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  The Moment [from US] [Import]
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Kenny G Sax  
          The Moment     1996BMG Victor[Japan]  
          ザ・モーメント (+1) (+1)              
          BK100 BK95 K>KB74 KR80 KB77WwN BK77h BF74 RB95N BC69 BR77Mms  
          BK85 KR77N BR85                
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          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  V       Vahagn Stepanyan Keyboard  
  Moonlight   2015CdBaby  
          BC77fd BC71M CF65d BK75Ww KC74 BC71M KC75 KB77 BR74W B77  
          BK74Mm IBR80                  
          Vandegeer & Koenn Group . Acid系 . Marc Vandegeer-Keyboar & Drum Programd  
                                     Frans Koenn-Bass Guitar & Drum Program  
    Audio Graffiti     1995BeatFactory . Guest: Candy Dulfer, etc  
          RC75v CF74dy BC><CB74fd CF75vdY C67v CF74mfdyS CB63f KC61 CF71d CF67f  
          Vandell Andrew Sax  
  Turn It Up [ EP ]   2014CdBaby  
          BC80fd BC77d BF75 CB74fdy BC71fdy            
          Vann Burchfield Sax  
  Let's Get Started     2016VannBurchfield  
        BC74 CK71fd BK71 BR74ws BC74ds BC71s CK74ws KB71s B71 BR74  
  Keep Pressing On 2021VannBurchfield  
          KB75 CK69 K69 CK65f CB65fd CB74d CF67y CK65q CB69 B67q  
          K69N KR71                  
          Vernell Brown Jr Keyboard  
    A Total Eclipse     1990A&M/PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          KC74 CB61Y CK65dy KR74 KC69 CB55Y CF53Y JFB67      
          Vibes Alive Group  
            Vibraphone-Dirk Richter , Guitar-Randall Crissman  
  After Hours     2008SwingDing  
          CK80f KC75 BR77 CB69f BC74f FC80y BK><BR74 CB75fy BR77 CB75y  
          Vibrasonic 2020Swingding  
          CB74fd CB75fdy CK74fd CB>CF75dy RF75y BF75d BC77fdy KB75 CF74dY KC71q  
          Vibraphonic Group . Tecno / Soul系  
    Vibraphonic 2     1995Hollywood .  
          C77mfd CB74WmdY CF74dy CK74vd CK74d CK74Mvd C75vd BC80Wwfd C74fd C74d  
    Vibraphonic       1996Hollywood  
          CB75Wwfd C65mfd CK65dy CK74md BC80mfdy CK65wdy CB71Wwdy BC69fdS CF65mdy BC74fd  
  Christmas  [ X'mas Album ]   1996Hollywood  
          CK74fd BF69wfdx CB65Wwdx BF75dxs BF77Mfdx BC65Mds BC77fds CF75Wvdx CF74wdy BF75wfd  
    On A Roll       1997Hollywood . Soul, Tecno系  
          CK55d CB69vfd BC75Mmfd CB65fd RF77Ww CK80fd CB74vdy CB74Wwd B74Mmf CK74d  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Victor Wooten Guitar / Keyboards / Vocal  
    A Show Of Hands     1996Compass  
          CB53mf BC51vf in RB65N BF65s in CF45y in CB51Vvf RBNcs><CF65  
          in CFy><RB55 in CF49Mm RB69vN            
    What Did He Say     1997Compass  
          in CF49Mmdy BC65fs ICF55fS CK65Mwd KC51MN BC55fd in RKN>B59Ns CF61Mmf  
          BR74S RF74v BC55M K>CK59 in CF53mdy in B61Mm      
  Yin-Yang   [Disc1]   1999Compass  
          BF69f KC77 CF61y BR75 FB75 CK51m FC65y in>CB55vd KR69mN BF74f  
          CF65Mmy B>BC61Mm FC69vd KC59Wm CF59MmY FB74Mm CF55MmY BR80Wv CF55Vmfd CK55MvN  
          Vince Mai    
    Subte       2002IndiePool  
        BC71fy B74 IKB71 CK71v B77w CR>CK65 BC75 B75 CK74d B75w  
    Mband       2006Mai-Music  
          CK75dY BF77d in>B80 in>CF63fy BF85 CB75fdy KC77 DCB67 RF>FB80b BC74fy  
          Vincent Ingala Sax ( & Keyboard )  
    North End Soul     2010UnauthorizedReproduction  
          BC77d BC80fd BC80d BK80d BC77Mmfdys BF80d BR77ws KC75 DCB77fs    
  Can't Stop Now     2012UnauthorizedReproduction  
          BC80fd BC85d BK85d CB80fdy KC80 CB77dys KC77 BC77fds BC85fd    
  Coast To Coast   2015CdBaby  
          BC74fd CK69 BC80fy B77Mm BC77fd KR80 FC74v>Mdys CB74d BC75f FB80ys  
  Christmas   2016VincentIngala   
          FB80dxs RF85xs BF80Wxs BF80dxs BR85xs BF77Mfdx CK77xs K75Mxs BR80xs    
  Personal Touch 2018Shanachie  
          BC74fd BC74 KC74w KC75g CK77mfd KC77 CB77fd KC77fd BC75fd KB77  
  Echoes Of The Heart 2020Shanachie  
          CK74 KC74 KC77 CK71d BK75m KC80d BF75 CK71d BF75ds CB74md  
          Vincent Ioia Sax  
  No Time Like Now     2014VnlConsulting  
  Only       KC71 BC75f B75v CB69f BK74 CK67fd BK71 B><CK74 KC71mq    
          Vinnie Colaiuta Drum  
  Vinnie Colaiuta     1994Stretch  
          C45Ye C61y C45 CB45y C55y KR69 CB69yd CF63Y      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          The V.I..P. Club << Please Look "Wolfgang Haffner" >>  
          Vis A Vis Group  
  ヌーベル・バール・ミュージック   1998Alfa[Japan]  
          KR75vS K74vS BR77NS KR75S BK74S BR77NS BK69S BK67vS JKC74S    
          Vital Information Group . Keyboard-Tom Coster, Guitar-Frank Cambale  
  Ray Of Hope     1996Verabra  
          CB74d BF74dy BF80 BF75 B75y BC61 CB74f CF45y BRN><BF85 KR61N  
          CF55d CF61Y                  
          vusik [Japan] . Group . Genre: Club Jazz  
  Cinematic Scenery Is Here   2009ToysFactoryMusic[Japan]  
          B>BC80 in>BC><CB77 KR80W in>B>BC77fy BC>CF80 BK74 RC><CF74S JKR80W JCB80fy KR77NS  
  Silent Rain, Silent Sea     2011Vusik . Guitar-関口慎悟, Bass-トオイダイスケ, Drums-中島道博  
          in>BF77 BC77f BF75 BR77s KR77N BC77 KR75N RK74N      
  W       WaKaNa [Japan] . Sax  
  Saxcess Story 2018WakanaInamuraMusic[Japan]  
          CB80fd CB77d KB77 BF80 CB74dy B80 BF77fd KB75      
          Walle Larsson Sax  
  After the Night     2010DockSide  
  Only       BC80 BK>BC80 FC77y B80 CK80fd BC80fd B77Md w>CB75d KC75fd BF80fd  
          Walter Beasley Sax . Genre: Smooth Jazz  
  Intimacy       1992PolyGram  
          BK74 BK>B67 B67Mv BF74 KC69 CK59Mv BC65 KR67Mv K61N KB63  
  Live & More     1996Affable  
          BC65myL CK74d B74Wvf BK77 CF69dYL BK65MvL CB75d BR77      
      Tonight We Love [from US] [Import]
  Tonight We Love     1997Shanachie  
          KB75 B75fs BC74f KC71ms BK74ds BK71 KC67Mms KR75s BK71fs KB71  
      For Your Pleasure [from US] [Import]
  For Your Pleasure     1998Shanachie  
          CB74d BC80d KC74d KB80d BR75M BK80 CK85dy KB75w B77f BC71  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Won't You Let Me Love You   2000Shanachie  
          KC80 KC77 KR75vs BK77 CK77 B77Mmfs RF77 KR77vs KC80w K69Ms  
      Go With the Flow
  Go With The Flow     2003N-CodedMusic  
          BC74wfd CK74g KB75 BK74M B74WUv BC75fd CK><BK74g KR74Mv KC74 B75Ms  
  For Her       2005Heads Up . Guest: Chuck Loeb  
          CK75fd BK74m CK75d BC77fd BC80f B77Mw BF><B75 BK74 CB69 KR75Mm  
  I'm Back     2015CdBaby  
          BC67mq CB74fd BC75 KC74Mm BC67fq B69M B74 RF77 KR77    
  Blackstreams [ EP ] 2017Affable  
        KC74d KR74d BC74fd BC74d KC74d BC75fd          
    Going Home     2019CdBaby  
          CK74q CB71d BF74S KB74s BF71vfdys CK69ds KC71t BK>BC74>Ms BC65mfq KB67t  
          Walter Beasley Project    
      Private Time [from US] [Import]
  Private Time     1995PolyGram  
          CB71 CB67Wm BR71Vms BK74 CB67Mm BR80Wm KR74 CB69 BK74Mm BR74  
          Walter Duda    
  Sole Intention     2005WorldAlert   
          BC69 BF80 BC69 BK75 CB77 CB74M B74 BC69M BF77f CB63M  
          Walter Runge Keyboard  
  Bakers Dozen 2019WalterRungeJr  
        CB69 CB>CF65 CB65dy BC59 BC67fd BF65fd BC71fd CK>CB61d CB65fd KC61  
          FC61yb BC65fd FB61dy                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Warren Hill Sax  
      Kiss under the Moon [from US] [Import]
  Kiss Under The Moon     1991BMG  
          BK75f B71vf BC65Mwf KC77 CB71wfy B67Mvf CB67wdy BK75 BC71fy B65Mvf  
      Devotion [from US] [Import]
  Devotion       1993BMG  
          CF67 BK>B71y KR65ws KB71f BC69Mmfd KB65 BK67Mvs KR77 CF65y CB>CF65dY  
  Truth       1994BMG  
          BF95w KR>B77y KC75w CB74dy KB77N BF74Y CF75d BK75f KB75 KR77N  
          B75y K65w                  
      Shelter [from US] [Import]
  Shelter       1997Discovery/Warner  
          BK67Mvf CF61ys BK74 B71Mwf FC61y FC65Y BK71 BF74Mwf B65s CB63y  
          4rB74w BK74                  
  Life Thru Rose Colored Glasses   1998Sire  
          KC77 KC74 BF85 BF75s CF77d BC80d CB75dy BR85f BC77M B80  
          BR80 B85vf                  
  Love Life       2000Narada . 2,10,11Vocal-Warren Hill  
          CK69 KF65 CB67Mmys CB69MUfys B71wfy BC61Myq KB75 BK75 FB77 CK67M  
      Love Songs [Enhanced] [from US] [Import]
  Love Songs     2002Narada  
          BR80 RF77s BR74Mm BF80s KB69M>KB71S BK77s KR77S KB69Mt B74S B77s  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  A Warren Hill Christmas   2002Narada  
          JRF74xs! JB69qlxs JBR77xs B77xs B75xs B80xs BR80xs FC74xs FB74xs BF74fqxs  
          B75fxs RB77xs                  
    Popjazz       2005Popjazz/NativeLanguage . Guest: Brian Culbertson, Norman Brown, Jeff Golub  
          CB74dy CB71s CK><KB75 IRK><CR71/ KR77 KC75 BR77ms CB71mfdys KB>KC71 CB69dys  
          Warren Hill   featuring Mitch Malloy    
    I Still Believe In You     1993BMG Victor . Vocal Album  
          BR65M 1rBR65M 1rBR65M 1rBR65M              
          Wanderlust << Please Look [ Jazz ] Album  >>  
          Wayman Tisdale EleBass . Pro-Basketball Player  
  Power Forward     1995MoJazz  
          CK63m CK71mfd CB67mfds B><BC67f BR74m CB67dy in BC71wfs CF67fs BK74m  
          CB74 BK69Mm BK69                
  In The Zone     1996MoJazz  
          ~ CB65md CB74dy KR74wNs CK65md ~ CB>CF74dy BR75 ~ BF74mf  
          KR67Mvs KR71 ~ KR><B75m BR74N 4rBK67vs          
  Decisions       1998Atlantic . Guest: Lalah Hathaway, Norman Brown, Gerald Albright, Brian Culbertson  
                   , Marcus Miller        
          CB77fd CB75dy KC74v BC69 B74 CB71d BR85W BC75 BF74v FC61/  
          B69v CB74fd                  
  Face To Face     2001Atlantic . Guest: Steve Cole, etc  
          CK75d KC77Ww BR80 CK75fd BK75Ww B71Mmw B69Mm BC69ms KB65Mm BR75  
  Hang Time       2004Rendezvous . Guest: Jeff Lorber, Michael White, etc  
          CK75mdy CB75d BR74s FC75vds BK69f CK69s BR77 B75f KR74Mm BK71f  
          CB69 BR>B74m                  
      Way Up! [from US] [Import]
  Way Up !       2006Rendezvous  
          BF77my CB75mf BK75 KC74 BC71 KR75Mv FB77 CB69wy BR75~ CK75d  
    Rebound     2008Rendezvous  
          ^ >BC77fd CK77d BK75 CB80d KR77m BC75Mfds KR77N CB75mfd KC80 BC74md  
          CB75d BF75Mw                  
          Wayne Gutshall Sax  
  Spicy 2017SpincyMusic  
          CK69mf KB71 BK74ws BK75bs BC74Mf KC69 CB65q K71Ns BF67mb    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Weather Report    
      Weather Report [Original recording remastered] [from US] [Import],01
  Weather Report     1971/1992Legacy  
          ウェザー・リポート (Paper Jacket)    
          HCR59 C>DC53 DC61Y HRB><BR67 RB61 BC>CB61f RC><CB65w C63d>CR57      
          I Sing The Body      1972/1990Columbia  
          CR><CC57v R>B>CB61 RC>C59 BC57 ^ >C63dyL !>CR><CB55L JCF57YL>^        
  Sweetnighter     1973Columbia . Sax-Wayne Shorter, ElectricPiano-Joe Zawinul, Bass-Miroslav Vitous, etc  
          スウィートナイター   Drums-Eric Gravatt, Percussion-Dom Um Romao, Muruga Booker, etc  
          CK63q CR>CK61 R61N C61fdy RC61 C59fdy          
      Mysterious Traveller
  Mysterious Traveller     1974/2002Sony  
          ミステリアス・トラヴェラー (Paper Jacket)              
          CF65myL B65 BF61 CR>C49 CR65 CR55 RB>RF69m        
      Tale Spinnin'
  Tale Spinnin'      1975/1994Legacy  
          テイル・スピニン (Paper Jacket)              
          FC><CF><B63f BC61 FC59 CR><FC53m CF><FB53 RB63          
      Black Market
  Black Market     1976/1986Columbia  
          ブラック・マーケット (Paper Jacket)              
          BF><FC><CF63 BR><BC67 in>in>CB61y CB65y RB69 CB63f CB><CF71y        
      Heavy Weather [Original recording remastered] [from US] [Import] [SACD]
  Heavy Weather     1977/1997Legacy    
          CB>FC><CF65fy BR><KR69 C61y RB>CB63 !>CF59mYaL/ CF69Y B><CR><CF63 CF><BC74fy>Y      
      Mr. Gone
  Mr. Gone       1978/1991Columbia  
          Mr.ゴーン   (Paper Jacket)              
          C>BF55m C57mf B>BF74 CR55 CR>BC45 C>RC>B55 CB65S/ BR61>BMm      
    8:30       1979/1994Columbia  
          BF><CF65fL CB>CF65yL BR><KR69L CR><BC59L IKR65NL CB><FC65fyL BC59L BC><CB61L ^ >BC61L BF59m  
          BR71vv CF63f                  
  The Best Of Weather Report   2002Legacy  
          CB>FC><CF65fy CR>C49 CB55 CR55 BF>CF59 CF><FB53 BR><KR69 CB65y FC><CF><B63f CR65  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Will Donato Sax  
  Will Power       2005Innervision  
          KC77fd BF77wfd KC74 BC80 BC74v K77mN KC77 BC77fdy KC77vfb    
    Will Call     2007InnervisionRecords  
          BC74mfdy BC71fy CB67v BC80w BC74 CK65md B75 BC74mfdys BC67mfdy KB77S  
  Laws of Attraction     2009InnervisionRecords  
          BC75fd BC74 CB71f BF77 KC75f B75 RF74 FB75 CB74    
          What It Takes     2010Innervision  
          BC71 CB74fy B74m CB74vfdYs KC71fd CB80fd K74m BC74fd CB74dy    
  Best of the Season [ X'mas Album ]   2011Innervision  
          CK71xs BR69xs KB69xs RF69xs RF75xs BR77xs RF71xs BR74xs BF75mfdxs    
  Universal Groove     2014Innervision  
  Only       BC77fdy CB69 CB65 B75f CB71 BC71fd CB69 B77 CB74fdy BC67  
  Supersonic     2017Innervision  
          CB74d CB65fdq CB65dy KC67 BC69f K69 CB69d BC69 CB69fdy CK69fd  
  Elevate 2020Innervision  
        CK71d BC61d KB71 BC67q CB65f CB69d BF71 BC65 B67 CK69S  
          William Aura Keyboard . Member of Group[ 3rd Force ]  
  Paradise       1983Aura/1991HigherOctave . Healing Album . 1曲20分前後と長い  
          HRB75 HRB75 HRB75 HRB75              
  Half Moon Bay     1987HigherOctave . Healing Album  
          HRF77v HBR77v HK69v HBR77 HBF69 HRB77 HBC69vf HKB69      
          William Aura & Friends    
  World Keeps Turning     1989HigherOctave  
          CB65vdY BC61y B75 HKB71w HBF67y HBC63 BC59f IBF65y      
  Every Act Of Love     1992HigherOctave . Guest: Sax-Gary Meek, etc  
          IBK75v IBC65f CK67v RF77 IB75 KF67 CK75m IBK71 IRF74 HRKwN>K65  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          William Woods ( William Kanter Woods ) Keyboard  
    A Doctor's Dilemma     1997QantarMusic/Fat Note  
          in>CK77d in>BK75 K><CK75d KR77 CK75dy IB75 IKB>CK74dy IRF><BK75 IB>BC74 IBR>BF75  
    Cobalt Blue     2004TheOrchard  
          KB><KR75 BC80fd KR77 B77m KR77 RK80 BR77 BC74 RF77 B77  
  Every Part of Me     2005WhalingCitySound  
          BC77 KC75 KB74 IBR77 BF75f KC74 BK75 CB77fdy BF75f KC74  
          Willie And Lobo Group  
  Wild Heart       1999Atlantic . Producer: Rick Braun  
          IBF77 IK><BF49m BF77 IB74 ICK65t CB51m IBC55t IB49t IBF55mt IKB59t  
          Willie Bradley Sax  
  Going With The Flow 2017WillieBradley  
          BF75d BC65q BK65m CB69fd KC65Mq CB65fd KC65 BF67Wm BC65 KB65w  
          Will Sumner  Guitar  
  Coast Drive 2003OceanStreet  
          FB71 KC69 CB69t BR69N CK69d BF74 BF74 CB74fd FB74 BF74  
  Yuletide Groove [ X'mas Album ] 2008OceanStreet  
          BF67fdxs B67xs RF63xs JBR67Mxs BF69fxs BF74xs BR71Nxs BF74fxs RB71Nxs    
  Pier Groove 2013OceanStreet  
          BF74f KC67q BC67fq BC><BF65f BK67 BF69 RF71 BF69f B65 RF67  
  Endless Sumner 2016OceanStreet  
          BF65 BF65 B>BC65 BF69 BF69f BK>BC65 BF71 BC69 KR67N BC><CB69  
          B67 BF71                  
  Ride The Wave 2019OceanStreet  
          BF74 B74 KC>BC71t BF75 RF74 BC65f BC74 BF74 FB65M BR67M  
          Wilton Felder Sax  
  Nocturnal Moods     1991Par . Guest: Rob Mullins  
          CK71s BC><BF74 CB65 KB69s BF75b B69Mvs BF69s B74s B74s    
      Let's Spend Some Time
  Let's Spend Some Time   2006BCS  
          CB74fd BC67 BR74Mm BC69mdy BC77 BK74 CB69fd KR75 KF69 CB67Md  
          3rBR80m B75Mm RF75                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Wishful Thinking Group  
          Way Down West     1988Soundwings/FunHouse[Japan]  
          FB74y CB65f CB65y CB65y FC65y BR65 BF71 BF71 CF61 CF61y  
          Witzel's Venue    
      Perceptions [from US] [Import]
  Perceptions     1998AlexMerck  
          BF74wd KC69Ww C69wfd BF65d CB69 CB65WUd BC65 CK65d JB74 FB65dy  
          Wolfgang Haffner Keyboard / Drums . Member of Group[Metro]   
          Back Home       1995Jazz4Ever  
          in>BC71L >CB80yL >BC80L RK77L B80L BC80L BF>BC71L RK>B77L BF75fL RK80NL  
  Music       1999Skip[Germany] . Guest: Chuck Loeb, Andy Snitzer, Kim Waters, Till Bronner  
                             Jeff Golub, etc        
          CF77f KCN><BR75 CB85fd B80 KC80 FB74m CR85 CB77 KR85 CF80f  
          KC85 KR85N                  
  Urban Life 2001Skip[Germany]  
          CB61mfd KC74mu CF59mfd KC85 FB><CF77vd CF80md CB77mud KR77 RK80    
    Live & Real     2002Skip[Germany]  
          CB75MfdyL CB69d><ML CB71mdyL BC67><ML CB>CF><B77dL in>BC74>MdLs CB>CC65dL KC74L BC65LS CB67><Mfd  
  Kind of Tango 2020ActMusic . Flugelhorn–Lars Nilsson, Accordion–Vincent Peirani, etc  
            Vibraphone–Christopher Dell, Bass&Cello-Lars Danielsson(1Compose), etc  
          JKC69t JCK74t JK74NS JCRN>C61 JK65NS JKBN>CK69S JKN>KC69t JKC65t JK65N/ JKN>CK65S  
          The V.I.P. Club "Wolfgang Haffner" Album ≒ "The V.I..P. Club" Album  
  Coconut Kiss     2001 Instinct . Wolfgang Haffner Album[Music] ≒ The V.I..P. Club Album[Coconut Kiss]  
              But Album [Music]04,09 is Nothing      
          CF77f CB85f KC80 KCN><BR75 CF80f KC85 CR85 FB74m CB77 KR85N  
  Urban Life       2002 Instinct . Wolfgang Haffner Album[Urban Life] ≒ The V.I..P. Club Album[Urban Life]  
          CB77mud KC74mu CF59mfd KC85 CF80md FB><CF77vd CB61mfd KR77 RK80    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          渡辺香津美 [Japan] . Guitar  
          Kazumi Watanabe    
  Lonesome Cat     1978/NipponColumbia[Japan] . Piano&ElectricPiano-George Cables, ElectricBass-Alex Blake  
                Bass-Cecil McBee(3,6), Drums-Lenny White  
          CB61y BC74f BC65fy FB>CB>CF>BC67d CF61Y BC74fd          
  Kylyn       1979/1994ColumbiaMusicEntertainment[Japan] . Producer: 坂本龍一  
          BF>CB>RB65/ CF><BR67fd B71 CF75yS><CK69 B75Mf RC><RB74 CB59d>y BC69wmfd CR67d    
  TO CHI KA       1980/2001ColumbiaMusicEntertainment[Japan]  
          BF><FC74f BC><CB71 RB77 CB>CF><BC74y CB77dy CB71fd BR80 CF65dy      
    Kilowatt     1989Polydor[Japan] . Bass&Keyboard-Bunny Brunel(7Compose), Drums-John Wackerman   
          キロワット   Synthesizers-Patrick Moraz, Sax-Wayne Shorter, Percussions-Alex Acuna  
          CF65d BF67 CB65 CB><CF65d CK><CB61d BF65 BR67 CB>CF63 KR><B63S CB><CF63d  
    Romanesque     1990Polydor[Japan] . Bass-井野信義, Percussion-仙波清彦  
          in>JJRF74bS JJFB75S JCB71YtS JJFB71S JJBF><BR74S JFB74qS/ JBR71S JCB61S JBR74S JRF>JJBF71S  
          JJCK61S>W JJBF75fLS JKR74NLS                
    おやつ       1994Polydor[Japan]  
          in(S) IBR>BF77 IKR><FC77S JCB75YS JBF80fbs IRF><CF><CC75s IKB69NS/ IB75NS><Y IBK77NS/ IKR><BF><KF74cs  
          in IB><FC80Ys B77Wsj in>FC77YYS JCK74Yt! IBR80NS          
    Oyatsu 2 Ensoku     1995Polydor[Japan]  
          おやつ 2 遠足 t : タンゴ風,  z : 中国、沖縄風  
          IBK69S/ in>ICK74yt>Y IKRN><B74S B>CB74y IBC65 IBR71z IBR69 IBC65z IBK67Wcs IBK69tS  
          IKR65MzS IBC><CB65WjS IKR74(S)                
    Esprit       1996Polydor[Japan]  
          CB69t IB>BC74 HRB>KN><KC67 CB>FC57 IRB><RK77ls IBR74m>CF67Yb IBC69 ICR>CC61 ICB67yt CRmy>BF>CF67  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Dandyism       1998Polydor[Japan]  
          ダンディズム (Duo With 小曽根 真)      
          JBC77S JKR77N JCK65 JBR77S JKR80N JKC65 JKR77Ns JBC74      
  Beyond The Infinite     2001UniversalClassics&Jazz[Japan] . Vocal-NORA, Sax-本多俊之, Flute-中川昌三  
          ビヨンド・ザ・インフィニット Bass-吉野弘志, Percussion-ヤヒロトモヒロ, Drums-山木秀夫, etc, 05,07Compose-谷川公子  
          IBR>BF>FC74h IKR>CB71hy IRC63h KC>CB67hy IKB65WhN ICB65hy>Y IRB65>W ICK67hyt ICK57h IKR>CB67h/  
      GUITAR RENAISSANCE(紙ジャケット仕様)
  Guitar Renaissance     2003EweRecords[Japan]  
          IBR77ls IBR><B77s IKN>CK69ySS IBR69ls>B65 IKR74Nls IKR71N in>IBC>CK67t><Y IBK69N IKR71NS IBC67q  
          ICB67fyS><Y IKB74ls                  
      ギター・ルネッサンスII<夢> [紙ジャケ]
  Guitar Renaissance II     2005EweRecords[Japan]  
          IKR74Ncs IB74ls IBR><FC74S IBR><BC75s IKRN><RF74s ICB><CF69 IKB71Ns IRF75S ICK67yqLS IK>KC65Lls  
          IKR><B74LS JCK69yLS                  
  Guitar Renaissance III     2006EweRecords[Japan] . Vocal-吉田美奈子(5), Guitar-中牟礼貞則(6), Oboe-古部賢一(8)  
          IKR75NS IRF74ls IKBN><KF77s IB67ls/ IBR67Wsj IKRN><B75s JKR>BC75S IK><BF><BR74S IB75s IBK69S  
          ICB65fy ICK65yS IKB69Ns/                
  Jazz Impression     2009EweRecords[Japan] . Bass-井上陽介, Drums-則竹祐之, 山木秀夫(10)  
                                                             SopranoSax-本田雅人(4), 藤陸雅裕(8,9)  
          JBC><CB74fy JKC74S JCF74yS JCF65fy JCK69fyS JKR71NS JCB><CF69 RK>JK>KC69 JCF57 JCB>CF57y  
  Guitar Is Beautiful  KW45   2016Warner[Japan] . Duo Album . Guitar-生形真一(1), 沖仁(2), 三浦拓也(3), 井上銘(4)  
          ギター・イズ・ビューティフル KW45 Guitar-SUGIZO(5), 伊藤ゴロー(6), 高田漣(7), 押尾コータロー(8), Char(9), Lee Ritenour(10), etc  
          CB77fy CK75>Yt KC><BF74fbs BC69f in>KB><CK67S JBR><B77bs BR74Mj IBC><CB71ls IKR75s IBK75  
          JKB><KC75 BF74><y                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          渡辺香津美 with オーケストラ [Japan] . Guitar  
          Kazumi Watanabe    
  Dear Tokyo     2001NipponColumbia[Japan] . Producer-笹路正徳(3,9Compose)  
          IKR85hcs in>KC74hS JFB><FC77 BC77h BR80hs RC><CF71fYs IRF74 CF69cs JBC74q    
          渡辺香津美 with ストリングス [Japan] . Guitar  
          Kazumi Watanabe    
  Tokyo Wanderer     2017Warner[Japan] . Violin-奥村愛, 前田尚徳, 加藤直子, Cello-奥村景, etc  
          トーキョー・ワンダラー            Composer-谷川公子(3,7Compose)  
          JK80hs JFB71hs JK75h JKC77hS JFB75hs JK75Nhcs IBF71h JB74hS JCB75hYS JK74Nhs  
          渡辺香津美レゾナンス・ヴォックス [Japan] . Guitar  
          Kazumi Watanabe Resonance Vox    
  ○-×-○     1992Domo[Japan] . Bass-バカボン鈴木(10Compose, 4withCompose), Drums-東原力哉  
          CB61Y BC><BF61m BC59d B63 BC69fyt CB>CF67fdy KC><CB65 BC><CB57y CB>CF69dy B>RC>BR65wh  
          渡辺香津美 New Electric Trio [Japan] . Electric Guitar  
          Kazumi Watanabe    
    Mo' Bop     2003Ewe[Japan] . ElectricBass-Richard Bona, Drums-Horacio "El Negro" Hernandes  
          CB59 CF67fy CF65mY BK67 BC?CB65y CK><KC65S B77 CB><BC67 FB><CF67 CB74  
  Mo' Bop II     2004Ewe[Japan] . BassGuitar-Richard Bona, Drums-Horacio "El Negro" Hernandes  
          CF75YS CB67y CF65fy B><BC><CF65 CK65 KB74mS RC>BC><CF67f CF69fy CF65fY    
  Mo' Bop III     2006Ewe[Japan] . BassGuitar-Richard Bona, Drums-Horacio "El Negro" Hernandes  
                Percussion-Cyro Baptista(1,2,7,9), Composer-谷川公子(6Compose)  
          CB>CF65mf CB>CF74fYS CF69YY BK74S CB71dy FB74y FC69ybS KC><CK74S CF69fy>Y    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          渡辺貞夫 [Japan] . Sax . 通称: なべさだ  
          Watanabe Sadao    
  Sadao Watanabe 1961King[Japan] . Trumpet-仲野彰(1,5), Piano-八城一夫(2Compose), Bass–原田政長  
          渡辺貞夫      Drums- 猪俣猛, 長谷川昭弘(2,6,7),   
          JFB77yS JBR75 JFB75S JFC80yS JBF77fyS JKC77q JFB75S JFC75yS      
  夢で逢いましょう 1961Toshiba[Japan] . Piano-八城一夫, Bass-原田政長, Drums-長谷川昭弘  
            (ムード・ミュージック風)            BigBand-宮間利之とニューハード  
          JK75NS JJRF77S JBR80S JJBR77S JKB75qS JBR77NS JBR80S JBR77S      
  カクテル・フォー・トゥー 1962Toshiba[Japan] . Piano-八城一夫, Bass-原田政長, Drums-長谷川昭弘  
          LP[カクテル・フォー・トゥー] + LP[夢で逢いましょう] 合体盤 (ムード・ミュージック風)  
          JBR77hS JRF80S JKB77S JBR77S JBR77S JBR77S JBR77S JBR80S      
  Sadao Watanabe Plays     1965/2009Polydor[Japan] . Sax&Flute-宮沢昭(2,3,5,6), Trumpet-仲野彰(3,5,6)  
          サダオ・ワタナベ・プレイズ            Piano-八城一夫(1,4,7,8), 前田憲男(2,3,5,6), Bass-原田政長, Drums-富樫雅彦  
          JKF77yS JBC77bs JJCF77fS JBC75 JJCF77Y JKR77NS JKC74fy JFC75yS      
          Jazz & Bossa 1967Takt[Japan] . Piano-菊地雅章, Guitar-中牟礼貞則, Bass-萩原栄次郎, Drums-富樫雅彦  
          ジャズ & ボッサ      Cabasa-宮田英夫  
          JFC74Y JCK69ybs JBR77NS JFB74yS JFB74b// JKB>KC74bs JFB75bs JRF69bs/ JK74 JRF75bs  
  Iberian Waltz [Sadao & Charlie]   1967/1996NipponColumbia[Japan] . AltoSax-Charlie Mariano, Piano-菊地雅章, Bass-原田政長  
          イベリアン・ワルツ [ 渡辺貞夫&チャリー・マリアーノ ]          Drums-富樫雅彦  
          C55y JB61yS KC>C45Y FC40Y              
  My Romance : Sadao Plays Ballads   1967taktJazz/1996NipponColumbia[Japan] .  Piano-菊地雅章, Bass-原田政長  
          マイ・ロマンス : バラードを唄う                        Drums-富樫雅彦  
          JBK75hS JKB75S JBK75S JKR77S JKR74S/ JBR75S JKR80hS JBR77hS JKR75S JKB71S  
          JKB71hNS JBK75S JKR75S                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Dedicated To Charlie Parker   1969taktJazz/1996NipponColumbia[Japan] . Piano-八城一夫, Bass-原田政長  
          チャーリー・パーカーに捧ぐ                                                                              Drums-渡辺文男, Trumpet-日野皓正(5)  
          JB77LS JBR77L JBK75LS JB75LS JFC71YLS JCB75fLS          
  Pastral       1969Sony . Piano-八城一夫, Guitar-増尾好秋, Vibraphone-松本浩, Bass-鈴木良雄  
          パストラル                      Drums-渡辺文男, Flugelhorn-田中正太, 松原千代繁  
          BF67y BR65/ BF65 BF65 KR65/ CB61Y BK65/ FC45Y/      
    Round Trip       1970Sony . Piano&ElectricPiano-Chick Corea, Bass-Miroslav Vitous, Drums-Jack DeJohnete  
          CF45YY KB61/ BF45Y FB55Y              
  Paysages       1971/2007Sony[Japan] . Piano&ElectricPiano-菊地雅章(5Compose)  
          ペイザージュ              Bass-Gary Peacock(3Compose), Drums-富樫雅彦, 村上寛  
          JRK!>BC69fY BC65fy><Y>R in(45)>JC55y JKB67! JBC61            
  Sadao Watanabe     1972/2009SMJ[Japan]  Trombone-福村博, ElectricGuitar-高柳昌行, Piano-板橋文夫  
          渡辺貞夫                                            Bass-古野光昭, Drums-倉田在秀  
          IB65m/ JCF74Y JRB>RF74 JCF69y JBC63a JKC>CF63y>Y JBC61a IBK71N/ JCF75fY    
  Swiss Air       1975/2000Sony[Japan] . Piano-本田竹曠, Bass-河上修, Drums-守新治  
          スイス・エア                                                    at Montreux Jazz Festival(Switzerland)  
          in>JCF74yLS in>BC67fdYLS JK65NL JCF65y>YL IKBN>JBK65S            
  Pamoja 1975EastWind[Japan] . Trombone-福村博, Guitar-増尾好秋, Piano-本田竹曠  
          パモジャ             Bass-鈴木勲, Drums-村上寛, Percussion-富樫雅彦  
          in>JCK74fybL JCK67yL JFC71YbL JKR77NLS              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  My Dear Life     1977/1994Victor[Japan] . Guitar-Lee Ritenour, Piano&ElectricPiano-Dave Grusin  
          マイ・ディア・ライフ                      BassGuitar-Chuck Rainey, Drums-Harvey Mason, Percussion-Steve Forman, Trombone-福村博  
          in>CB67 KC67 CF69fd K69N BC71f FB75b RF74bs KR80      
  Recital 1977EastWind [Japan] . Trombone-福村博, Sax-峰厚介, ElectricGuitar-渡辺香津美  
          リサイタル Piano-本田竹曠, Bass-岡田勉, 岡沢章, Drums-守新治, Percussion-冨樫雅彦  
          in>FC75dYL BC74L CB77fbyL JRK75NL CF77fdYL BK77L in RF75bL KR75L/    
    Autumn Blow     1977/1990Victor[Japan] . Live Album . Guitar-Lee Ritenour, Sax-Ernie Watts  
          オータム・ブロー     Keyboard-Patrice Rushen, Anthony Jackson, Drums-Harvey Mason, Percussion-Steve Forman  
          in>BF75bL FC75YL IKR75NL CF67YYL RKN>BK80L CF65fdL          
  California Shower     1978/1994Victor[Japan] . Piano&Keyboard-Dave Grusin, Guitar-Lee Ritenour  
          カリフォルニア・シャワー               BassGuitar-Chuck Rainey, Drums-Harvey Mason, Percussion-Paulinho Da Costa, etc  
          BF80 BC>CB74f KC71 CF74fd KR80h FB75b B75>y        
  Morning Island     1979/1994Victor[Japan] . Piano&Keyboard-Dave Grusin, Guitar-Jeff Mironov  
          モーニング・アイランド                BassGuitar-Francisco Centeno, Drums-Steve Gadd, Percussion-Rubens Bassini, etc  
          RF80 CF71 KR80 CB67 FC67 RK77N BR>BC77fy KR75      
  How's Everything     1980/2000Sony[Japan] . Piano&FenderRhodes-Richard Tee, Dave Grusin(4,9Compose)  
          ハウズ・エヴリシング : ライヴ・アット武道館 ElectricGuitar-Eric Gale, Jeff Mironov, ElectricBass-Anthony Jackson, Drums-Steve Gadd, etc  
          in>FC74dyL BC71fdhL BK74hL BK75L CB69fdL KBN><KC74L BC><BF74fdL KB>CK74bL FC69dyL>Y in>FB74L  
  Orange Express     1981/2000CBS/Sony . Keyboard-Dave Grusin, Richard Tee, BassGuitar-Marcus Miller  
          オレンジ・エクスプレス          Drums-Buddy Williams, Guitar-Eric Gale, Bobby Broom, Jeff Mironov, George Benson, etc  
          FB80 CB67 KB71 BF75f RKN><BC67 BC74f BF74        
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Fill Up The Night     1983Warner/M&M[Japan] . Percussion-Ralph MacDonald, Keyboard-Richard Tee, Paul Griffin  
          フィル・アップ・ザ・ナイト             BassGuitar-Marcus Miller, Drums-Steve Gadd, Guitar-Eric Gale, Vocal-Grady Tate, etc  
          KC69 CK63 BF65M B74 KC51 K65 BC61 CF59f      
    Rendezvous     1984/1995WeaJapan[Japan] . Producer&Percussion-Ralph MacDonald( 1,3,5,6Compose)  
          ランデブー           Arranger-William Eaton(2Compose), Keyboard-Richard Tee, BassGuitar-Marcus Miller, etc  
          BF85 BR80 BR74Wh KR77 RF75W BF75b KC65N CK63N      
  Maisha       1985/1995WeaJapan[Japan] . Keyboard-Don Grusin, Russell Ferrante, Vocal-Brenda Russell  
          マイシャ                      Guitar-Carlos Rios, David Williams, BassGuitar-Nathan East, Jimmy Johnson, etc  
          CB61 BF65Wfb CK75 KB69 CB61m KC69 BF69Wwb KR69N BK65 BC59y  
    Parker's Mood     1985/1995WeaJapan[Japan] . Piano-James Williams, Bass-Charnett Moffett  
          パーカーズ・ムード                                                                Drums-Jeff Watts  
          JBF>FC74fSL JB><BF75LS JB>BC67fSL JFC><BC69ySL JKR74SL JBC74fqSL JCB61SL JCB63SL      
    Tokyo Dating     1985/1995WeaJapan[Japan] . Piano-James Williams, Bass-Charnett Moffett  
          トーキョー・デイティング                         Drums-Jeff Watts  
          JCB61f JCK67y JK71 JCB59 JCB63y JBF69y JKR80NS JFB77bs JKB67N    
    Good Time For Love     1986WarnerPioneer[Japan] . Keyboard-野力奏一, Ancel Collins, etc, Guitar-土方隆行, etc  
          グッド・タイム・フォー・ラヴ                            ElectricBass-渡辺建, etc, Drums-山木秀夫, etc, Vocal-Will Lee(3), etc  
          RF80 KR85 BR80Mw KB77 KR80 FB80b KRN>RF80s BK77Ns      
          Birds Of Passage     1987/1995WeaJapan[Japan] . Keyboard-Russell Ferrante, Synthesizer-George Duke  
          バーズ・オブ・パッセージ                     BassGuitar-Abraham Laboriel, Guitar-Paul Jackson Jr, Drums-Carlos Vega, etc  
          BC74f RF85 CB67vf KR80 BF69 BC75f BF69 BC>BF65v      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Elis       1988/1995WeaJapan[Japan] . Keyboard-Cesar Camargo Mariano, Guitar-Heitor Teixeira Perira  
          エリス                                                                 Percussion-Papeti, Guitar&Vocal-Toquinho, etc  
          BC69 CF61 BK80N CB67fy BR75Mb BR77hb          
  Made in Coracao     1988Warner-Pioneer[Japan] . Guitar&Vocal-Toquinho, Keyboard-Amilson Godoy  
          メイド・イン・コラソン [ トッキーニョ & 渡辺貞夫 ]                        BassGuitar-Ivani Sabino, Guitar-Edson Jose Alves, Percussion-Papeti,, etc  
          BK69Mb BR69Mwb BF75Mwfb KR71Mb BK65Mb CK63b KB61bs B71Mwb BR74Mb BR71Mb  
  Selected       1988WarnerJapan . Selection Album from Warner(Wea) Label  
                      03-[Rendezvous] from Rendezvous01, 09-[Pastral] from Birds Of Passage02                  
          RF77W KC69 BF85 CK75 BF69Wwb RF80 KC69 BC74f RF85 CB75  
          BF75Mwfb BK80N FB75fL FB75fL BK75            
    Front Seat       1989Warner . Keyboard-George Duke, Robbie Buchanon, etc, Guitar-Paul Jackson Jr  
                           Bass-Abraham Laboriel, etc, Drums-Carlos Vega, etc, Vocal-Patti Austin(3,5)  
          B80v BC74d KR80Ww KR80 B80Wws KC77 KC69 K74N FB80b BK74  
  Sweet Deal     1991Waner-Pioneer[Japan] . Keyboard-Russell Ferrante, Don Grusin, Bass-Abraham Laboriel  
                          Guitar-Dori Caymmi, Percussion-Paulinho Da Costa, Vocal-Warren Wiebe(7,9), etc  
          BK77 RF85 KB75 K77 BK75 BC74y B75M BF80 KR77Ms B80  
          CB74d BF77f                  
          決定版  渡辺貞夫     1993Victor[Japan]  
          BF80 CB71 KB77 KR>BF77y KR80 RF80 CF69 KR75 CF65 BF65y  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Earth Step       1993FunHouse[Japan] . Keyboard-Rob Mounsey, Guitar-Jeff Mironov, BassGuitar-Will Lee  
          アース・ステップ                      Drums-Steve Gadd, Percussion-Bashiri Johnson, Vocal-Vaneese Thomas, etc  
          KR80 BC71vf BR75Wv CB65vf BR77Wv BF59fy BK67 BK74 BK67 CB61  
    A Night With Strings     1993WarnerJapan[Japan] . 1992 X'mas Jazz Live . Piano-野力奏一, Bass-Marc Johnson  
          ナイト・ウィズ・ストリングス                                                        Drums-Peter Erskine, + The Tokyo Symphony Strings   
          JB77hLS JCK71hSL JBR77hxsL JBR75hSL JBF65fL JBC71SL JCB67yL JKR65hsL JBR75hSL JBC69SL  
  In Tempo       1994FunHouse[Japan] . Keyboard-Cesar Camargo Mariano(4Compose), Bass-Marcelo Mariano  
          イン・テンポ                 Drums-Pantico Rocha, Percussion-Paulinho Da Costa, Vocal-Leila Pinheiro, etc  
          in>RF77 BK77 BC75W BK77 KR77N KB80Wh BF77f BC75fd BF80fb FB77Mwb  
          BR>RF77Vvh K74W                  
    A Night With Strings Vol. 2   1994FunHouse[Japan] . 1993 X'mas Jazz Live . Keyboard-野力奏一, Guitar-Ricardo Silveira  
          ナイト・ウィズ・ストリングス Vol. 2   Bass-Brian Bromberg, Drums-Alex Acuna, Conductor-Vince Mendoza, Tokyo Symphony Strings   
          JB77hLb JCB69hL JBC71hL JBR80hLbs JKB69hLbs CB69fyL BF>FC67bs JK69hLbs JBC>CF71hLbs    
  Viajando       1998Polydor[Japan] . Keyboard-Cesar Camargo Mariano, Guitar-Romero Lubambo  
          ヴィアジャンド                     Bass-Nilson Matta, Drums-Paulo Braga, Vocal-Pamela Driggs, Maucha Adnet, etc  
          BF74f KC65 FB85 RF77Mvb BC65 KR85bN JBK85N K77N CF74f FC65  
          FB71wy 8rK75WN                  
    Remembrance     1999Polydor[Japan] . Piano-Cyrus Chestnut, Bass-Christian McBride, Drums-Billy Drummond  
          リメンブランス                           Trumpet-Nicholas Payton, Trombone-Robin Eubanks, Guitar-Romero Lubambo  
          JBC><BF69f JCB71 JBC77f JBC69 JB80 JK75N JBF>CF69f JCF67y JFC69y JCK75  
    Sadao 2000     2000Polydor/UniversalMusic[Japan] .Bass&Percussion&Vocal-Richard Bona(2,6,with9,compose)  
                           Piano&Keyboard-George Whitty, Drums-Jonathan Joseph, Guitar-Mike Stern(7), etc  
          HRB69N in>IBF74Mva BC75mg in>KR80 BK80b RB74m in>BF74 CK>BF><BC75fd RF77Mb IKB75Ns  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Minha Saudade     2001UniversalClassics&Jazz[Japan]  . With Tokyo Symphony Camber Orchestra  
          ミーニャ・サウダージ                    Piano-Cesar Camargo Mariano, Guitar-Romero Lubambo, Bass-David Finck, etc  
          JKB80hLS JKB77hLS BF80hbL JK75hL JKR>BF80hLbs JKR77hL JKN>KF74hLbs RF80hLb IBR77hL FB77yLb  
    Wheel Of Life     2003Victor[Japan] . Bass&Guitar&Percussion&Vocal-Richard Bona(6,8compose)  
          ホイール・オブ・ライフ                 Piano&Keyboard-George Whitty, Drums-Nathaniel Townsley, Guitar-Mike Stern, etc  
          in>BF><BC77 IFB80b BC71g KB75N IFB71mb BC69Mmda BK74 in>B71Mmb in>BC69 K71b  
    One For You [ Sadao & Bona Live ]   2006Victor[Japan] . ElectricBass,&Vocal-Richard Bona(6Compose)  
          ワン・フォー・ユー         Piano&Keyboard-Etienne Stadwijk, Drums-Nathaniel Townsley, Percussion-N'diasse Niang  
          BF80L BF77fL BC65L JKR75NL BC67L K67ML BF77L BC65L BF>FB65mfL IKR74LS  
    Sadao & Charlie Again     2006Victor[Japan] . AltoSax-渡辺貞夫, AltoSax-Charlie Mariano(2,4Compose)