB80 FC80dy CF67ye KB><CK75Yq CB67Y  
          中園亜美 [Japan] . Sax  
          Ami Nakazono    
  Make It Happen   2015Vega[Japan] . Vocal-Kanokkan Sudhikam(8,11)  
          CB80d CK77 KB75 CB77fd KB><KC75 CF75dy KC75 BR80W CB75Y KC75  
          仲田美穂 Piano  
          Miho Nakada    
  Corazon     2008What'sNewRecords[Japan]  
          BC75MfbyS BC74yS BF69MbS BF><FB69ms BF75S BC71fS in>CB71ys BC75Mfbs BR74><BCMbs BF74>Mmbs  
          中村 健佐 Sax  
          Kensuke Nakamura    
  Without You     2002KC事務局[Japan]  
          KR77s BR77s BR80s B77s BC77fs KR>BR77s B77s B75s      
  Fade Into Light     2003KC事務局[Japan]  
          KR77s BR77fs KR77cs BR77s B75fs B77s KR77s KB74NS BR77s BR77fs  
          成田 玲 [Japan] . Keyboard  
          Rei Narita    
  The Color Of Soundscape   2011StudioLunaAzul[Japan]  
            You Tube プロモーション・ビデオ    
          BC80d BF85fd FB85 BK80 BF80 KR80 BC80fd BK80 RF80 BR80  
  The Color of Soundscape 2   2015StudioLunaAzul[Japan]  
          CB85fdy RF85 BC80d FC80dy KB77 JCB85fy BC80d BF85fd JRF77 BR80  
  Key Rei Cover   2017KeyReiJazz[Japan]  
          KB80s KR85Ns KR80Ns FC77dys IBK80s KC><CB80s BR80s IBR80Ns CK77fys IBR85s  
          西村貴行 Sax  
          Takayuki Nishimura    
  The Moment of Becoming a Star 2013WesternStudioVillage . Mini Album  
          IBR77Nh BC>BF77 B77f IKR77N CK74fd CB74fdy          
          ネイティブ・サン [Japan] . Group  
          Native Son    
  Resort     1983Polydor[Japan]  
          BC65d CB>CF65 BF><CF67 BF65b KR77 CB65fdy B>BF65b!        
  Daybreak     1985Polydor[Japan]  
          CB59fdy CB63fd B61 B><BC61 CB59d KR>B74 KR74Ns/        
          Aqua Marine - Native Son Best - 1986Polydor[Japan]  
          アクアマリン - ネイティブ・サン・ベスト -     
          BC69 RF><FC71 BF71 B71 FC69y BC><CB65f KR69 RF69      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  O       O'2L Genre: House  
      Doyle's Brunch
  Doyle's Brunch     2005Peak  
          in>DCK75v DCB><RB75f^ DFC75vy DCK><CB74 DRB><BC77 DCB>CF71f IB><DB75 IBR75 DC77f IB75  
          IBK>KC74 IBF69w in>CF75fy~                
          Ojas - Bali Deep & Kurenai Cafe Presents - [Japan]  
  Jazzarous 2005Kurenai/Time&Gold[Japan]  
          in^ DCB75~ DCB85m DBC77~ DCB71y~ RK77~ DBC67^ DCB69m in>DBC74 IBR77  
          DBC77^ IKR75                  
          Ole Edvard Antonsen    
  Read My Lips 1997EMI .  妙に奥行きのある音  
          BF>CF74y IRF75v IBK74Mh CB77wdY B77f RB77h^ IBF>FB75 B74 B75 CB>CF65Y  
          Oli Silk Keyboard  
  So Many Ways     2006Trippin&Rhythm  
          KR80 KC80wf BK77w CF80d CB80dy BR85 BC85f BC80MMmf B80v BC77  
    The Limit's the Sky     2008Trippin&Rhythm  
          CK><BF77wfd BC80f BC77Mv BF85 BC77 BC77f B80 ^ >CB77vfd CB77fdy BF65v>M  
  All We Need     2010Trippin'n'Rhythm  
          BC80fd BC80f KC80Wfd CK80fd^ KC80fd^ in>BC85fd KC77N BC80Wfd BC85fd KC77d  
  Razor Sharp Brit      2013Trippin&Rhythm  
          CK74fd BC71 BF><BC75Wwd CB75fd BC75fd HRB74N/ BF74w BC69f BC74Wwfd BC74fd  
  Where I Left Off     2016Trippin&Rhythm  
          BC74mfd BF75d FB80d CB74Wwfdys BK80 BC74f BC74fdy CK74q B74q BC74Wfdy  
          KC74 CB74fd                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Omar Hakim Drums  
      Rhythm Deep [from US] [Import]
  Rhythm Deep     1989GRP  
          CB61Mvdy CB65Mvd BR80Mm RC74v KC74Mv CK65Mwd B80Vm C61dy KB74Mm BF65Mm  
          CK61Mm B61M                  
          Onaje Allan Gumbs Keyboard . Genre: SmoothJazz, Jazz, Pops  
  That Special Part Of Me     1990Zebra  
          BC71 BR85 RK77N BC74 JB>BC77 BR><RF80s BR77V BR77 BC75 KR75  
          1rC65d 1rC><CB65d                  
  Dare to Dream     1991MCA . "Jacket Design is Bad "  
          C74d KR><BC75 BC74 B75Vf CB80fd in BC75fby JBC80f CB74dy JRF80  
          Orb Genre: Tecno  
  Orblivion 1997Island  
          DCC65y DC63y DCC77 DC>CR65v DCC74 DCC59Y/ DCC>CF65~ in>DCF74vy CC61~/ in>DCF75vy  
          DCR>CC63y~ in>DCC61mY                  
  Cydonia 2001Universal Island  
          DBC77Wf DC61 DRC63v DCR>CC65y~ in~ in DCR>CC63Y DRF74W DCR69W~ DCC><CR63y  
          in DCC61vy DCC63vY in>CR>RC74              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Oscar Castro Neves Guitar . ボサノバ系  
      Maracuja [from US] [Import]
  Maracuja       1989VMI/1993JMI/JVC  
          CK65y K61 BF75vf BC55v CB>BF65vf K61N CF55fY KB74N BF65w BC69  
  More Than Yesterday     1991VMI/JVC  
          BF74v BF80 KB69 CB65vy KR74>BK69v BK69v BF75 K61 BF75 CB65vy  
          K65 K71 CF65vy                
  Tropical Heart     1993Victor[Japan]  
          トロピカル・ハート   (XRCD)    
          KB><BF65 BF85 KB65 K65Ww BF61 RB85N KB63 BF80 BK><RF75 BF77  
          BR77Ww CK65 KR80N                
          The Ossan Band [Japan] . Group  
  One   2015What'sNew[Japan] . Guitar-天野丘(2,9,10Compose), Bass-谷源昌  
              Sax&Flute&Programming-宮地スグル(4,8Compose), Drums-藤井学  
          CF59s CK59q B75s CB61d CK55qs FB75s CB59ys KR>BF65 CF59Y KC57q  
          Ottmar Liebert Guitar  
  Euphoria 1995Sony  
          BR77f CF>CB74dy C51t>CK55d CK69d DC65f KB>KC69d RB80f        
          Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra Group  
  Viva 1995Sony  
          B55t K61NL IRB74N BK61 CK61t C55t/ K>CK61ytL RF69tL BC><KC61f K55t/  
          IRB74L KB65tL>KC55                  
          Ozzie Ahlers Keyboard  
  Finger Painting 1997HigherOctave . Guest: Peter White  
          FB77 CF74f BF74 BC>CB69 BR69/ FC74 F75 CK65 BF>CB>FB67    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          岡本 博文 << Please Look [ Instrumental ] Album  >>  
          Okamoto Hirohumi    
          沖野修也 << Please Look [ Vocal - Pops Woman ] Album  >>  
          Okino Syuya    
          小沼 ようすけ [Japan] . Guitar  
          Yosuke Onuma    
  Nu Jazz 2001Sony[Japan]  
          C69fd C67dY C67vdys BK69s CF63ye CF65dys KC67s KR74Ns HRB75N in><C74dS  
  Jazz 'n' Pop     2003Sony[Japan]  
          CB74wfd CB74y BC74ws RF75 in>DC71 in>CB75dy DBC69 CB69d BR67 DBC71w~  
  The Three Primary Colors   2004Sony[Japan]  
          JCF69fy JBC69f JBF74fys JBC><CB65fqs JRB69 JBK71s CF63fys CB61yq BK67N KR71  
  3, 2 & 1     2006SonyMusic[Japan]  
          BC65qs KR75N BC75f RK74 BC65q><Y in>JBC67fyS in>JCK69fS BC55fs BF63s RK71N  
          CR>B>BC59 BR67s FB77bs                
  Beautiful Day     2007Sony[Japan]  
          KR77/ in>BF77d BC75f BC><CB75 BC75 BF80 CB74 B77 CB77fds BR77  
  Jam Ka   2010Sony[Japan] . Sax-Jacques Schwarz Bart(6,7,10Compose), etc  
          BC74fb JBF74b BR77Wb in>BF75fyb CB69fb JRC59// JCB59f BC67fb IBC61fyb BF65Wwb  
          IRB59 BC59fy IKR61N                
          小野塚 晃 [Japan] . Piano & Keyboard  
          Akira Onozuka    
    Rera     2010Being[Japan]  
          FB80y KC77 JBC><CB80y BR80 CF80fy JCF77y KR80 BF80qL><y RK77N    
  Kanto 〜大空へ〜   2015Being[Japan]  
          FB85 BF80 KR80N BC><FB80 KB80 FC75y CF75fdy KC71 RK>B77    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20