1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  S       The Sax Pack Sax-Jeff Kashiwa . Sax-Kim Waters . Sax-Steve Cole  
  The Sax Pack     2008Shanachie  
          BF85d BC85f KR80N CK77d ~ >BF75 BK85 CK80d FC75 KR80    
    The Pack Is Back!     2009Shanachie  
          BF90 BC85f BC77 BC77 CB77y BC85y BK75 BC77f BC77 rBF85d  
  Power of 3   2015Shanachie  
          FB85 BC80f CB77 BC77fd B85 KC75 CB80fd KC75 CF77f BC80fds  
          Saskia Laroo Trumpet[Netherlands]  
    It's Like Jazz [from US] [Import]
    It's Like Jazz     1995Laroo  
          CF67Md C65vd CF61MUdy CF75d CF65vdy DCF69d CB74dv DC69df CB75df in  
          Satoshi Tomiie [富家 哲] Genre: Tecno  
          And I Love You 1990FFRR/Polydor[Japan] .   
          DBC69Mmf 1rDBC69Mmy 1rDCB65v C85mfd DBC69Mf DBC75          
  Full Lick       1999SMEJ/Sony[Japan]  
          DC65Y in DC71WY DCR>CB61MY DBC>C67Wf DC71wY in DC77WY RK77w CK75WwdY  
          CR75Vvd BC77Wwfd BC75Wwdy KR80w              
          Re-Lick-Ed 2000Sony[Japan] . Album[Full Lick]Remix . 05r = Remix of Album[Full Lick]05  
          5rDC67wY 9rDCR><CF67vy 4rDCK71my 5rDC69v 6rDC63 10rDBC75Ww 13rDCK77Wv 12rBC75Ww 11rKC75Mvd 10rCK74Wwdy  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Tropicale       1998Instinct   
          BC77fb CB75d BC75fb BF80b CB77fd CK77fd CB80fdy CB75fdy BR75 BC77fdy  
  New Roots Novas Raizes   2004Sambada  
          DCF74fb/ FB75Mb><B FB75Mb CB74Mby B>BF74Mb BF69Mby B>FB75Mmb RF75Mmb BC74Mmfb BC80f  
          CB74Mmfb/ FB75Mmb BC74Mb BC75Mmfb FB77Mmby DCF74fb          
          Sam Cardon Piano / Keyboard  
    Digability [from US] [Import]
    Digability       2000SeriousLeisure  
          CB59 JK77N CB63y BK80 FB71 BK77 BR80N CB75ty CK>CF74vy CB75fdy  
          Sam Levine Sax  
  Sax In The City     2009GreenHill  
          B80s BF85s BK80s KR80s RF80s BR80s BK77s B80fs KB77s BF80s  
          K77s B80s KC77                
  Smooth Sax Romance     2011GreenHill  
          BR80s BR85s KC85 BR80s B77s CK77ys BR85s BR85s BF80s B85s  
          BK>KR77s K74                  
          Sam Mcnally    
    Jubilation       2003Song1stMusic  
          BF77 BF75f BC77 RF>BF77 BR75W BF75f B75 BF>FC75 CB75yS BC74S><Y  
          Sammy Peralta Keyboard  
    On the One [from UK] [Import]
    On The One     2000N-Coded  
          CK75fd C69Y BF77d CR75md CK74mdy C69dy BK69vt C74dy CF65y CK67y  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Sam Riney Sax  
  Lay It On The Line 1988Spindletop/1994Kryptic/SinDrome . Guest: David Benoit ,Russ Freeman ,etc  
                        Mixed: Paul Brown  
          KB63 B74 BC77f BK>CB74 BC71wfd CB69y BC69y KB67      
  At Last       1988Spindletop/1994Kryptic/SinDrome . Mixed: Paul Brown, etc  
          CB80y KB74 KC74 BF74 BK71 B75 CF74 KC69 CK65W RF71  
      Playing with Fire [from US] [Import]
  Playing With Fire 1990Spindletop/Sin-Drome  
          BK74s BC67ws BC><BF71y BR75s BF74dy CF65Mm BK71 KR74s RB63/ CB63  
      Talk to Me [from US] [Import]
  Talk To Me 1991Spindletop/1994Kryptic/SinDrome  
          CK74y CB71y KB65 BF77f KR75 CK65y KC67 BK71 BC71 BK65/  
      Dark Hero [from US] [Import]
  Dark Hero       1996Kokopelli  
          CK65 BK74N BK69 CK61 K63 CB67 K63 BC65fd CK61 BK69s  
          CK67d B67N                  
          Sam Rucker Sax  
    Tell You Something     2014FavorProductions  
          BC77 in>BF75vfs BC71wfd KR80s BC77 BC74wfy BK><BC75ws BC74wy BC77 B77  
          BC71 BC74w                  
          Saxman & Friends    
    Voodoo       2004FGM  
          BC74 KC75 BC74 KR77M B77 BK75 JKR80M B>CB75 RF77 KF74  
          CB74M JBR75                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Saya Piano . Genre: Instrumental, Smooth Jazz  
             ( Japanese )  
  Dance Your Heart     2001PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          IBR>BC77S IKB77s JKR80S IRF80 IB77s JBR80S JB80S IRF77 ICB75fs IB77s  
  Unity       2002PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          CB><KF77y BF><FC75s in>CB><B75s IBR77s KR75Ns IBR><CK75ls in>BK75bs B><BC77s BC><BF80f B80fs  
          IB75fs CK74fds                  
  Beautiful Day     2003PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          KC77 CB75s KB74N BC80f IKR74Nls B><BC75s KC75 KC><B77S RF77gs IBR75  
  Bloom       2004PonyCanyon[Japan] . Guest: Chris Camozzi, Nelson Braxton, Charsette(05W)  
          IKC80 IBF90ls BC80fgs BC><BF80 BR80Ww KC80g CK80fg IBR80s BC77wf><b IBR80s  
  Timeless       2005PonyCanyon[Japan] . Selection Album  
          IBR80ls IBF90ls IB80ls IRK80Nls IB77ls IB75h/ IB77ls IKR77h IB77 IKR75  
          IB75ls IKR77ls IKR80                
  Twilight       2006PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          BC77fdS B77s B75 BK75 BC75s B75 BC75s B75s B77s B75s  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Scott Allman Keyboard  
  Generations     2011ScottAllman . Guest: Sax-Darren Rahn(1,4,7)  
          FB85d BC80mfdy KC80fd CB80fy BC80fd B85 BC><BF80f CK80fd FB80d BF><BC77  
          Scott Wilkie Keyboard  
    Boundless       1999Narada  
          FB80d B85 FC75d BR85 FC75d BR85 KR77N CF75dy BR85 CB75dy  
    More Than You Know     2000Narada . Guest: Eric Marienthal, Paul Jackson Jr, etc  
          FB80d CB71f BF77f RK85N CF77fy BC>CF74 CF77fy BF80 FC74 BR85  
  Home Again : The Solo Piano Sessions 2014BeachMusic . Solo Piano  
          IBR80 rIBR85 IBR77N IBR80 IRF77 rIBR80 IBR77N IBR80Ns rIRF80 IBR80  
  All in       2014BeachMusic  
          FB80d BC75 BC74dq IBR85 CK75qs KC74q BR74s BF74s IKR80N    
          Sean U Keyboard  
  Electrify [ EP ]     2016SeanU  
          KC75d KC77fd KC77 CB77f BC77fd            
          Seawind << Please Look "Vocal-Pops Group" >>  
          Sekou Bunch BassGuitar  
    The Next Level
    The Next Level     2008Trippin N' Rhythm  
          BC><BF75wfs BR77w CB75S BR77W BK75s CB71vd><MU KR77m FB77 FC74 CK71dycs  
          Sergio Salvatore Piano . << Please Look Other[ Jazz ] Album  >>  
  Point Of Presence     1997Encoded .  Producer: Chuck Loeb  
          BR80 CB74 KC71 B77 BR95 BR75fs BR77N CK65y KR95 CB69  
          RK71N/ IKR75N                  
          Serph [Japan] . Genre: Electronica  
  Vent     2010IndependentLabelCouncilJapan[Japan]  
          DBF80 DBR><BC85 DFB85 BC80fd DBC77 in>DBC80w IBR77 DBC80 IBR75 DBR80  
          in>DBC85wf DBC><RB80                  
          Scallymatic Orchestra Genre: Club Jazz  
  Annie Get Your Gun     2009Flyin' High  
          CB85y CB75fy CB80Mmy CB90dy CB80Mv BR77/ BC85wb CB80f><Y CB80My CB77y  
          in>CB77fdy'# CB80Md 12rCB80Md                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Shades Of Soul    
  Shades Of Soul     2004Narada  
          KC77M BC74 CB71Mmf BC75 CB77 BC69Mm CB69mfdy BC75 CB71Mmfdy CB74fdy  
          Shady Grady    
  All Wound Up     2005LatadriEntertainment/BungaloRec  
          CB69d CF74dy BC77d RF77 B75Mw BC77 BC77d B75Mw CB65fd BC75Wv  
          Shakatak Group . 95年初め人気爆発 . 90年以降、現代的で洗練された音楽へとさらに進化した  
    Into The Blue     1986Polydor[Japan]  
          CK75w BF71 FB69W BC65w CB61w FB74w CK74Wwd KB65wf CB65 CK75wfd  
  Golden Wings     1987Polydor[Japan]  
          KC75w BF74wf CK75dy KC74f CK71Wvd IKC65/ FB75w CB69y BF77w KB74w  
    Fiesta       1990Skratch/Polydor  
          FB77d BK69w CB65ty KC71wf CF69wdy BF75wfd KC69w CF61WdY KC65w CB65y  
  Silent Eve       1991Polydor[Japan] . X'mas Album  
          RF74wx RF85xs BF77x BR74Wwx BK65s BF75wx BR77x FB74x B74w CB65x  
          JBR85Nx BF71wxs BR80Wwx                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Utopia       1991Polydor[Japan]  
          BF75 CB74Wdy CK74wd KC74w KR75 RF77 CK75w BF80Wwd B75w CK75  
          CK75Wwfd BF77Wwf                  
    Street Level     1992Skratch/Polydor[Japan]  
          CK77wfd BF80fd CK75w K74W CB75Wwfd DCF75wy KC77Wwfd BC80Wwfd CF77fdy KB65w  
          CK75Wwd CK77d                  
    Under The Sun     1993Polydor[Japan]  
          CB85Wwdy CK80Wwd CK74wdy KC85Ww BF74 CF71wdy FB85Wwdy BC80fd CB80d KR85Ww  
          KC><RF80 CF74wd                  
  Let The Piano PLay     1997Victor[Japan]  
          CF75Vvfd FB75Wwd CB69MU KC74Wwd BC74wf KC85 CB75wvdy BR80w CF71Vdy CK71v  
          KC71 K74 CF74Wvdy                
    View From The City     1998Victor[Japan] . ボーカル曲が中心 .  輸入盤(輸出盤?)は曲順・曲名とも異なる  
          CB80Wwd CF74Mwd CK85d BF85Wwfd CB85dy CF75Wwd BF85Wwfd K71 CB74Wwdy BC75w  
          FB80w FC65                  
  Under Your Spell     2001Victor[Japan] . Jacket Design <UK><Japan>≠<US>  
          アンダー・ユア・スペル   (UK)    
          BF77Wv RF80W KC77m RF77 KB74Ww CK74Wwd KC80Wvf CK74Wwd CF74Vvfdy KB71Ww  
          CK75wdy KC77 BR80WN                
    Blue Savannah     2003Passion/Victor[Japan]  
          ブルー・サヴァンナ   (UK)    
          CB80Wvd KC80g KC77 KB77W BC77Wwfd BC75fd KC80w KR77Ww CB75wfd KB80Vm  
          CB80fd CF75dy                  
    Beautiful Day     2005Shakatak/Victor[Japan]  
          CB77Wfd KB77Ww CB75Wwd KC75 BF80 BF77Wwf KC80 KR77 BC75Wwfd BC77  
          K75w CB74Wfd 1rCB77Wfd                
      Emotionally Blue
  Emotionally Blue     2007VictorEntertainment[Japan]  
          CB77Wwd BK77Ww KC77 CK75Ww RF80 RF75Ww BF77Ww BR75 BF80wd BK77Ww  
          CB80wfd KB75Ww KB75                
  Afterglow       2009Victor[Japan]  
          BF80Wd KC77Wwd KC77 KC75Wd KB74g BC><RF74Ww KR80WN RF75 CK75Wwfd in>BC77Wwfd  
          BC77Wwd KC80 FB77                
  Across The World     2011Victor[Japan]  
          KC80W KC77W KC75 BF77Wfdy CB74Wwd KC75Ww BC74Ww CK75fd CK75wfdy BK75Ww  
          KC74Ww KR80s RF80w                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          ShaShaty  Sax  
  It's My Pleasure   2008CdBaby  
          BF74 RF74 K71 KC><BC71w KB71 BR77>KC71 BF77 K74t K77 BF77  
  From Me To You   2008CdBaby  
          CK69 BK74s in KB74s CK74s BR75ms KC67t B74 BR75ws K>CK71wt  
  Brighter Day   2015Bfd  
          BF75 CB69m BK74w KB71w KR74N KF67t BF74w BF74 KR74 FB74m  
          Shaun LaBelle    
  Desert Nights     2009Innervision  
          BC77 CB77y BC77 CB77fd CF77dy BC77fd KC><BC75 BC77md B80Ww 1rBC77  
    Shilts << Please Look " Paul Shilts Weimar " >>  
          Shiro Mori Guitar / Synth  
    Islands 1992Polydor[Japan] . Producer: 鈴木良雄 . Guest: Dave Liebman, Bob Mintzer, etc  
          BF65 BF65f KR><RF74 CK65t CB61 in>FB75'# BR75        
          SHOOBAROOBA     Group [UK] . Leader&SaxPlayer: Jo Hutton  
  SHOOBAROOBA     1997NipponCrown[Japan]  
          in KR85 BF80w BK85 FB74w KR85 BR85 RB85 BR85 BF77f  
          BF80 end                  
          Sinister Project Group  
      Sketches of Pain [from US] [Import]
  Sketches Of Pain 1995A-Record  
          JCR61 CF57YY CK55y RC65N/ RC65N><W CR>KB51 CF49mYa CF49fy CF49fY FC55vfdy  
          Siraj Sax  
    Siraj       2001Siraj  
          ~ >DRB75~/ in>BC77d CR74~ ~ >KR75Mv~ in CB><BF75b B74 in KR74 FB71mb  
          B74Mm KR71N~ ~ CB65MUvdy KR75 end          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Skinny Hightower Keyboard  
  Emotions     2017TrippinNRhythm  
          CK74d CK75d CK74fd KC71d BC74d BC74fd KC74fd KR71N BC74fd BC67mfd  
          KC71fd BC69fds KC63 BC65q CK65d            
          Skip Martin    
      Miles High
  Miles High       2006SoundSuccess  
          CK69 CK74d CK61 BK75vg BF75v CB69vf in>BR77v 4rBK75vg~ CB71mfd KC74d  
          BC75md 3rCK61~                  
          Smappies Group . 日本の「スマップ」の曲を海外のミュージシャンがアレンジ・カバーする企画盤  
    SmappiesU     1999Victor[Japan]  
          B>JJFC74YYs CF69WYYs CB74Mfds BF74ys B74Mfs C51f>CF61VVf BC74Wwfb JBF75fs B71Ms BC69mfs  
          The Smooth Jazz Alley Group  
  Been a Long Time Comin' 2016MarcoMontoya  
          BC74fd BC71 BF71 B67f BF71d KC65v KC74ft CB71 BC69q CK67  
          S.Mos Quintet Genre: Club Jazz  
  Play It Loud     2004Cristal  
          CB77fy CB75fd CB74dy CB74y CB74 in>CB77d FC74d KC74 BC55f CB69  
          S.M.V. ElectricBass- Stanley Clarke , ElectricBass- Marcus Miller , ElectricBass- Victor Wooten  
  Thunder     2008HeadsUp  
          in>CB67dy CB61w BC61 CB><BF61 BK65 BC61y BR><BC77h BC>CB61 CK65wds B><BC65y  
          KB>KC63w in CB63d                
          Snowboy AcidJazz/Soul/Tecno系 . Artist Name : Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove  
  Many Faces Of Snowboy . [ M. F. O. S. ] 1996AcidJazz  
          CF63vf CF59fd KC74Mw CF61Y CB61dy CF65MUfd C61fdy CF51MUfd FC57yb CK61Mmdy  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Sonya Jason Sax  
    Tigress       1993Discovery  
          KC>CK65 K63 CB67 K65 B65Mwf BF74w BF74 BK>BC71 FC65vy B><BC74  
          Sonya Robinson Violin  
    Sonya       1987CBS/Sony  
          BF40my IRC35 BF45 B45 BF45f IRK51 CF45f BK53 CF40    
          Soren Reiff Guitar  
  Funky Flavas     2010DaRoof  
        KC71w KC67w CK67q B65M CB69 in^ KC74w in^ BF75f B74  
          CK74md KC67^/ CB74vd KR71W              
          Soundscape UK (Soundscape) Group . Chris Bangs & Mick Talbot  
            Mick Talbotは元Group[The Style Council]の一人  
  Life Force       1996Instinct  
          CB85d CB74 KC75s CB74 KC77 CK71m BF>CB77 C69 BC75wfd C67dY  
          C63 CB55 3rBF75Wwd                
  Surreal Thing     1998InstinctJazz  
          BF85d C74fd FB90ds CB74fd KR85s C74fd B77fd CF74dy BR80fs C77d  
          C75fd CB69d                  
  Uptown Groove     2000Instinct . Guest: Opal(W), Gota  
          FB85d FC85Wwfd BF85 CB77fd KC80Wwfs FB85fd BF95 BR90Ww BF85 RF85  
          Soul Conversation  featuring Mark Whitfield & JK Group . Guitar-Mark Whitfield & JK  
  Soul Conversation  featuring Mark Whitfield & JK 2000Transparent  
          CB85f CB77f B77 CB85fd CB77w CB80f K77 BC67 BC74f CB71f  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Soul Ballet Group . Leader: Rick Kelly  
      Trip the Night Fantastic [from US] [Import]
  Trip The Night Fantastic   1998Countdown  
          CK75d CK74d CK74y CB74d CR65 CK75d KB>KC74 KC65v CK69vd KC65  
      Vibe Cinema [from US] [Import]
  Vibe Cinema     2000Countdown  
          KC80 KC77y CK77vdy KC77 KC75 CK74 CB77vdy KF77y CK75y CK80dy  
  Dial It In       2002GoldCircle  
          KC69vdt CK71y KC74y KR80WN CK75wdy CK71d KC74wd C69vdy RK75N/ CK74wd  
  2019     2009NuGroove  
          DCB74vfy DCK69 DCK67v K>CK74 DCK67w DC65vfy DCB67my DCB65 CB74wfdy KC><CK71dy  
          Soulstance Group . Genre: Tecno  
    En Route       1999Schema/Family Affair  
          DCK77 DC77 DRF77w DBF75 DBF77vb DFC77wf DKC77 DRF77b DRF80b DBF77  
    Act On       2000Schema  
          DCR80 DCF85f DCK80wf DCF75vfb RF80b DCF75wfy DCF74vfyb DCB71m DCF77yb DRF77wb  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Spencer Brewer << Please Look [ Instrumental ] Album  >>  
          SPECIAL OTHERS  [Japan]  
  IDOL     2006ViictorEntertainment[Japan]  
          BF80fy>Y BC75Mf BC71fd CB71fdy CB74y            
    Good morning
    Good Morning     2006ViictorEntertainment[Japan]  
          CF74fy BC74Mfd BC74 FB71 BF71M CB><CF67y IBC65 CB74fy CB74y BC71Vfys  
    Star     2007ViictorEntertainment[Japan]  
          CB74fy>Y BC74fy BF74m BC69N CB74dy BC71Mfdy          
  Quest     2008ViictorEntertainment[Japan]  
          CF71fY BF75fdy><M BC65Mf><y BF74f><M FC74y BC><CB67y CF71y KC><BC><CF74 RCN>BC67 BF74Mm  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Special EFX Group . Chieli Minucci & George Jinda  
    Modern Manners 1985GRP . 04Compose-George Jinda & Szakcsi  
          BF71f FB67y FB63y BR77 FC65y CF63fy BF69v RB67 CB><BF69y BF67  
    Slice Of Life     1986GRP  
          BF65fd BF65 FB61y BR74m CF><BR63f FC69 RK65N CB65t CF65y CF61f  
    Mystique 1987GRP  
          HRC>BF71 IRK65 IBF51 IKB75 IKB65 FB71y FC65 IRF74 FC65y IB65  
    Confidential     1989GRP  
          BC65f CB>CF63 RB><BC69w BF74 CF63y CB65mf B71 RC>CF65y RB>RK71    
    Just Like Magic     1990GRP . 03,07Compose-George Jinda & Szakcsi  
          BK71 FC65v BF80 RF77 HRK65w FC65b KR77 KB>KC67 KB71v    
  Special EFX Collection     1993GRP . Selection Album  
          BF65fd BC63 FB75m CB69 IBF51 BK71 BF71f BF75m BF74 FC65v  
          BR71m B74 BC59 HRC>BF71 CF><BR63f            
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Play [from US] [Import]
  Play       1993JVC  
          FB69vb FC69vb BF67v BR69 CB><BF74v BF69v CK69d BF67w FC67y CB69vd  
  Catwalk       1994JVC  
          C69mdy BF75Mmds BF100w CB65dy B77w CF69dY KB><B74y CB65 CK>BF65wd CF61f  
  Body Language     1995JVC  
          CF85dy CB75md BK74 CF75vdy BF74v CF63Y BK67v CF65d BF69 KRN>RF74  
  Here To Stay     1997Victor[Japan] . Guest: Warren Hill, Mark Johnson(Sax), Chuck Loeb, etc, (Chieli は不参加)  
          BF95 KB67 B75 BC67v BK67v BC71f CB67 BR71v CB71 CB65  
          CK67f BC71s                  
  Masterpiece       1999Shanachie . (Georgeが病気で不参加)  
          CR77d C77fd KB75 KR75m B74 CK74d RK80N KR77MmN RF85d BK75m  
          C69dy 2rC85fd                  
  Butterfly       2001Shanachie . Guest: David Man, Jay Beckenstein, Roger Smith, Warren Hill, Chuck Loeb  
          CF85dy BF90 FB90 KC75 CK><BC74f KB69t KR80 KC80 KR77 BK74mf  
          CF71fdy KRN>B80                  
  Party       2003Shanachie . Guest: David Man . ( Georgeは他界 )  
          BF80f BC><CB74f CB69y BF77f CB74f CB74fy B><CB69f CR><CB69f B74 FB69  
    Deep As the Night   2017Trippin&Rhythm  
          CK77fd BF77 KC74wt BC65fq RF><CB71m BC69fq KC67q BK69 KC69q RF74  
          BC71fd KR71N                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Spyro Gyra Group  
      Spyro Gyra
  Spyro Gyra       1976/1994MCA . 01-[Shaker Song]  
          F95 in>CF65 in>RB75 CF61fy BF77 BF>FB><CB75 BF><CF69f in>BC63 in>RF>BF75    
  Morning Dance     1979/1994MCA . 01-[Morning Dance]  
          FB85 CF>FC67fy RF75 FC74y CF75fy>Y CF71fy BF75 FB77 CF65y    
      Catching the Sun
  Catching the Sun     1980/1994MCA  
          BF74 CB65f BR75 CB65f CB65 BF75f BRN>FB77 BF77 BC>FB75    
  Carnaval     1980/1994MCA  
          BF75 BC><BF><CB69 RB>BR>RF75 CB69dY BF>CB75d in>CF71fdy BK74 FB75b      
    Rites Of Summer     1988/1996GRP  
          KR><BK80 CF71fy BC74 BF><BC71 RK75 CB><CR67y B75 FC>CF74fd CB74f    
    Fast Forward     1990GRP  
          BC><CF77 CF><CB><BC69Yt BC69 BF><KC><CB71 CR65 C><CF67d CF65fd KR74 CF><BR><CB67y CRma><CK67y  
  Three Wishes     1992GRP  
          BFb><FB77 JRB75/ C><CB67dy in CB65 K65 in>CF65f in>BR77'# CF65 K><BK>CB69  
          BC><BR67 RF><FC74 CF><BC63y>Y 10rK71/              
  Dreams Beyond Control   1993GRP  
          CF><FC67f BC65Mq FC65 KR74N KC><BF71t BR75Mmf KB><KC71ft HRKN>IB71 BC77f CFf><CB65  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Best Selection 1995BMG Victor[Japan] . 01-Morning Dance, 12-Shaker Song  
          FB85 FB71 F77 CB65y BF75 FC71 KR69 CF67f in>FC74 FC69  
          FB75b F95                  
  Love & Other Obsessions   1995GRP  
          BK><B74 BC>CB74w BF71m B75Mvf CB74>CF69y CF><CR69y B><BC74 BR>RF80Vvf CF><C69y CB><CF69y  
  Heart Of The Night     1996GRP  
          CB>BF67wd BK><BC65m BC><CB69 CB>CF65d BC>CF><CB63y B74 BF74 BC>CB71 KR74 BK71  
  20/20       1997GRP  
          BK74 FC><CF71y KB><CF67 BK>B74 B74 CB><B63 B75vf CB71vf CF><CB67 CB61d  
  Road Scholars     1998GRP . Live Album  
          CB><BF69L FC><CF67L BF80L BF><FC><Bq80L BF><CB77L CR>BR71L CF><KC65fL CK75L BK71>ML FC75dL  
  Got The Magic     1999WindhamHill  
          BC75 BF85 BK71t RF74Ww BF74 BK74 KB75 BC69m BF74m KR75m  
  In Modern Times     2001Heads Up  
          BC74 FB80 CB69 RC74 BC71 BC77f BC69t CB65f CK67 B74  
          KC><BF65 BC65f BK74                
  Original Cinema     2003Heads Up  
          CB67d CB61y KB65d BC>BF74 CF65dy CB69fdy CK63d FC71b CB><BF74 CB69  
          CB71y KC67t KR71                
    The Deep End     2004Heads Up  
          CB69 BF>CB63 in>RB>CB65w B75 CB>CF65f KR><BK><CB69m CF61fd in>BC><CB>CF65 BR75 CB59f  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Stanley Clarke Bass  
  The Bass IC Collection   1997Sony  
          CF63Ye CB61Ye CB61Mmd CB59Mmd CB61Mm CF55Ye KC61Ww CB51 CF45y CF61Ye  
          BF61 B><BC61 BC61 CF><CB55M              
          Stanley Clarke Band BassGuitar  
  The Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi with Ruslan & Ronald Bruner, Jr 2010RoxboroEntertainment . Synthesizer&ElectricPiano-Ruslan(1,2,3,6,8) (1Compose), etc  
          スタンリー・クラーク・バンド フィーチャリング 上原ひろみ 12-BonusTrack, AcousticPiano-上原ひろみ(6,7,8,9,10,12)(9,12Compose), Drums-Ronald Bruner  
          in>CK><CB77>vv CB69my BR77 C71mfd BK><BC71y CB74fdS>Y CFY><CB69m^ CF74Y BK><KF80Y in>JFC74wy  
          BK74N JRK75N                  
          Stanley Turrentine Sax  
    Wonderland     1987Manhattan/BlueNote(Capitol) . Music of "Stevie Wonder" . Guest: Harvey Mason, etc  
          FB77s BK63s KR74s CF61fs FC61fs KB>KC61fs BC55fs BF61fs      
          Step Ahead Group  
    Magnetic       1986Elektra/Asylum  
          FC67 CK51Y CF63Y KB65S CF63WY CF55Y BF59 BK74 FB74/    
  Yin-Yang       1992Nyc  
          CC59fd CF65fy CB74d CF57dY KB69 JCF71fy CB71d CF74fy BK74 CB><BC67  
          Steve Allee Piano / Keyboard  
      The Magic Hour [from US] [Import]
  The Magic Hour     1994Noteworthy . Producer: Tom Borton  
          CK85dy KR80N CK74 BF75 BR85 CK77 CB75dy KB75 BC75f K74  
          KR85 CB75wdy BR85N                
    Mirage     2003OwlStudios  
          BC><BF75fd B75s KC77 BK80 BC69 CB65y BK67s BF80 BF80 BC75fY  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Steve Baxter Trombone  
    In and Out     2003SlubbaBub  
          BC55N~/ CB77mdy CK75wfd CB67md B75Mw CB80wd BC77fd BC74mufd B77Wwd KR77N  
          CB75fd BR>KR77Mm                  
          Steve Briody Guitar  
  Steve Briody     2003 507Music  
          B77 BF85 BC77y KB80 CB71fy KC71S BC74y BC71 B77 CB65  
    Keep on Talkin'
    Keep on Talkin'      2006 215Records  
          CB75 KC75 CB75 CK75 BF74f B77 CB75 BC><BF77m CK75mf BC75  
          Steve Cole Sax  
  Stay Awhile       1998Atlantic . Producer: Brian Culbertson . 12曲目は11トラック後半  
          BC85vf FB85 KR95v BF97 KB85vN CK80/ K85 KC80 in BR85  
          BR95v 11>CB77vd                  
  Between Us     2000Atlantic/Warner . Producer: Brian Culbertson  
          CK77 BF80 KR85 BC77 KR90N BF74f/ BC71Mm KR85N BF77s CK74  
  Ny La       2003Warner  
          BC><BF77 BC80fd BC80Vvf KR85 CB77f BC67fd/ KC77Mmwd BK80N BC74fd CKVmfd>CK74vfd  
  Spin       2005Narada  
          FB><BF80 BC80 B75 FB77 KR77 BF77 KR80 B75f B><BF75 BC><BF75y  
    True       2006Narada  
          FC75d CK75d KB75 BF74 FB80 BF80 CB77d KB75 BK77    
  Moonlight       2011ArtistryMusic  
          in>BR85hcs BR85s BR90hS KC80hS BR85hs B90hS KR85hS BK85S BR85hs    
    Pulse     2013ArtistryMusic  
          BC77 BC80fd BC77 BC77fd KB74Ns BC75 BC77f BC77 KC69w>Ms BF77f  
  Turn It Up     2016ArtistryMusic  
          BF77f BC77 B80 BF77 RF77 BC74vf BC74f KC74 CB74fd CK77d  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Steve Laury Guitar  
    Stepping Out     1990NipponColumbia  
          CF65f KC74 BC77f B74 RF74 CB75 BC74 CB74 KB65N    
  Passion       1991NipponColumbia  
          CB71y KR77 BF71m BK74 RF74 BC67mt BC67 CR75N KB71N    
      Keepin' the Faith [from US] [Import]
  Keepin' The Faith     1993Denon  
          CK69m BC74m BF74f CF74mf RF77 CK74 CF77f BC67m BC74f    
    Vineland Dreams     1995CTI  
          CK65m BF74mf BF69Mfds CK85 CB55 BR75s BF71 RB77N BF74 KC74S  
          Steve Masakowski Guitar  
    What It Is       1994Bluenote(Capitol)  
          JBF69 CF69f JBR74 CF51y CK55 CB71f BR45 BF80 CB>CF61 JBR>BF75b  
          FB61 JKC61S/                  
          Steve Nieves Sax / Vocal  
  Dream Harvest     1997Victor[Japan]  
          BF77 KB69Mm BK80 BF67Mmf CB75 BK65Mm BK80 B69Mmf KB74Mm CB69Mmf  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Steven Lee Group    
    From the Ground Up     2003StevenLeeGroup  
          CB71 KC69 CF65vf KR75N CF69fy CB74y BK>CK67 BF71