1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  P       Pamela Williams Sax  
  Saxtress       1997HeadsUp  
          BF75W B75s KR75 KC65Ww B69ws CB74y KC74 KB65W CB74 BF80  
          BK74 4rKC65Ww                  
  Eight Days Of Ecstasy     1998HeadsUp  
          CB75dy FB85Wd BK85 B74Mmf BK85 KC80d BR85Mm CK74 K80d CB63dy  
  The Perfect Love     2003Shanachie  
          BK80fd BC80fd BC77 CB75 BK77 CB74 BC74d CB63wfd BK74d CK74d  
  Sweet Saxations     2005Shanachie  
          CB77fd BC77fd B77f B77ws BC71 CB75fd KC74Ww CB75fd CB75fd B77  
  Elixir       2006Shanachie  
          BC77f BK77 BF75 BF75 B75f CB71 KR74wN BC74f BR77 BC75f  
  The Look Of Love     2007Shanachie  
          BK80s BF80fs B80s BF80s KB77s KF77ws KC77Ws BF80s BF80s KR77s  
          Panama Reed    
    Remote Soul Modulations   1997InternalBass  
          DBC><CB71vy DCB69! DBC74v in>DC74vfy DKC65v DBC75vf~ DCB80wf DC77vy      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Paolo Rustichelli Keyboard  
  Neopagan     2006NextAgeMusic  
          BF65m KC71md KC69mfd KC65M B65M B74 BC69m BK65m BC65mfd BF65M  
          BC74md CB71md B65m KC65 2rKC74            
          Paprika Soul    
  Paprika Soul     2001HigherOctave  
          BC80Wwf BC75fd CB74d CB75Wds CB74dy CB74wdy CF74y CR>CB69 BC74fd BC77vf  
          パラシュート [Japan] . Group  
      PARACHUTE from Asian Port
  PARACHUTE From Asian Port   1980/2002PonyCanyon[Japan] . Vocal Album  
          BC55m RF65Mw B65Wj in>BK65 in>FC69d BF69Mw IBR75 B63Mwj      
  6Kinds 6Sizes     1980/2002PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          in>CB71d CB67Mfdy BR71M B69M BK74M BC63M BF69s CK><BC65 BC69Mfd in>BC63M  
  Haere Mai     1981/2002PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          FC69d BC59M B><BR69 CK61M FC65M BF63Mwdj RF65 BR69Mw CK55Mwj CB63d/  
  Sylvia     1982/2002PonyCanyon[Japan] . Vocal Album  
          BC>BF65Mfd BK65M FB71Md BK65M B69Mvf BC65Mw B65M KR71M BC61Mq    
          Pat Kelley Guitar . Genre: Smooth Jazz  
    High Heels 1992Nipponcolumbia[Japan] . Guest: David Benoit, Eric Marienthal, etc  
          CF65v BC69 BF67Mv BF71 BF77 CF63 CK63 BK65 BF71 KC65  
      The Road Home [from US] [Import]
  The Road Home     1994Positive  
          CB74 CB61 B80 JFC80S CB65M CB80 JCF75 BF77 JFC74 BR74NS  
    Moonlight Dance     1998Award . Guest: David Benoit, Eric Marienthal, Gregg Karukas  
                                  Album Title & Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan> . 07-Portuguese For Travelers  
          BF80 BR80 BF85 KC85 KB75 CB71 BF95w CB74 FB80 BF74y  
    Good News <Japan>     1998 IdNet[Japan] . Album[Moonlight Dance] =  Album[Good News <Japan>]  
          グッド・ニュース                                     02-Portuguese For Travelers  
          BF80 BF95w BF85 CB74 KC85 CB71 BR80 FB80 BC74y KB75  
    In The Moment 2002ArtsongMusic  
          CB><BC74 JBC75f JKB><KC75 JCF75y BC74f JKC><CB74fq JFC77yS JRB>B77      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Pat Metheny Guitar . 人気の高いアーティスト  
  Bright Size Life     1975/2000ECM . Pat Metheny 1st Album . Bass-Jaco Pastorius, Drums-Bob Moses  
          BC75f B65 BK67 FC71Y RK>KC67N CB65y BF74 CF67fyS      
  Works U 1984ECM . Selection from ECM Label(1975-1984)  
          CB65y BK67 JC55y K59 K61N B65 KR77N        
      Passaggio Per Il Paradiso [Soundtrack] [from US] [Import]
  Passaggio Per II Paradiso   1996MCA  
          IBK>RF74 IK65N IBK>RF75 IK74hN IC61/ 4rIK74hN IKRN>RF75h IC55/ rIK74h IBF>K74hN  
          IKR80hN rIKN><RF74h                  
  A Map Of The World  [ Sound Track ] 1999Warner  
          IRB75hN BF75f/ B77fh HRK69N/ B74h HRK69hN/ ICR><CK69hy/ HRK69N/ HCR>K65h HRK65N/  
          HK65h/ HRK69hN/ IB>C65vdh/ HRCw>ICK74h/ HB74h/ HRK75h/ HRK74h/ HC61vhy/ HCR65h/ HCR67h  
          in HRK69h/ HB71h/ HB>FB74h/ HRK75h/ IFB74h HKR75h HK>KR65h      
      Trio 99>00 [from US] [Import]
  Trio 99-00       2000Warner . Bass-Larry Grenadier, Drums-Bill Stewart  
          JCB74fy JB><BC74fS RB74 JBF65 B><BC74 JBF><BC69fyS RC>RK69N JCF74fy JB75S CF69y  
  Trio-Live   [ Disc 1 ]   2000Warner . Bass-Larry Grenadier, Drums-Bill Stewart  
          ^ >JCB74fdyL JKC><CK><
            [ Disc 2 ]      
          BC74fyL JBK74L JBC65fqL><Y IRK74NL CCYY><CR45
    One Quiet Night 2003Warner . Solo Guitar  
          HRK71 CB><C65y IBR75s IBK69N IBK71N IBR74S IKR71N IBR71s BF67y IKB63N  
          IRC63N IBR74                  
    What's It All About     2011Nonesuch . Solo Guitar  
          IRKN><BK74s IKR75s IRK75Ncs ICK74Ys IK63Nbs IKR77s IKB71s IK65Ns IKR77s IBK75s  
  Unity Band     2012Nonesuch . Sax-Chris Potter, Bass-Ben Williams, Drums-Antonio Sanchez  
          IK>CK80y CB77Y in>CK77y BR77 BC>CB77y KC><CK74 CR>CC57
BK>B74 CF74y>Y    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Pat Metheny Group Group . Keyboard & Composer - Lyle Mays  
  Travels [ Disc 1 ]   1983/1991ECM . Keyboard&Piano-Lyle Mays, Bass-Steve Rodby, Drums-Dan Gottlieb  
               Percussion-Nana Vasconcelos  
          KC74>77L BF>FC75L RK><KR74mL FC77L CF77byL RK74NL          
            [ Disc 2 ]      
          KC>CK74yqL BK><CK74L! KR75NL CB77YL BC><FC><KR77L            
  Still Life       1987Metheny/Geffen  
          RC>CB74m KC69m BC77m CB75m CB65vfa HCR61/ RK67N/        
  Letter From Home     1989Metheny/Geffen  
          CB75mf B75m BF77mfb KB69N FB61/ BK75m FC74m B77M C51Y>RC55 BC61Ma  
          CK74Mf KR75N                  
      Secret Story [from US] [Import]
  Secret Story     1992Geffen/MCA Victor  
          RB65va BF77 B75f CF65waY KR><B77 BF77f CK61 K65 CF74 CR61w/  
          KR><B74h K>KC69h IK65h IK65h              
      The Road to You: Recorded Live in Europe [Original recording remastered] [Live] [from US] [Import]
  The Road to You: Recorded Live in Europe 1993/2006Nonesuch  
          CB77myL BC74mfL KR74NL CRN>BC><CB59L BF77mL BF77fL KR74NL FC74mbyL KR71NL CF71mfyL  
  We Live Here     1995MCA/Victor  
          BC77m BF><B80m CK71 KCN><B75mf CF98vY CB><KB75 KB>B75mf KC><CF69m CF69y    
  Quartet       1996Metheny/Geffen  
          in JCK65 C51y JCF61y JKB69N JKB69N IC><FC30 IKC45N ICR55N ICK40N  
          ICR35 IKR45N/ CF69Y JK69N JK71N            
  Imaginary Day     1997Warner  
          イマジナリー・デイ (Limited) (DVD Audio)              
          IB><CK><BC74 B>BC><CB74m IRK74 BC74m CBy><RC><B74m KBN>B74m>end DC>CFY>RC74 RK>KBN74 FCy><B><CF74m    
  Speaking of Now     2002Warner . Piano&Keyboards-Lyle Mays, BassGuitar&Vocal-Richard Bona  
          スピーキング・オブ・ナウ     Cello&Bass-Steve Rodby, Drums-Antonio Sanchez, Trumpet&Vocals-Cuong Vu, ETC  
          B>BC77m CBy><BC74 BK74m BF>CBy>CR>FB74 RK>BC71M BC>CB74mfy BC74mfy BK71m BK>BC74m    
    The Way Up     2005Nonesuch  
          ザ・ウェイ・アップ (Limited)      
          in>CB>RB77 RB><CB><CF><B77 KR><BC><RB><CF77 RK><B><CF>BK>CB77        
          1 2 3 4        
          Pat Metheny Unity Group Guitar-Pat Metheny  
  Kin   2014Nonesuch . Sax&Flute-Chris Potter, Bass-Ben Williams, Drums-Antonio Sanchez  
                                  Piano&Trumpet&Trombone&Cello&Vibraphone&Flute-Giulio Carmassi  
          in>BC><CF80mf CFf><B77 KB74N/ KC><BC80 CB77><Y BK75N in BC77q BK77    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays    
  As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls 1981ECM/2000BMG  
          CR><C><CB63v FC69Y HKR74 HB74v HBR69m            
          Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny Bass & Guitar  
    Beyond The Missouri Sky   1997Polydor/Polygram  
          JBR77N K69 K69N KR74S K65 KR80N BF77f KR74NS KC63N KC61  
          K65Ncs KR74Ncs KR74N                
          Jim Hall & Pat Metheny Guitar-Jim Hall ,  Guitar-Pat Metheny  
  Jim Hall & Pat Metheny     1999Telarc . Duo Album  
          ジム・ホール&パット・メセニー ジャケ違い再発盤    
          JRF77 JBK>KC77LS JBC74LS in JBK>KF77S JBK74N JCK77yLS JKR75NL IBK><BC69L in  
          IRK>KC74 IBK75N IKB74N JB75 JCC59 JKB74/ JBK74NL        
          Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau Guitar-Pat Metheny , Piano-Brad Mehldau  
          ブラッド・メルドー & パット・メセニー    
      Brad Mehldau Metheny Mehldau
  Metheny Mehldau     2006Nonesuch . Bass-Larry Grenadier(4,7), Drums-Jeff Ballard(4,7)  
          K74 BC74 B75 CB77fy RK>CR>BC74 K74N BC77fy B>BC74 BC74 KRN><CB75  
          Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau << Please Look Jazz"Brad Mehldau" >>  
          パット・メセニー &ブラッド・メルドー    
          Patrice Rushen Piano / Keyboard / Vocal  
  Signature       1997Sire/Discovery  
          BC65f BR77 BC69vf BF69d KR75N BC69vf CF74f CB65f BF65fd BF85  
          Patrick Bradley Keyboard  
  Can You Hear Me     2014PatricksSongFactory  
        BC80 CB80dy CB77Y BR80 CK75dY BK75d BF75fd BC74q BC75f CK77md  
  Intangible     2017PatricksSongFactory  
        CB74fdy CB75fd CB77d CB74d CK75fd BC71q CB74fd CB74d CB69 CB74f  
          Patrick Cooper    
  Vibin     2008DepthInSound  
          BF75 CK75g KR77 BC75fd KR77mN KR75M CK71Wd KR80w BC75fd BC77m  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Patrick Lamb Sax  
  It's All Right Now     2011PatrickLambProd  
          BC77md CB74fd KC74 BC75vd BC69Mfd BC74fd CF71d CK74mfd KC>BC77v CB80fdY  
          Patrick Yandall Guitar  
  Of Two Cities 2000Zangi  
          B74 BF74 BK74 BC69 FB><BF74 CB69 BK74e BC67f FC><BK67 CB69f  
  Back To The Groove 2002Zangi  
          BF67 KC><BF74w BK74 BC74s KC69M BR75 CF><CB69 BK71 KC><BK69 CK74d  
          KB67 FC74Mwd                  
  From The Ashes 2004Apria . Guest: Randy Brecker, Scott Wilkie, etc  
        BF74 CB65 BF74 B71s CB63 CB65 CB67 BR74 CB69 CB71y  
          BK67 CB63y                  
  Laws of Groovity     2008Zangi  
          CB74 BC74 KR74 CB74f BF74w CB69y BC71 KB74 BC69 FB80  
          BC67w BF75                  
    A New Day     2009Zangi  
          BC77 BC77f BC77 BC75 CB75fd CB74fd BF80m BF77 BK>CB77 BF77  
    Ethos 2016PatrickYandall  
          BF71f CB74 CB74 BK77 BF74 B74 BC74 BC61q BC71q RF74  
          CK71 BC65mf BK71 CK65 RB>RF67            
          Paula Atherton Sax & Flute  
  Groove With Me     2009Innovative  
          BF><CB77d BC75w BC><CB77f BC75Ww CF74mfy B75W BC75wfd KB71 FB77 RF>BF77  
          CB69dy B74W KC74Ww                
  Enjoy The Ride   2012DotTime  
          FC74dy B77Ww CB74d BC77Ww BC74fyb B77W CB74 BR77W CB71v 2rB77w  
  Ear Candy   2015KalimbaMusic  
        CB75d B80Ww BF77 CB75fd CB74Wdy FB77b B77W BC74fdq RF80w B77v  
          Paul Brown Guitar / Keyboard / Producer  
            Smooth Jazz界の名プロデューサー(Boney James, etc)  
  Up Front 2004GRP  
          CK75mfd CB71S CK><BF75mfd BR75Ms KB71S B77 BC65Mq BC74s BC75 CB74  
          KC71 BC63Mqs                  
  The City       2005GRP  
          KC69m KC69 CB71wfd BC69Mmq CK74s KC74 BC><B75fs in>CK75d KC74md CB65fd  
      White Sand
  White Sand       2007Peak  
          B75 KC77 BC74M CB75 BC74Ms BC75 BK75Wws KC75w KC75M KC75  
    Love You Found Me   2010Shanachie  
          BC67mq BC69fq KC69fq BC63Mq BC65dq KC69mg BC63Mq BC67q BR77 BR63Mq  
  Funky Joint     2012WoodwardAvenue  
          BF80 KC80 B80 KC77m BK74M KC74 KC80 BC75 BC85 BC71Mfqs  
  Truth B Told   2014WoodwardAvenue  
          BF77f BC71 CB74 BC67Vf RF80 B77 BC75 BC77 B75 BC69q  
  One Way Back 2016WoodwardAvenue  
          CK69fqs BC69q CK69q BC74fdq BC77 CB63Mq KC69q BK71 KC74q KR67Mwq  
          Paul Brown + Marc Antoine Guitar + Guitar  
      Foreign Xchange
  Foreign Xchange     2009ConcordMusicGroup  
          BF80 BC80fd RF85b BF80 CB77 CK75 BC85 KC74 KC71 KC71  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Paul Jackson Jr Guitar  
    I Can To Play 1988Atlantic  
          BC63mdy BF67w BC74 B>BC74 B65Mw CF63mdy BK69ws CF59mdy KR67hNs    
    Out Of The Shadows 1990Atlantic  
          B71vfs BK71 BC69v C69yd C65dy BF67Mw CF69mfdy B75f C63mdY CB67yS  
          1rBC67vf 4rC67mdy                  
      A River in the Desert [from US] [Import]
  A River In The Desert     1993Atlantic . 05-[The East From The West] is "Earl Klugh" Style Song  
          BF71Mvs B75 CF74vd RF80 B95 JCB61 KR74vs KC74vd BR69W CK74vfd  
  Never Alone 1996BlueNote(Capitol)/PonyCanyon  
          CB65 B69s C69d FB69mds B67Mvs CB65 BF69Vfs BK69Vv BF74 CF63Y  
  The Power Of The String   2001BlueNote(Capitol)  
          CK85dy CK77 KR80 CB69vds KC74Ww KR77vs CB71dy KC67Mv CK80 KC75ms  
  Still Small Voice     2003Bluenote(Capitol) . Guest: Brian Culbertson, Jeff Lober, Gerald Albright, etc  
          BK85w CK71 BC67yt CB85dy FB75s in KR85 KC74 CB71S FC77  
          BR77 BR75ws                  
    Lay It Back     2009BranchRecords  
          CB80Y CB77 BC80s KR85 CB80Y BR85 B77Mms BC80 BC80 CB77  
          B77s ^ >C77fy! ~ >CB75 KC74              
    Stories From Stompin' Willie   2016Branch  
        FC80vd BC75q CB80d FB75d CK74fdq BC65fq BC74wfdy CB69fdy CB69fdY BC57MUw  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Paul Hardcastle << Please Look [ Vocal CD - Pops Group - Paul Hardcastle ] >>  
          Paul Howards Sax . (同名のカントリー系アーティストがいる)  
    Elegance & Decadence     1998 Os-Nix[Orlando]  
          CB77f BK80m B77v BF75f B77 CB55dy BK74 KB75 CF65 BK77  
          Paul "Shilts" Weimar Sax  
  Head Boppin     2006Artizen  
          CB><BF80f BF80 CB75 KC75 CB77wd CB77fd RF77 BF80f CB75 CK75  
      Jigsaw Life
  Jigsaw Life     2008NuGroove  
          in>BC77 CB77d BC75m BK75 BC77 BC80 CB77y RF90 BC77 BC77f  
  All Grown Up     2012Blanket  
          ! >BC80fdy in>BC77m CB77 BC80 BC80d CB80fd BC77Wwfd BC77fd KC80 CB80fd  
          Paul Taylor Sax . 同名のアーティストがいるので注意  
  On The Horn     1995Countdown  
          CB85d K67 CK74Mvd BK85 CK71yd'# CB65 KB75 BF80d CB65d CK75  
  Pleasure Seeker 1997Countdown  
          CK75 KC75 KB74 KB75 KC74 K71w KC74 KC75 KC75d BC77fd  
  Undercover       2000Unity/N-Coded . Guest: Russ Freeman, etc  
          B85f KC77s KC75 KC74 BC77Mmf KB74f CK75dy CK77d KC67 KB71  
  Hypnotic 2001Peak  
          BK71 BK74d BK71d KR75 CK74d RF77Mv BC75 KC75 BC71 BK77  
    Greatest Hits     2002N2K . Selection Album  
          KC75 KC75d BK85 KC74 KC75 K67 BK71d KC74 CB85d B85f  
    Steppin' Out     2003Peak . Producer: Rex Rideout, etc  
          BK74d BF77 B75 BR75Wv BK71 BC75f BC80wfd BK80f BK75 CB74  
    Nightlife       2005Peak . Producer: Rex Rideout, etc  
          BC80fd BC75fd BC63 KC80d B74Mms CB69wd BK75 CK><C75fd KB75 KC74  
      Ladies' Choice
  Ladies' Choice     2007Peak . Guest: Regina Belle  
          BC77 BR77Ww BC80f B77Ww BC77fd BR77Ww B77 BK77Ww KR77Ww CK77fd  
  Prime Time       2011EntOneMusic  
          BC77 KC75 BK74d B74Mm CK74 CK74mdy KB74 KC77Wwg BC80fdy B80  
  Tenacity     2014E1Music  
          BC80mf BC77fd KB74 BC74fdy K74 BC74fd K74s BC75f BK75 KB74  
          Countdown     2016Eone  
          BC74 BF77fd KB75 BK74w BC74fd BC74wfdy CK74fd KC69m KB75 KB75  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Paul Tuvman Keyboard  
  Musically Speaking   2015PaulTuvman  
        RF77 K77 BF77/ BR75/ BF75f/ BF77f BF77fd IBR75// IKR77 RF75  
          B75 IBR77/ RF75/ BR80 FB74wdy            
  Riding The Jetstream   2017PaulTuvman  
        B80 BK77 BR75s BC75fdyq BR80 CB77 IBR75 KC75 RF85b KB75Ns  
          Paul Ventimiglia Piano / Keyboard  
      Il Bacio [from US] [Import]
  II Bacio 1997Miramar/BMG . Guest: Gerald Albright, Peter White, Brandon Fields, etc  
          FC80 BF74vfy KC69v CF67 B80 CF75 B77 FC75y BR74N/ BF80m  
          Peace Of Mind Group . 同名のボーカルGroupがあり注意  
  Journey To The Fore     1998unGroove . "Done To Bone + Shakatak" Style Music  
                (UK)    Jacket Design <US>≠<UK>  
          C90fd KC77Wwf CK77 CK71 KC71W C85d CK85dy C77dy CF85fd    
          Peet Project Group ( Violin + Sax + Vocal )  
  Turn You On   2011CdBaby  
          CB69mfdy CB67Mmfd CB69mfdy CK65mfd BC67M BF71 KC65 CB67Mmfdy BC65MUfd BF67fds  
  Overseas   2013CdBaby  
          BF69m BC65fd CK65mfd KC67Mm BC71fd BC74fd BC65md BC67m BC67fd KC69  
          BC69mfd BK65 CB65Mfdy                
  Pink Spirit   2014BeagleBeat  
          BF69fd CB65fd KB65N BC63d CB55fdy CK65yb CB65MfdY        
  Love   2015BeagleBeat  
        CB67fd CB67mfdy BC67mfd FB67Mfd BK67mN KC63m CB65Mmd BC65fd CB65Mfdy CB67My  
          ペガサス  [Japan] . Group . Guitar-野呂一生(1,4,6,9Compose), BassGuitar-櫻井哲夫(2,5,7,10Compose)  
  Acoustic Duo     2010KingRecord[Japan]  
          BC71fyL FC74yL BC71fLs CK><BF71yL RF71L BC74fL CB69YL RF75Ls IKR74L IKR74NL  
          CF75fyLs CK69yLs BC69Ls                
          Peppino D'Agostino Guitar  
  Venus Over Venice 1995Mesa/Bluemoon  
          IFB69 IBK71 IRF75S B65Mb IBF74y ICF59y IKB63 IBK>BF63y KR67Vs IRF>BF65  
          Pete Gitlin Guitar  
  Amplify   2012PeteGitlin  
          BF80 BC71Mm KC75wq K71N BC><CB75 CK65 BR75 BF75f KC>CK75 B71Mf  
          Peter Frampton Guitar  
  Fingerprints     2007NewDoor . Keyboards–Arthur Stead, etc, Guitar–Mike McCready, Gordon Kennedy, etc  
             Bass–John Regan, Stanley Sheldon, Drums–Chad Cromwell, Sax–Courtney Pine(1), etc  
          CB69fdy KC69t BC61qs>Ym KB65q B74 CF74y BC>CB69q CB69 BC65myq BC71fy  
          KC67q CB63y BK65N// IKC63ts              
          Peter Gordon Sax  
          Double Play 1993Positive  
          CK69 CB74 BF75f KC74 B75 CB71f FB75y B75 B77 KB65  
          Peter Horvath Keyboard  
  Foreign Matter 1995Allyn/LakeStreet  
          CB77y B77 CF75fdy BF57 BR71V RF74 RF77 CF59y BF74 JBR77N  
          Peter Mazza Guitar  
    Through My Eyes     2007LateSetRecords  
          CF74y B80 CB74y>Y KN>KF74 CB67 K74S BC><CF75fyS B><BC71 B><CF75f KR77  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Peter White Guitar  
  Reveillez-vous 1990Chase  
          FB74 BK><B74 BC69Mv CB><B69 BR74Ns/ in>FC71 BC67f RF75 CB>FB69fd BR74  
    Excusez-Moi [FROM US] [IMPORT]
    Excusez-moi 1992Sindrome  
          FC74 BF75 BK75 B74Mw CK71dy CB65yt/ FC74dy in>BK74w>V KR74 FB71  
  Promenade 1993Sindrome .Guest: Boney James, Dave Camp  
          BF77 BC><CB74f KC71Mm CB74dyt BF75s IBR74 CB74dy BF74Mm BR75 CB74dy  
  Reflections       1994CGR/Sindrome .Producer: Paul Brown . Guest: Boney James, Richard Elliot, Sam Riney  
          BC95fs BC75s B75s BK77s KC77s B75s BR77Ns BC69fs BR74wNs BR71Ns  
  Caravan Of Dreams     1996Sony .Producer: Paul Brown . Guest: Boney James, Rick Braun  
          KC85mf#' KB74 KC77 B74w CB74f KB67Ww CK74 KC71t CK71mf KR74  
  Songs Of The Season  [ X'mas Album ] 1997Sony . Producer: Paul Brown  
          クリスマス・ソング・ブック                    1曲目は100回聴いても、あきない感じ(Paul Brownの手腕)  
          BF100xs BR75xs BK75xs B67Mm KR74xs BF85xs B75mxs BF85xs BR74>BR71Mxs BR75xs  
  Perfect Moment     1998Sony . Producer: Paul Brown & Steven Dubin. 11,12-JapanBonusTrack  
          FB85 KC75 CK75d KR75 B80s KC80 KR80 BK75 BK85 BC85d  
          KB74 BF75f                  
  Glow       2001Sony . Producer: Steven Dubin. 12-JapanBonusTrack , Guest: Rick Braun  
          グロウ     (SACD)    
          CK75dt KC77 CK77 CB75d RF80 CB75 KB80 BF77 K74 KB71t  
          BF85f KC71t                  
  Confidential      2004Sony  
          CB74 B75 BF74f B75Ms BF77 KR75m BF75 in>KB74 CB74 KB71  
      Playin' Favorites
  Playin' Favorites     2006Columbia/Legacy . Guest: Boney James, Richard Elliot, Rick Braun, Bob James  
          BC75fs KB74s BR77ws BC74s BC74mfs B74Ns CB75s BF74s CB71vvs B75vvs  
  Peter White Christmas with Mindi Abair and Rick Braun 2007Artizen  
          in>RF75xs BF80Vxs KC75Wvxs in>BK77fxs BR77Mxs B77Wxs BF77xs BR77>Mxs KR77Wxs FC77Vyxs  
          RF80w>Mxs BR80Vxs                  
  Here We Go     2012HeadsUp . Guest: Philippe Saisse, Andrew New  
          KC80fdy BK>KC80f BF>FB75m KC80ft BR80 K77N CB77fd FB80 BK77 K75  
  Smile   2014HeadsUp  
          BF74v BK75 B80 BF80 B77 CK75t BC77vf KC75d CK75 BK80  
  Groovin' 2016HeadsUp  
          BF75s FB77ds B75s CK74wds RF75ws KC74wds BF75wfs BR75Ns RF77wds BR77s  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Kugatsu No Sola     2002Toshiba-EMI[Japan]  
          CF75Y~ BK75 CF><FC75y! CF74Y in>KF75>~ C71fdy^ C>B>FC75fd CB74 KF74 CF71Y  
          CF>CB69Y^ BC75my                  
          Phil Denny Sax  
  Crossover     2012OffSheetMusic  
          CB80 CK80d KC77 KC77 CB80fd KC80W CB77dY BC80fd B80 CB80fdy  
  The Messenger [ X'mas Album ]   2013CdBaby  
          BF77f KC71xs BK74Mxs BF71xs BF74xs BF75Mxs B75xs BF71m><MUxs BR77xs BR77  
  Upswing   2015CdBaby  
          KC71m CB74fdy BK74d KC74 BF75f KC77f BC74fdy KC74Mm BK75 CK74d  
          Philip Patterson Keyboard  
  Philosophy, Vol. 1   2017Unsigned  
        CK80fd BC74 BF74 RF>BF75 RF77 BF77 KR77 BC74fd FB80d BF77f  
          KCN>CK77 CB69dy 1rCK80fd                
          Philippe Saisse Keyboard  
      Valerian [from US] [Import]
  Valerian 1988WindhamHill  
          KC69y in>KC67y CK65y CB69y CK74 BC71 KC65 KR65 KB67y BC71f  
  Storyteller       1992Victor  
          in>BF71vY CF69Y CK69y KB71 KC67y KR74 BC69 CF67vdY BR>BF71y KC>KB69  
          CF65vdy KB>CK65 KR67/ BF69Y/              
  Dream Catcher     1994Victor[Japan]  
          KC80v CK71dy K80 CK71dy CF71Y CK55 KC>KF69 in KC77 IK65h/  
  Masques 1995PolyGram  
          CB71 K75 CK69d CK67Wfd CK65y K65N/ CF67my CB61 KB65 KB>KF67  
      Next Voyage [from US] [Import]
  Next Voyage 1997PolyGram  
          KC74 CK75S CK74 KC71 KR75N KC69 KR74N KC74 KB69 KC65vs  
          CB65MUfd CK71fd                  
    Halfway 'Til Dawn     1999GRP . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(13 = 7r)  
          CK85vdy KC74v C74vdY BF77 KB80N FB><RF85Wwd CK80d BC77f C77dY C69  
          BC85Ww 6rFB80Wvd                  
          At World's Edge     2008BandarLogMusic&KochEntertainment/Victor[Japan] . 13,14-JapanBonusTrack  
          IBR77/ BC85f#' BF80w BC75q KR80 KC77 KC74Wd BC74fy HKR77h KR><BC80d  
          IKR77 5rB77Mm IKB75N/ BK><CK74              
          Philippe Saisse Acoustique Trio     
    Ready To Go  - featuring Kelli Sae - 2003Aosisnext[Japan]/Victor . Vocal- Kelli Sae( Count Basic & Incognito)  
          CK85Wws CB85Wwdy KR80Ww CF77vfd BC80Wwfd CB75Wwd CB80Wwfd#' B>BF75 KB><BF77Wwd CF75fd  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Phil Klein 同名のアーティストがいるので注意  
  In The Hour Of Shadows And Whispers 1994Positive  
          CB74 BF85 K74N CK74 CF69 KB69WN BF74f CF71y BF75 FB71  
    Cruise Control     1997SinDrome  
          CK>CB61 RF>BF85f CB55fY BR>RF80 CF55fy CK75 BF59 BF77 HRB77N    
          Phillip Bent Flute / Programing  
      The Pressure [from US] [Import]
  The Pressure 1993GRP  
          CF67wdy CF67mdy RF74 BK71WwN CF65Wwdy in>K69WN C65vdYs CF65wdy CK59 RK71NS  
          Phillip Martin Sax  
  Saxappeal     2003Orchard  
          BC80mfd CB80vd B80 CB77fdy CB77dy     in>KB74 CB61f CB85mfdy  
    Saxappeal [Special Edition]   2003Saxtime!Entertainment . 02-Feel Like Making Love [Roberta Flack Cover]  
                              11-Rapture in Light Green  
          BC77fd BF85s BC80mfd KC75m CB77fdy B80 in>KB74 CB77dy CB80vd CB61f  
  Pride & Joy     2007ThreeKeys  
          BC80wfd CB80 KC77M BC71 BC80fd CK77d BC77 B77f BC80fdy BC75M  
  Realization     2009Saxtime . 04-My Cherie Amour [Stevie Wonder Cover]  
          BC80 KC80w CB80dy BR85s BC80mfd BC80fds BC><CB80 BC80fd BK77 BC80  
          in>KB77 1rBC77d/ BC75fd in>BR80bs              
    Good Day at Work     2013Innervision  
          BC74 KC>CK71 RF>BF80 BC69ys KB77 BC75fs KC75S RF80 KC74q B77><S  
  Pocket Love     2016Innervision  
          BC75dy BC75 KC75ws BC74s CK71fd BC67q/ KB80w KB75 KC75 CK74q  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Philippe Kahn Flute  
          Paradiso       1992PacificHighProductions . Guest: Alan Broadbent, Terence Blanchard, Peter Erskine, etc  
          KR80 KC74Ws in>FB80S CF><BF75fyS RF80S JKR80Ns/ BC74Ws BR80hS FB80 RB75N/  
          Phil Sheeran Guitar    
  Breaking Through     1990Passage . Producer: Gregg Karukas, Phil Sheeran . Guest: Eric Marienthal  
              03- Tres Marias        
          KB71 BF75w B100 FB74y KC63y RF75 CF69Y RK>BK74N KR74N    
    Standing On Fishes 1991Passage  
          FC77y BF77 KB74 CB65 BC>CF65 RKN><KB74 CF>CB74y RK77N BC61 FB71  
  It's A Good Thing     1995Passage/1997IdNet[Japan] . Guest: Gregg Karukas, Eric Marienthal  
          イッツ・ア・グッド・シング       Jacket<US>≠<Japan> . 01- Everything's Alright . 09- It's A Good Thing  
          BF98vf CB80f KB65 CF65 BC65Mw RF>FC74 CF74y KR74 BF85f BR75N  
    I'll Be Home For Christmas  [ X'mas Album ] 1996Passage  
          BF74xs BK74xs KR74Nxs BF80xs JBR80xs JBF77xs KB69 JBR75Nxs BF69fxs KR77N  
    Orchid       1998 IdNet[Japan] . Guest: Gregg Karukas, Eric Marienthal, etc . 02- Ste Tropez  
          オ−キッド           Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan> . 04- Riding The Wind  
          BC80N FB95 KB75s RF95 BR85N RB95N CK63 CB75dy KC74 KR95N  
    The First Noel     2000PTS Music . Guest: Sax-George Shelby  
          FC85xs BR80mxs BR80xs KB74 B75b BR80xs BR77xs RF80xs BR80xs BR><KR77xs  
    Phil Sheeran [ Best Of ] <Japan> 2002Kanzen[Japan] . Japan Release Selection Album  
          フィル・シェラン             01-Everything's Alright . 02-Ste Tropez . 05-Tres Marias . 12-The Winds Of Time  
          BF98vf FB95 BR85N FB74y B100 BF85f CB65 CF69Y RK77N CB80f  
          KB65 KR95N                  
          VA (Various Artists) - Phil Sheeran    
    Latin Guitar Tribute: To Marc Anthony 2002CMH . All Arrangements, Guitar, Instruments by Phil Sheeran  
                               Latin Singer"Marc Anthony"Tribute Album  
          BR85s BK>BR>CK77ts KB77fts IK74ts KB75ts KC71ts IK71Nts IKB74ts IKB74ts IBR77  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Pieces of a Dream Group